Posted by William Charles on February 8, 2017

Published on February 8th, 2017 | by William Charles


$20 Referral Bonus (Both Parties) For Google Fi

Reposting as it seems like they have removed any expiry on the offer. Make sure you leave a useful review of the service before leaving your referral link.

The Offer

Direct link to terms (to get your referral offer click ‘share the Fi love’)

  • Google Fi are currently offering a $20 referral bonus to both parties when you refer or are referred to Google Fi and they activate a new Project Fi account for at least 30 days including paying for 2 months of service on that account. Maximum of 10 referral credits per user.

The Fine Print

  • This referral program ends January 11, 2017 and is subject to these terms.
  • Each eligible referral gets the referring user and the referred user a $20 referral credit after the referred user accepts the referral and activates a new Project Fi account for at least 30 days, including paying for 2 months of service on that account, for up to 10 total referral credits per user.
  • You understand and agree that both the referring user and the referred user can see each other’s names, contact information, and referral status, such as purchase and account activation status.
  • The referring user and the referred user are only eligible to receive a referral credit if they both maintain active Project Fi accounts in good standing for which they pay a monthly fee.
  • Group plan accounts are not eligible for this referral program. Referral credits may only be used for your Project Fi bills, excluding taxes and regulatory fees, and are not transferable.
  • If you cancel service, you will not receive a refund for referral credit.
  • Your participation in the referral program constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions, and your use of Project Fi is subject to the Project Fi Terms of Service.
  • Offer void where prohibited by law.

Share Your Referral

Feel free to share your referral link in the comments, but I’d love to know your opinion on Google Fi as well (please make it actually useful rather than just writing a bit of trash to post your link. I’d also encourage readers to only use the links of people that provide thoughtful comments).

Our Verdict

Google Fi is basically $20 per month for unlimited domestic talk and text, unlimited international texting and you then pay $10 per GB for data (including international data), you can read more about their coverage here. I use too much data for this to be cost effective. This is part of their World Of Thanks promotion for users, earlier they gave people $10 Google Play credit for free as well.

Hat tip to reader Ted E (their referral link here) & OMAAT

74 Responses to $20 Referral Bonus (Both Parties) For Google Fi

  1. Gary says:

    I don’t use it as my main service for reason you’ve pointed out Will, but I use it every time I travel out of the country and it’s been great to have. I go to Canada regularly and I get LTE in Toronto and I also got LTE speeds in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur in Sep-Oct. When I’m not traveling I simply “pause” the service and then don’t get charged.

    • Any limit to amount of time that can be paused? Also how does it work with partial months (e.g can I pause for 28 days of the month?)

      • Audrey says:

        It will automatically resume after three months. You can pause/unpause it for partial months.

        • graeme says:

          does this just mean I can repause it for another 3 months tho?

          • Audrey says:

            I believe so. The automatic re pausing isn’t perfect, it happened once early but when I called they just repaused it. They did not know why it had resumed. So just be aware.
            I wouldn’t be surprised if some day the option of pausing service goes away.

      • NoonRadar says:

        I did some research on this (and pretty much all other best practices for Fi) and it seems that there’s not a formally stated set number of times you can pause Fi service. You can pause it up to 3 months/time, then re-pause again. People who have Fi as a secondary service for international travel report doing this, i.e. use it a couple of weeks while in country A, pause, then later use in country B for a week, then pause, etc. I didn’t see any reports of shutdowns due to abusing this but maybe I just didn’t come across any, or maybe Google has been lenient on this. I plan to use it as my main carrier but if I needed to pause it for longer periods I’d probably reactivate it just a bit manually before the 3 months is up, keep it for a few days active then pause it again, etc.

        On other Fi notes, here’s my referral link:

        Here’s some of the best tips & tricks I came up from my personal experience so far and from doing online research: It would be be nice to hear more feedback on these or other suggestions from others who have used Fi for a while.

    • Michael says:

      I’ve read that pausing your service can affect your Google Hangouts/Voice account (which I use routinely already in my Gmail and on my iPhone). Sounds like it might preclude you from receiving any messages/calls even in the web version if your service is paused. Have you had experience with this?

