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Published on October 31st, 2017 | by William Charles


[CA, TX, CO & NV Only] AmaZing Business Credit Card $500 Or $1,000 Sign Up Bonus

Originally posted on 10/9/17, reposting on 10/31/17 because the bonus is also available at Vectra Bank in Colorado.

The Offer

  • There are a number of credit unions that offer AmaZing business credit cards. These cards are currently offering the following bonuses:
    • $1,000 cash bonus when you spend $7,500 or $500 cash bonus when you spend $4,000 within 90 days of account opening. They also have point options as well (100,000/50,000 points).
  • The following credit unions offer these cards:

Card Details

  • Amazing cash & rewards earn at the following rates:
    • 3% cash back on cellular services, internet, office supplies, telecommunications (landline), and cable
    • 2% cash back on airlines and car rentals
    • 1% cash back on other purchases
  • No annual fee
  • 0% Intro APR for 6 months on new purchases

Our Verdict

Standard sign up bonus is $250/25,000 points after $2,500 in spend and these cards have long been listed on our best cash sign up bonus pages, unfortunately it seems not all banks that issue these AmaZing business cards are offering the increased bonus. Obviously a great bonus, unfortunately we don’t know a lot about any of these banks so please share your experiences in the comments.

Hat tip to reader @Z6CG4dF8idG9EL

80 Responses to [CA, TX, CO & NV Only] AmaZing Business Credit Card $500 Or $1,000 Sign Up Bonus

  1. hai says:

    Anyone know the expiration date for application? This one is in my list. Did not find it from the website
    Already applied other cards, need to spread out.

  2. fiveoh says:

    Interesting, may apply for one of these. What are the points worth/can they be used for?

    • Ken says:

      They’re offering 3 cards (for TX at least). One is straight points, one is straight cashback, and the other is neither, but it still has the $1,000 cashback bonus after $7,500 spend.

  3. Ken says:

    They have some details about their points program at Looks like there’s a tiered annual spending rebate.

    • fiveoh says:


    • Jay says:

      “Looks like there’s a tiered annual spending rebate.”

      Read the fine print properly, the annual reward bonus does not apply to their business credit cards, so it’s entirely irrelevant to this post.

      More importantly, that page doesn’t even explicitly state the redemption rate… :/ I’m assuming that it’s 1 cpp, but that would make it utterly pointless and inferior to straight cashback unless you can use the points for something else. It seems to imply that the points are only supposed to be used for wiping out statement charges though, similar to Arrival+ ‘miles’…

  4. tribeman55 says:

    Of course the CA one doesn’t offer the increased sign up bonus but TX and NV do.

  5. Evan says:

    I’m curious as to whether the Nevada State Bank business credit card will show up on personal credit reports. I guess I may have to attempt to be the guinea pig on this one and find out.

    • J says:

      If you do that, please report back. TY

      I am patiently waiting to finally get back under 5/24, but would def try to pick this up if it doesn’t count towards the Chase limit?

      If anyone (Doc?) has any guestimates with this, please share too…

      Also, if you have one about the probable expiry of this offer (in other words, expectation to wait 2+months to get under 5/24 and pick up Chase cards, and still have this offer be available afterwards)?

      Happy about even any eductated guesses… 🙂

      • Evan says:

        Sorry, but I don’t have anything to report. I went into the branch with the application filled out, but I decided to ask the banker a couple of questions as I’m trying to get under 5/24 myself. Despite me explaining several times, she didn’t seem to be able to tell the difference between an inquiry showing up on my personal credit report (obviously) and the account itself showing up if I were to be approved. That didn’t inspire much confidence in me to submit the app so I left without applying.

    • Sheila says:

      Please do let us know too!

  6. Lrdx says:

    I only see a 25000 bonus points after $2500 spend at CB&T

    • Greg z says:

      That’s what the link shows but if you click the AmaZing cards link on the left on the cb&t site, they have 50k offers for three versions.

  7. daeofcal says:

    I’m cannot link it, but the CB&T’s business cc comparison states $500 for $4k spend in 90 days for AmaZing Cash and 50k for $4k on AmaZing Rewards.

    Has anyone experienced their business vetting practices, since it seems like I have to walk into a branch.

    • david says:

      Earn $500 cash back when you spend $4,000 in the first 90 days.1


      Earn $1,000 cash back when you spend $7,500 in the first 90 days.1

      0% introductory APR on purchases for 6 months, 15.25% variable APR after that.2

  8. York says:

    It is a business card but does anyone has the datapoint on if it’s going to affect the Chase 5/24? I think it’s pretty important information.

  9. Robert says:

    Do I really need to have a address in one of the States to apply?

