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Published on July 9th, 2014 | by William Charles

101 Review – Is It A Scam Or Legit?

TopCashBack (TCB) is a cash back portal that allows you to earn money for purchases you make online. You can also earn cash for signing up for products, services and websites. It’s free to join and there are no on going fees or charges. They claim to offer their users 100% of the commission they earn from merchants and instead make their money from hitting bonuses with select merchants and displaying merchants prominently on their website/newsletters.

That being said, they definitely do not always have the highest cash back on every merchant. This could be because of two reasons: other cash back sites are running loss leaders (e.g losing money on certain deals in the hopes that they’ll make it up on other profitable deals) or topcashback isn’t being honest. In all likelihood it’s a bit of a combination of the two, if they are earning bonuses then I’d consider this part of the commission they earn from the merchant so to be a true 100% return of commission it should include this.

Before using any cash back portal you should always make sure you are aware of what other portals are offering. I personally use CashBackMonitor for this as it allows you to set up alerts for when a particular merchant starts offering X% discount.

You shouldn’t also always just go with the highest cash back rate, some portals offer airline miles or hotel points which might be a better deal. All portals aren’t created equal either, some track better than others. They also have differing levels of customer service when something goes wrong, ideally you want a cash back portal that does all of the following:

  • Pays at a high rate consistently
  • Has a good range of offers
  • Tracks offers quickly and correctly
  • Has a good customer service system if something does go wrong
  • Has a low payout threshold (there is no point earning 50% cash back on all your purchases if the portal requires you to have a balance of $10 million before you can withdraw)
  • Pays out in a timely manner



TopCashBack has a good selection of offers, for a lot of things they offer the best cash back rate on the market. They are sometimes below other portals so always double check before using them. Below are some of the offers worth looking at, this is updated whenever a new interesting offer becomes available:

Dedicated posts discussing the deal:

[catlist id=189]

Other good deals:


topcashback review trackingI’ve personally never had a tracking issue with TopCashBack. In the side bar they have something which shows you the tracking statistics for each offer. Before doing any deal through TCB I’d recommend clicking “see more statistics”. This gives you a bit more information such as the average tracking speed and then the average payment speed. Take these statistics with a grain of salt, almost always the tracking stats will show 100% satisfied (or close to it), even on deals where you see a lot of tracking complaints on the forums. That said, it can be useful for getting an overall feel for an offer, pay particular attention to Auto Tracking Reliability & the Manual Claims required. This should give you a rough idea how likely it is that you’ll need to put in a manual claim.

Looking at the average payment speed will also give you a good idea of how long you’ll need to wait until the funds will be cleared for withdrawal. The last payment date can also sometimes be useful (e.g they might have always paid on time but the last payment date might have been months ago, in which case the merchant might be on the brink of non-payment or delayed payments).

When you make a purchase your cash back earned will first go to pending, the merchant will then confirm it whilst in these states you cannot withdraw the funds. After the merchant pays TCB it will change to payable, at this stage you can withdraw the funds.

We’ll be adding a post on tips to ensuring your portal tracks correctly in the next couple of days.


Withdrawing Funds

To request payout (remember that your funds must first be moved to payable status) click here or follow these directions:

  • Click Account at the top of the page
  • Click Payout

You can request payout via ACH transfer (this might be useful for trigger a bank account bonus), paypal or Amazon gift cards. If you choose Amazon gift cards then you’ll receive a bonus, the standard bonus is 2.5% but it’s almost always at the increased rate of 5%.

Unfortunately payout is not instantaneous (I thought it would be considering they make you wait for it to become payable) and you need to wait up to 14 days for the funds to actually be paid out. This post will be updated with how long it actually took each method to pay out:

  • Paypal payout: ?
  • ACH payout: ?
  • Amazon gift card payout: ?

Customer Service

As mentioned previously I’ve never had an issue with tracking, as such I haven’t had to contact TopCashBack for customer service support before. When researching this article I did notice that TCB make it difficult to find their claim form for missing cash back. You can access it directly by clicking here. The help page also has some very generic advice.

I decided to do some searching and find people who’ve had issues with TCB and how it was handled (please share your own experiences in the comments).

  • I have had three transactions with this company and only had issues. Others report fine service. All I know is I won’t dare pass my referral link to my readers. I have only had positive experiences with ebates. They may not pay as much but, darn it, all transactions register automatically and they pay regularly and, most importantly, they never wasted my time tracking down money owed to me!!  ~ George of Travel Blogger Buzz
  • Had issues with AmexGift cards. Filled out form, including order #, and they credited my account a couple weeks later ~ @spicpics
  • yeah lately I’ve had issue a few times and their CS sucked with one exception were they did help me…… ~@MordyNY



TopCashBack allows you to “tell a friend” about the site, if that friend signs up using your link, authenticates their account and then earns $10 in cash back then you’ll receive a $10 credit to your account as well. Any sign up bonus they receive does not count towards the $10 they need to earn, there is also a list of programs that don’t count towards this threshold which can be found here.