      My plan is to do a test run for a couple months and if it doesn’t work out, pause the service and move to T-Mobile (but keep for international travel). But I don’t want the pausing to affect my Hangouts specifically.


  2. Pete says:

    I love using this as my international service. You can easily pause it online for several months and reactivate it immediately when you’re traveling. You can also request additional free data-only SIM cards to put in other devices (my iPad, my partner’s phone, etc.) and can easily track how much data each device is sipping.

    • Michael says:

      I asked Gary above too, but have you had any issues when pausing service with your Google Hangouts/Voice account (if you still use it, that is)?

      I’ve read that pausing can keep you from receiving messages even in the web version of Hangouts.

  3. chasejuggler says:

    I’ve had Project Fi for 2 months, and so far I’ve had zero issues with it. It’s ideal for light data users who don’t mind doing 90% of their data on wifi. This is pretty easy to do with a little planning (download various cities on google maps then put it on wifi only mode, download music and podcasts beforehand etc.)

    For calls, it takes the strongest signal between wifi/Sprint/Tmobile/US Cellular and switches between them completely in the background.

    If you sign up, select the 1 GB plan. They charge you for the data up front and then refund any unused data later. So if you sign up for a heavier plan, you’re basically giving them a 30 day interest free loan. (There’s no fee for going over your plan — it’s just a flat $10 per GB).

    Note: Project Fi only works on Google’s phones. I snagged a Nexus 6 for about $230 and so far I’m loving it. The phone is huge, but its specs are hard to beat in that price range.

    Plan costs $20 per month plus $10 per GB plus a few dollars in taxes and fees.

  4. Brian says:

    I love Fi for the international coverage and pay for what you use billing. When you land in a foreign country, you just turn your phone on. No swapping sims. Too easy. I’m on WiFi most of the time which keeps the bill down but still have the flexibility to use data when needed.

  5. Matthew says:

    Thanks Doc!

    I’m using Fi as my main provider. I tried the Nexus and couldn’t adapt from an iPhone. I’m using the SIM in my iPhone now but it doesn’t work optimally in the states since it only works on T-Mobile with the iPhone. I will be switching back to ATT once I stop traveling so much, but I will sign up again for overseas travel and use the pause feature. I love how simple and straightforward Fi is. Just a pity it doesn’t work well on more devices.

    • MH says:

      Does the Fi Sim work in an unlocked iPhone outside of the US? How to get a Fi Sim only without actually getting a Pixel phone lets say?

      • Matthew says:

        Hi MH! You will need to borrow a device that works on Fi to first activate the SIM. I believe Fi still has no restocking fees, so you can always buy a device and then return it. I actually started with the 5X, then moved to the 6P as I found the 5X intolerable.

        Yes, the SIM works fine outside the USA just fine. As far as I know, there are no benefits to having a Fi supported device then as long as the iPhone supports all the necessary bands. That said, my friend who had a data only SIM could not get it to work in Vietnam, yet it’s been fine in Japan, UK, Greece, Italy and Spain. I don’t know what problems he was having as I was not with him and he is a bit technically challenged.

        • MH says:

          My unlocked iPhone 6s Plus is GSM from AT&T, maybe there will be some issues where the other bands are required? An unlocked Verizon iPhone would have no such issues? Could be your friends issue too.

    • Matthew says:

      I no longer have Fi, so please don’t use my referral link. I will sign up again once I have plans to travel overseas again. Hopefully there will be a referral bonus when I do!

  6. Mike says:

    I’m someone who doesn’t travel much and mostly shuts off my data when not on wifi. Google Fi is perfect for me. I transitioned from Virgin Mobile, if that tells you anything. When I have traveled with it, in airports or hotels, the streamlined Android has worked really well for connecting to wifi, thus saving me data. Honestly the voice connectivity is not awesome, but since I was used to Sprint’s network (on Virgin Mobile), I’m OK with that. (Fi will auto-switch between Sprint and T-Mobile networks is my understanding).