  10. Stammers95 says:

    Well thats disapointing as I was just in Houston for business 2 weeks ago. After looking at the application, looks like the online link directs you to a paper application. I do not see any fine print anywhere about restrictions to location. Im alittle confussed as it looks like it originally states you can send the paper application by email or snail mail (step 8) then in step 11 it suggests to drop off the application at your local branch. Im gonna call tomorrow about this question since it has different delivery methods for different steps. Personally, I think if you already have Amegybank then you can probably send it by snail mail if your not near a local branch. However, Im sure when I talk to them tomorrow they will want me to come in provide all the necessary documents in front of them for them to make official copies for their system and to market their other business products. I’ll keep my fingers crossed though.

  11. Steve tx says:

    These banks are all owned by the same bank holding company, Zions Bancorporation out of Salt Lake City. They have a few other regional brands, but a quick search didn’t turn up the increased sign up bonuses on their Amazing Rewards cards.

  12. cm says:

    I tried to see what personal credit cards they have, and the online application for a personal CC has the following disclaimer:

    «Applicants must reside in the servicing area of Amegy Bank (Texas) or have a current checking or savings account with Amegy Bank in order to submit an application for a credit card.»

    Given the above, it’s quite likely that they won’t consider your CC application unless you are already their customer.

  13. Rob says:

    Does this count against 5/24? AmegyBank in particular if it matters.

  14. sybloc says:

    Re: CA App

    Does the info you provide actually lead to an application?

    From what I can tell it looks like it’s just a form for a banker to contact you.

    Waiting for dps. Seems a little too good to be true…

    • Jim says:

      Indeed — looks like the form just collects info for the banker to contact:

      “Thank you. We’ll be in touch soon!
      This confirms we have received your inquiry and one of our experienced bankers will be in touch with you within 24-48 hours.”

      Wonder if a CB&T deposit account will be required, or other “business” documentation…

  15. Scoobs says:

    Applied yesterday afternoon (10/10) at an Amegy branch in San Antonio (which is where I live). Applied as a sole proprietor using my name as my business and no business documentation was requested. The application is a bit confusing to fill out, was nice to fill it out in person with the banker guiding me through it. He said I should hear back within 72 hours.

    • pam says:

      Do you know which credit agency they pull? Thank you.

    • DSP says:

      Keep us posted! I would also be interested to know which bureau(s) they pulled

    • stammers95 says:

      Scoobs…did you hear back yet with your application? I called into a Houston branch and asked several questions about the application process and was able to submit a application but wanted to know your results. Also do you have an account with Amegy or had to open a business account up during this CC application? Thanks

      • Scoobs says:

        No relationship with Amegy. Got approved yesterday with a $10k CL (10/18)! Experian report pulled on 10/17 (by Zion’s). Did have to provide 3 months of bank statements (after they pulled my credit report) for the business (just used by personal checking account that also has my business / rental property deposits / withdrawals), and then was approved after providing that info.

        • Stammers95 says:

          Scoobs, thanks for the DP. I just submitted my application and will provide a DP on the Amegy Business CC. Keeping my fingers crossed.

        • Casey says:

          Scoobs, is this showing up as a CC on your personal credit report? It may be a bit early, but I’d just like to know if it affects 5/24 status. I’m also in SATX.

  16. Anand says:

    Considering that applying for these cards generally needs you to be a member of the CU and have a deposit account, would one need to open a business checking account or would a personal account do?

    • Ken says:

      Does it say anywhere in the app or anywhere else that you need a deposit account to qualify for the CC?

      • Lela says:

        It does say you cannot already have a business account with them, in the Calif app. As if they are trying to get new businesses only. Don’t know about having a personal account. I’ve held Zion accounts for years- I wonder if that would help.

    • Ann says:

      These are (small) banks, not credit unions. Scoobs (above) was approved without having or opening any kind of checking account at these banks.

  17. paul jillson says:

    I applied for this in CA on Thursday. It required opening a business checking account with a legit business (three months of bank statements, and DBA if you have one,) so I wouldn’t bother unless you have a real business and decent income. They only pull EX, underwriting is by hand and can take 5 days, so I am still waiting to hear…..

  18. Michelle says:

    When I click on apply, a pdf page comes up. But how do I submit this application.?

  19. Michelle says:

    Paul Jillson how did you apply to this with a pdf page coming up? Did you go to the branch?

  20. Eric J Sanchez says:

    Here’s a DP when I contacted the bank about applying.

    – Need to have a checking account with California Bank & Trust
    – 2 years tax returns *Business & Personal
    – Profit & Loss statement

    I haven’t responded to the email but seems like a manual underwriting vs. automated via an online app.