We allow you to post your referral links in the comments, but to do so you must post a profitable offer that can be found in the TopCashBack portal. If you just post your referral link then it will be removed.

  • GOOD: Purchase X for $10, you can then resell it for $5 and TCB gives you $9 cash back. $4 profit
  • BAD: X has 10% off.

Please consider using the links of people who’s deals you find the most useful in the comments section. If the deal you post here is used for an individual post then your referral link will be included.

Our Verdict

As with most things in life, this is going to boil down to personal preference. TCB usually has higher rates with most merchants, but seems to have higher complaints in regards to tracking. If dealing with support isn’t worth that extra money, then you might be better off with another portal.

You should never assume any portal has the best rate, always check first to make sure. I personally use CashBackMonitor, but there are a lot of other sites out there. If you do decide to sign up for TCB, you can use my link here. Alternatively use one of the referral links that will be found in the comments section.


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Are these cashback portals paying on Gift Card purchases? Lately, none of my purchases seemed to have been tracked in any of the portals such as SD, Topcashback and Upromise.

Also, like you mentioned those stats don’t exactly seem correct. I have a manual claim for Orbitz for a purchase made in Jan. It still says Confirmed, but hasn’t moved to Payable for over 3 months now.


You should try lemoney dot com, they are offering the highest rates at stores such as giftcards dot com, raise dot com… hoppe that helps



Do you mean that you purchased gift cards or that you used a gift card to purchase something?



Buying Gift cards. Have you any luck buying gift cards on these portals?

Travel Possible

Here is a data point for this posting regarding I have had experience using this cash back portal for hotel bookings, electronic purchases, Groupon, eBay, and other travel vendors. (No Gift Card purchases yet) In total, I have accrued over $100 worth of cash back since signing up for their service on their website over 2 years ago. Overall, I have been happy with my experiences with this business.

When I did have a problem with the cash back tracking, I was able to submit a claim through their website directly. I was required to submit the transaction number from my purchase, and copy and paste the text from the email that confirmed the purchase too. Top Cash Back does track all links that you make to their partners, even if you don’t buy anything. So the claim also required me to chose the correct time and date that I linked to their partner website (there was a list of times and sites to chose from if you went clicked more then one).

After submitting the claim, you can follow up on the progress of the cash back by being logged into your account, and going to their customer service tab. It has taken me between 2-8 weeks before the claim was decided. While it is a long process, I did have success with having the correct amount funded to my account. It takes another 2-8 weeks to move from “pending” status to “payable” status.

The only time I was not able to receive the cashback was if I used any other promotional code or promotional price. Their system will not let you double dip.

I hope this data point helps people considering using this website.


Topcashback closed my account after the cashback showed up as available. They have yet to respond to my email.

However, ebates has been consistently reliable.

Topcashback pulls you in with high cash back rates. But, they will not pay. And, they will ignore you. Be forewarned.


Their website has weak security. My account was breached and $150 worth of cashback was stolen. What’s the point then? I’d choose ebates or Fatwallet because they send a check.

Milton Bernal
Milton Bernal

I made a travel purchase through them, for which I was suppose to get 15% for being a new customer to TopCashBack and to the retailer.
I instead only got 6%! Which is a big difference in $ back since the total purchase was of $4k. The only reason I proceeded with the purchase was because I was going to get a really good amount back, instead they said I was an existing customer and refuse to payout the difference!
Terrible customer service and a company full of lies.
Needless to say, I will be moving my business to another company that has good customer service and is true to their word!


I used TopCashBack for about 6 months last year, logged in on average every two weeks, had a small balance owed to me and my account disappeared. I contacted support and they never responded to my question as to why my account disappeared.

Their T&C’s state: “In order to minimize our administration overhead, or for any other reason, we reserve the right to terminate dormant accounts. In order to keep an account active and ensure it doesn’t get marked as dormant, we do not require purchase transactions, but we do require you simply to log in to your account at least once every six months.”

However, as I mentioned, I logged in approximately every 2 weeks. In any case I’d beware of any cash back portal who would terminate your account under those conditions. Buyer beware!


QUIDCO is best CASHBACK. Totalcashback is bad.


My account was suddenly disappear too. I has balance over 1000$ . I sent many request and they never reply me.


Terrible Terrible Company! Locked my account, won’t respond to e-mails, I even submitted a BBB complaint and they won’t reply on there.

Stay away from this company! Use Shopathome instead! I LOVE them and have NEVER had a problem! Plus they will match any competitors advertising cash back and will BEAT it!

I will NEVER use Top cash back again!