    So, Pros:
    1. streamlined android (only google apps that you won’t use instead of the carrier’s garbage apps).
    2. Cheap if you stay on wifi only or will use less than 1 GB/ month data. (they actually refund you on the next bill for the amount you don’t use).
    3. Pretty nice phones with a decent discount for signing up with Fi.

    1. Not great voice, at least in my area.
    2. Probably not a good option if you need a lot of data.

  7. badger says:

    I love Fi for the international coverage and pay for what you use as well. There price is relative cheap. If you have compatible phones, you should definitely try. I also really hope iPhone can support project fi later.

  8. Austin says:

    I really like Fi.

    Here’s my referral link, many thanks to anyone who uses it!

    Here is a good review from a travel blogger.

    I’ve had it for about a year now. No complaints other than I prefer my old Iphone over the Nexus 5, which I have on Google Fi.

    It’s really useful for travel. Bascially just turn your phone on when you land and you’ve got instant LTE or at least 3G, at the same rate as at home- $10/gig.

    Combined with VOIP calling and you’ve got reliable, easy, no hassle connectivity all over the world.

    I am mostly within wifi so hardly ever have to use data, so my bill is usually around $20 a month, sometimes lower- $10 for unlimited calling and $10 for 1 GB data.

    This is probably the best, most fair data service I’ve ever used- just predict how much data you’ll need, which doesn’t actually hold you to anything- and pay only for exactly what you need. For example, if you have a 2 gb allowance, and only use 1.1 gig, you will get a refund for the unused .9. You can change your allowance any time. Need more? Use more at the same fixed rate.

    It’s also possible to get free extra data-only SIM cards for use in other devices- I use one in my old iphone, and so I have data access, at the same rate as my other phone, with absolutely no extra hassle. This is also super helpful when traveling.

    Overall, I really, really like my Google Fi service and recommend to everyone who will listen.

  9. Dukie02 says:

    I’ve been using Fi for about 7 months now. I was coming from a Verizon unlimited plan that with a corporate discount was still $95/month. I travel a lot domestically (to small towns all over the US) and internationally. I was hesitant to switch to Fi because of the small town coverage. I kept both phones for two months while I tried out the Fi coverage (I am using a Nexus 9P), and was pleased to have excellent coverage by Fi in all but one small area of West Virginia. It really does move seamlessly between wifi and both cellular services. I have now fully moved to Fi and rarely spend more than $40 on my phone bill. I’ve found that when I keep Wifi on all the time, I use a LOT less data than needed, and the coverage is great. I use data all the time, but find that email, twitter, and etc, don’t use as much data as I thought. Just make sure to download music and movies on wifi! Coverage has been great in US and abroad. I really haven’t noticed a different, other than the bill.
    Tech support has been great – and switching my phone number when I finally decided to drop the VZW line took all of 5 minutes to be fully moved. Coverage in Europe, Asia and LATAM was solid and faster than I expected. Love Fi!
    Thanks for the opportunity to share my link.

    • Dukie02 says:

      I should say the biggest changes I made in my data usage was setting up a few apps to not work on wifi (no auto-play videos in FB, no music downloads, no movie downloads, etc). I still use maps all the time (I rely on maps while traveling!) on data as well as twitter, email, etc. I was using 8+ M when on VZW, but I never turned my wifi on.

  10. eric says:

    Signed up last month. Was on AT&T, no major difference so far. I love traveling so free roaming is a big thing to me

  11. Arthur says:

    Thanks doc.

    People have talked about almost every aspect of Project Fi, so I will just skip that and talk about their pause and resume feature. You can pause and resume their service very easily. You can pause when you do not need it, and they will refund the days that you pause the service. Also. you can pause and resume the service any time you want. So, $30+tax can make you use their service for a really long time if you only need to use the service occasionally.

  12. kleingordon says:

    Fi is awesome. Great CS, great data support, very cheap. Do it!

  13. Holly says:

    I’ve been with project fi from the beginning and no complaints. The only downside is that there are very limited phones that are compatible with project fi. As far as international coverage is concern, I think project fi is one of the best. I’ve used it for traveling to Asia and Canada, the service did not disappoints me. I was only billed for what was used at the local rate and you do get any unused data credit to offset your usage elsewhere.

