Posted by William Charles on January 10, 2018

Published on January 10th, 2018 | by William Charles


15% Discount On IHG Cash + Points Rates For Chase IHG Cardholders

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Save 15% when you make a points & cash booking with IHG. Book by February 10th for stays from now until March 2nd, 2018.  The discount will only apply to the cash portion of the rate and you must hold the Chase IHG credit card to be eligible (not necessary to use this card to book though).

The Fine Print

  • IHG® Rewards Club members must be logged in to receive 15% savings.
  • Must book by 2/10/2018.
  • Stay dates include 1/10/2018-3/2/2018.
  • 15% discount is offered at time of booking and only pertains to the cash cost of bookings.
  • Bookings for The Venetian® and The Palazzo® hotels are excluded from discounts.
  • This offer is subject to the general IHG® Rewards Club membership Terms and Conditions.
  • Consult Rewards Program Rules and Regulations and product brochure, or your Cardmember Agreement, as applicable, for details.

Our Verdict

Not as good as the 25% off they have had previously.

The way that IHG works is that you can pay cash to offset some of the points needed for an award night. For example:

  • Save 5,000 points & pay $40 ($34 with this discount)
  • Save 10,000 points & pay $70 ($59.50 with this discount)
  • Save 15,000 points & pay $99 ($84.15 with this discount)
  • Save 20,000 points & pay $125 (106.25 with this discount)

You can use this to effectively buy points at a discount rate. When you make booking it’s made clear that you’re actually purchasing the points and if you cancel your reservation they will redeposit the full points value rather than points + cash. I think the best deal is to purchase 20,000 points for $115 (normal rate, $86.25 with this discount). That works out to be 0.43125¢ per point.

Hat tip to reader Joey S

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Perfect for those with the points + cash task in this quarter’s Accelerate promo.

Not seeing this on web or app. Maybe it’s targeted?
Anyone else who is not getting this?

Yeah not seeing it here.

not showing when I tried to book

Dont see it either. Would really come in handy too since I was just about to do one to meet an Accelerate offer. Do you guys have the same offer by any chance?

Thanks! Found this on both of our accounts, but the rate is more like $97.75 for 20,000 points, which is 0.48875c per point. Your math above is still using the 25% discount from last time.

Doc is it better if you want to stay in a hotel to do this to “buy” the points, then cancel the reservation and book again on points correct? because you will get 10% back on the whole points instead of just the portion in cash + points?

Is this targeted? I can’t get it to work?

Can anyone offer up a hotel location where they see this work?

The price on the cash + points is already discounted 15%. I confirmed this by both talking to the rep and also logging in my IHG account and also an incognito window to see if there was a difference and indeed there was. For example for a stay i was looking to book, my account showed 15,000 points + $75.65. On the incognito window, it showed 15,000 points + $89.

not at the Candlewood I’ve been looking at. Same either way.

No it is not. Price is the same as it was a month ago.

This is why IHG is devaluing their point prices.

I don’t see it on mine, and I am logged in and used San Francisco hotels that gave good bonuses (generally Holiday Inns). Still see $115 for 20,000 points, the normal price.

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