    • AD says:

      Huh. I applied/was approved with no prior relationship, didn’t provide tax returns. But the app was pretty invasive. Definitely manual approval via automated.

  21. Lrdx says:

    BTW, these are not credit unions, but community banks. Not owned by the members, but Zions Bancorporation (an S&P 500 company).

  22. Basil says:

    Has anyone tried the application from outside CA, NV, or TX?

    • Stammers95 says:

      I recently applied outside of TX at Amegy Bank with no bank relationship with them. Currently Im still in the approval process but will post my DP once the process has been completed. From the research I have done the back office and the bank rep claims there is no location limitation and can apply outside of TX. It seems that each bank has their own bank policies and looks like Amegy is more flexible than compare to California Bank. I applied back on October 24 (started a banking relationship with one of the branch bankers by faxing the paper application and they were submitting it on my behalf) however it looks like their back office has been extremely bogged down with CC applications and expecting to hear back from them at the beginning of next week. I’ll keep you posted.

  23. paul says:

    Michele, I applied in branch.

  24. loungeabuser says:

    Amegy is 100% owned by Zions.
    I’ve had a safe deposit box at NSB for years and didn’t realize they had decent cc offer,

  25. Cameron says:

    I received a California application to fill out. I emailed branch manager to ask him if I would be eligible for the promotion as part-time self-employed, before I filled out the fairly lengthy app. He asked how long I had been in business. One year. He said “that will work.” So I will be filling out this app…

  26. Cameron says:

    Has anyone received a card yet? How long from submittal of application to receipt of card? Maybe I should try to squeeze in the BofA card while I wait on this one.

  27. Stammers95 says:

    DP: I was sucessfully approved for business card through Amegy as an out of state application (NC) and with no banking relationships with Amegy. I filled out the paper application (online) and called a branch located in Houston TX in order to build a small relationship with a bank representative. After speaking with them I simply faxed my application over to the respresentative to be submited to their underwritting group on my behalf. (Tip: rep said that if the company has been established longer then 3 years than the documentation is not as stressfully…mine was 5 years). There was alittle confussion with the aproval process as I was originally denied based on a Debt to Income Ratio issue, however I pushed back (never had this issue before) and had my rep questioned their underwritting group to find out that they made a mistake and just needed to provide additional paper work. In my case (and based on another DP) I needed to provide 3 current banking statements to indicate you have adequate funds available (I my case I used my BofA Business account but another DP mentioned they used their personal bank). The rep also mentioned that they wanted to do a physical site visit for the business but the rep came up with the idea to take a screen shot from google earth and mention to their underwritting group that my application is an out of state application and that I work out of my house. After supplying those two additional documents I was approved. As for timing the rep mentioned their underwritting group has been bogged down due to recent promotions and I can confirm the process took a while.

    Time frame: Currently around a month

    Submitted application: Oct 24
    Credit pulled from EX: Oct 31
    Initial Review: Nov 6
    Sent Documentation: Nov 7
    Approval Confirmation (from rep): Nov 8
    Recieve Physical Card (havent gotten it yet): 7 to 10 business (est Nov 20 or 21)

    One last thing to note is that the business credit cards do not have a customer phone number for the reconsideration process, you have to go through the bank rep you were working with and have them be the middle person. On the personal CC its a different story as there is customer phone number for the reconsideration process.

    THANKS A TON DR CREDIT…your yet again awesome!!

  28. Eric says:

    I went into a CA CB&T branch, filled out and submitted a paper application. A week later, I was asked to fill out a very detailed personal financial statement listing all assets and liabilities. Two days later, I received a call saying I was approved and should receive the credit card soon. I had no prior relationship with the bank, didn’t have to open a checking account, and didn’t have to provide any bank statements.

  29. daeofcal says:

    I could have probably shortened the entire process by two weeks had I been more proactive. Anyways, I’ll boil it down to a timeline:

    10/13: Opened Biz Checking, sole proprietor (2 years) no proof of business required
    10/17: Emailed in paper app
    10/19: Experian HP
    zzzz… kinda forgot about it…..
    11/8: Emailed branch rep about status
    11/9: Previous 3 months of bank statements requested
    11/10: Received email that I was approved

    I initially thought Zion Bancorp was perhaps risk averse, but my CL is ~2x that of my auto-approved SPG biz. I think the slowness has more to do with the bank’s ability to process applications efficiently, rather than the borrower risk assessment.

  30. Derek says:

    Has anyone checked to see if this business card shows up on your personal report? Trying to figure out if it will affect 5/24 for Chase. Thanks!

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