    Thank you.

  14. Adam says:

    Great service especially internationally. I used it in Turkey, Greece, Mexico so far and it has worked great!

  15. Karl Smith says:

    Here is my reminder and suggestion about Google Fi according to my experience:
    1) You need to have google nexus cellphones! It also works for iPhone, but you need to activate the SIM card on nexus phone first. And you can not switch between T-mobile, spirit or US cellular when you use iPhone.
    2) You may have some issues when you activate it with Nexus 6. I tried several times but failed, including reset my phone and clear all the personal data. In the end, when I updated the OS to 7.0, it worked. Hope this can help other owners of nexus 6.
    3) Google is not a traditional service provider in this field. So you can not use Amex offer any more on Google Fi, e.g. 10% off Amex offer plus 10% off with Amex BCE/BCP.
    4) If these are not issues to you, then Google Fi is highly recommend. Very reasonable price, relatively strong signal, low tax rate.

  16. Ye says:

    I really love Fi so much that I’m pretty happy with giving up iPhone (you have to use Google’s Nexus or Pixel devices for Fi). The most amazing part is how convenient it is when travel abroad — the data rate is even cheaper than local providers for some countries (such as China Unicom).

  17. tedbrogen says:

    Been with Project fi for several months now. Pretty pleased thus far. Bill is actually lower than Ting even including the monthly payment for the Nexus I purchased through them. Fi does default to wifi almost to a fault. If you get connected to a super slow un-reliable wifi connection, fi will keep trying to use that to not use any cell data. So, I have at times had to turn it off when I needed a reliable connection to request an Uber or something. Have used the service in both Canada and Mexico as well and it did work and didn’t cost any extra above the normal amount paid for the plan and data, which was quite nice.

    The coverage itself for calls when not on wifi isn’t as good as my wife’s Verizon coverage but it’s pretty rare I am making a call and not on wifi. I recommend giving it a try if you are on the fence. The only hurdle is really the lack of available phone options for fi currently.

  18. Niladri says:

    I travelled to India and Dubai last month. You can’t put a value to getting data the moment seat belts signs are off and without having to change sim cards. That is priceless. And it is so much cost effective.

    Only gripe I have is it doesn’t code as phone service with INK. So no 5X.

  19. Jab says:

    You can use fi with iPhone, there are few downsides though.

    Need to activate sim with fi supported device (Pixel XL, Pixel, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, or Nexus 6)
    For activation log in fi app with your gmail credentials, activate and log out.
    To log out you need to go to phone settings – accounts and log out there, you cannot logout from app.
    After that put sim into your iphone, set apn to h2g2 (probably it will work without any settings) and you’re good to go.

    Downsides are:
    Sms comes with some 8-10 service symbols at the end of message
    Mms dont work or require some settings (however imessage works fine for texts and images)
    Voicemail also dont work the way it should
    Coverage limited only to t-mobile network

    If you don’t like, just cancel service and get back to your old provider, no contracts here.

    Pros are unlimited calls + 1GB data for $30 plus additionally $10 per GB and international roaming for data at $10 per GB.

  20. Ngoc says:

    This service is perfect for when I travel to multiple countries. Have a trip planned for March, so this will be a cheap way to get fast data around the world.

    I also like that they have the option to freeze your service for months at a time.

  21. Bailey says:
    I’m on the group plan with my wife. We had no issues on our 3-week trip to Japan in October. (Tokyo, Fukuoka, Kobe, Osaka, and Kyoto. We even had reception for most of our bullet train rides.) Their customer service is hit and miss, but I cannot name a cell phone company that has great customer service.

    I especially like that SMS messages go to both my phone and my PC with my primary phone number.

    Be vigilant about wifi and your bill will be reasonable.

  22. Rod says:

    My wife and I have been using a Nexus 5X on Google Project Fi for one year. Previously, we were using Republic Wireless. Simply put: The change was a huge upgrade in features! Cost was a minimal increase.