[…] Topcashback is offering 2.25% on American Express business gift cards […]


I have had issues getting cashback from Choice Hotels and Marriott. My shopping has not tracked for months. It was working great and then all of sudden it stopped tracking no matter what I try. Cleared Cache and Cookies. Changed my settings on my browsers to hardly any security. Nothing. I used to get an email when I made a purchase saying it had tracked. Nothing. I had to upload a spreadsheet of the $6000 of Choice Hotel purchases so should be receiving 8% of that. So far nothing. I’ve tried without success to work with their customer service to get help on the matter. I made over $1000 in cash back from them up until several months ago, but for the past five months or so it simply doesn’t track no matter what I try. Frustrating and sad.


i’ve also had issues getting cash back from marriott. extremely slow to track, and then they confirm but don’t pay out. when i contacted them they asked why i had so many transactions on marriott. the answer was obvious: because i stay at marriotts a lot. still waiting … it’s been a few weeks. glad to hear i’m not the only one having issues with topcashback.

Bonnie S

Topcashback is the biggest fraud on the Internet. For over a year, I have been trying to get enough money to cash out and be done with them. They do not pay out for high value rebates. Everyone I have ever earned, I get the excuse that the sales were not tracked. In this time, I have only been able to earn one rebate out of 12 actual sales. Every time easy was a rebate of 12% out more. They use all kinds of excuses. I had to provide my banking info in order to even make a purchase at Comboink for a 25% cash back. Guess what after giving them my private info, I got ripped off. Do yourself a favor and stay away from them. I filed a complaint with the BBB who says this company is such a low reliability that they can’t be endorsed even though they claim they are an award winning site.


I wouldn’t recommend topcashback as well. Click history is tracked yet they can come up with all sorts of excuses for not honoring the cashback.
Easy of doing business with them is extremely low. They do not reply on time and it took months to work on a missing claim since Sep2015. I have lost 850USD cash rebate not claimable due to their weak link with CTRIP.
Should have researched more before I decide on trying out topcashback on such a large hotel purchase. Never again!

TopCashback Support

Hi Michelle,

I do apologize if you experienced some delays in receiving your cashback. I can assure you that we will always aim to respond as quickly as possible to our members and would like to mention that we do have a Facebook page where are members are also able to contact us through a private message. If you are having trouble receiving a response through your account, please feel free to request an update through Facebook!

We do rely on the retailers reporting and paying this cashback into your TopCashback account and sometimes we are only able to reassure our members that this is being chased up for them and that we’ll update you as soon as we have more information.

I hope this helps,


Hi Jack,
My account was disappeared too, what happened ? Why do u guys never reply me?
I had a big amount cashback and log in regularly ? So why do u guy close it?


DoC, have had a terrible experience with TCB. Used your referral in late Feb. (for a $20 bonus buying a GC at Raise). That went fine, but the ongoing issue that still going back & forth with them via their online claim ticket is that bonus for my 3 referrals to people in the household (housemates) have been denied because the following: TCB 1st excuse was that those people didn’t click on my referral link; after I provided proof, then TCB 2nd excuse was that the 3 referrals were done by the same person; after I protested that the statement was totally false as all those individuals have their own accounts, made qualified purchases & all earned $10 bonus, what was the basis to deny my referral bonus for each of the referral? Then now, TCB 3rd excuse is that I’ll send them a DL copy of the 3 people whom I referred as well as proof of their purchase. The people whom I referred are not likely to go thru all this trouble or want to provide DL#, disclosing private / confidential info.
Feel that TCB has given all these excuses to not pay a $30 bonus is such a scam. Had I known this, would have gone with another CB portal & saved myself from all this frustration. I won’t give up yet, as this is now all about the principle.

DoC or anyone here may have advice / suggestion or any executive contact who I can submit my claim? TIA

TopCashback Support

Hi Dan,

I am sorry if you feel you aren’t getting anything resolved here. We do sometimes need to make these checks with our members as it helps to maintain the fair play policy for both our members and our retailers. If you are still unhappy with where this issue is then please feel free to send in another support ticket requesting the attention of Jack on the customer care team and I’d be happy to take a look into this myself for you.

I hope this helps,


As a follow up to my negative comment earlier last month, i submitted proof as TCB requested (with DL# covered as requested the referred people) and TCB did honor the referring bonus although TCB surely made me jump thru hoops to get it. While I kinda understand that Co. randomly wants to be certain, for $20-30 CB, however, it was time-consuming & frustrated. About the feedback / reply from TCB, I found that it was mostly responsive & timely thru the ordeal


My buddy just bought a ton of stuff on iTunes and Topcashback won’t payout on the rebate. So far they have asked him to verify the purchases with screenshots, bank statements and forwarded confirmation emails. They have the verified purchases in their system and the money is their for payout but they won’t release it because they are a total scam site. Almost any other rebate site is better, at the moment, I prefer eBates and ibotta for in store purchases.

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