    Google Project Fi offers:
    Reliable service. Clear voice. The latest Android builds which include all of the latest features and security enhancements. Great international coverage of voice and data (traveled all over the Yucatan in Mexico).

  23. Steve says:

    I love it. Had to get a personal phone as our work phone was being locked down due to us being purchased by a Fortune 500 company. Use it mainly when I’m in Wifi range. I lock down the data so it will shut off once it hits my limit. My average bill is $30 per month. I have a Nexus 6P phone.


  24. Christian D Mason says:

    I switched to using project FI as my primary cell service a little over a month ago.
    I’d been on Verizon for close to a decade before that.

    The good:
    The coverage around major highways (I live in Denver, so the I-70 corridor) is fantastic.

    I was much more excited about the phones they have available than what I could get on Verizon, although I don’t see anything that justifies the additional price of a Pixel over a Nexus 6P.

    Their phones will work on Verizon’s network, should you decide to switch.

    Significantly cheaper than other carriers, not just in states price, but also because they don’t add a ton of questionable “Additional fees” to pad their profits. I’m looking at you Verizon.

    The bad:
    If you routinely get into the back coutry, Verizon still has the best service in the Front Range. A lot of people out here put up with their prices and poor service because they’re the best coverage in town.

  25. Kyle says:

    I use Project Fi as my primary cell service. I live in Fort Collins Colorado and I rarely have issues with coverage, or at least none worse than I had before. Before this I was using AT&T and paying 4x what I pay now. My initial worry was how much data I would use. But between work and home, I spend 95% of my data usage on Wifi. Frequently my bill is less than $35 dollars. I also switched from an Iphone 5 to a Nexus 5x and have had no regrets, especially at $200-250.

  26. Edward says:

    I signed up Fi service since day one and have used it for several months. After Google Fi added US Cellular, I am using the following trick to get Verizon signal: force the signal from US Cellular using FiSwitch app and I can Verizon 3G signal and data, which is more stable than Tmobile and Sprint.

    If you would like to take the advantage of discounted international calling through wifi calling, turn on the airplane mode to force the call via wifi calling.

  27. nick says:

    I have been traveling abroad for about 3 months and using Project Fi to stay connected and it has been great. Currently writing this post (and catching up on DoC news) from a boat docked in Cambodia!


  28. Jocelyn says:

    The promo has been extended!

    If anyone is interested in using my referral code, here it is:

    (or enter H5D3MM when signing up)

  29. everywhere_dude says:

    I’ve used it without issues in France, Spain, Germany and Costa Rica. In a good part of the time I had 4G abroad too. I’ve had nothing to complain about so far in almost a year of use (living in Chicago). I really like the integration with hangout which means I can read/send text messages from my computer in google inbox.

  30. Jimmy says:

    Have been using it without any problems for the past year and they have awesome customer service.

    If anyone is interested in signing up with my referral code, you can use:

  31. David says:

    I picked up Google Fi for a trip to China and Hong Kong – it worked great everywhere including big cities and small remote villages, able to access Google services like maps with no problem and did not need to use a VPN. Also works great in France. I am an ATT user so I use Google Fi for international travel and simply pause the service when I am not using it. Couldn’t be easier!

  32. Charles says:

    or enter TFH6XU when signing up. Thanks!

    Have had the service for about 3 weeks now and 0 issues.

  33. Taylor says:


    Got Fi along with a 5x and Pixel XL through financing and set the data limit to the lowest possible (As there are no fees for overages, only paying the difference in what you use).

    Last bill was ~123 dollars and the service has been relatively smooth. Sometimes there would be situations where I needed to turn data on and off to get LTE back, but apart from that, the service has been more or less flawless and less expensive than T-Mobile, even with two new phones being financed and insured. I do recommend it, if only for the transparency and no-BS approach with charges.

  34. kleingordon says:

    or WVD29Y

    Flawless on 7.1.2 beta on my 5x… I spend like $3 on data per month, always in Wifi. Love it.

  35. Nick says: or U500RF

    Just switched and trying it out in England this week. So far the Pixel is better than the iPhone!

  36. aic173 says:

    I’ve had Fi for over a year now and it’s been great. I live in the Seattle area and service is overall good, I’ve noticed when it switches over the Sprint it gets worse but there is an app called Fi Switch that allows you to force it to T-Mobile, which helps a ton. I get service in the Capital Hill and UW station, too, since it’s using T-mobile’s towers!

    The interface is great and very easy to use. When you go to another country (e.g. Canada), it “welcomes” you and tells you the call and text rate. Super convenient.

    One draw back is the choice of phones, you can pretty much only use Google phones (Pixel, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, etc.) so that is the biggest limitation. Other than that I would highly recommend Fi.

  37. Currently in Spain right now…I have T-Mobile but that 2G started really getting on my nerves as I tried to load images from Yelp and Foursquare for choosing restaurants. Popped in my Fi sim into my iPhone 6S Plus and was ready to go again.

    To respond to the person above me, you CAN use Google Fi with an iPhone. You just need to first activate the sim card on a supported Google phone (borrow a friend’s for 2 minutes), then you can pop it into yours. Change the APN to “h2g2” and toggle your airplane mode. You may also need to manually select the cellular network.

    I only activate my Google Fi when I’m traveling and am tired of T-Mobile 2G. Then I pause it right away at the end of the trip. For 4 days in the Bahamas, I only spent about $5 total!

    Here’s my referral link, appreciate it you use it and my tips helped you!

  38. Dizzy says:

    Anyone know if this works at sea? Still sounds like a great product!

  39. Jo says:

    Here is my link – Pick Me 🙂 !!

    Project Fi is definitely the best cell service I have ever had. As a frequent traveler, I love to being able to always rely on in without any issues. I’ve actually used texting in Iran without an issue!! (no data availability though). My only concern that I have is that sometimes I see data consumption spikes that do not match reality. Project Fi’s support has always been great correcting these and giving me my money back (seems to be a known reported issue for some users). Still, I definitely recommend it. 5*

  40. Sean says:

    Appreciate anyone signing up with my link:

    I love the ease of use of Project Fi when traveling abroad. Not having to worry about roaming charges and the price for data bundled in a flexible plan is the best. Also, they’re really transparent when it comes to billing. I wish all cell service providers were like this

  41. Eric says:

    Project Fi works quiet well in the DC Metro Area. I used it in China, Japan and Thailand and it worked great. In some rural areas, it’s not as good as Verizon. But hey, who can complain it, considering it’s good price

  42. Jennifer Hof says:

    My link:

    I switched last year and I’ve been really happy. I have frequent access to wifi networks, so the fact that they don’t have an unlimited data option is fine for me. I use my phone to browse the internet constantly, and I stay under 2GB most of the time.

    I live in Southern California and the coverage has been great. I rarely am without access.

    I also love how their international plan works. I visited Iceland last September and had great service, and the data cost the same. I plan to do much more traveling and not having to worry about increased roaming costs or needing to go buy a SIM card in the new country is really nice.

  43. Kyle says:

    I living in northern Colorado. I switched to Project Fi about a year ago. I pay only about $35 a month. And with the Nexus 5x only $199, it was pretty painless. It took all of two hours to get my number transferred. If you are an iphone user worried about the switch to android, its not bad at all. I have found android to be very easy and capable. This is an awesome service.

  44. Audrey says:

    Something to be aware of with Project Fi is it doesn’t always work (Matt from Saverocity did a post on that once as I recall). There are numerous accounts of this happening, where it says LTE but there’s no connection.
    This happened to me recently in Hong Kong. Oddly, at first it worked fine, but then it just stopped. Support team just gave basic reset instructions – no dice. Since I did not have a backup option like you, it was beyond frustrating to say the least.
    What finally worked was manually setting the phone to 2G. Once that worked I could put it up to 3G and usually it would still work. LTE would drop it. However, it always defaults to LTE so if I switched to wifi or anything that caused a reset I’d have to do it manually again.
    It was a major pain and annoying when you’re paying for service, especially when the reps are clueless. However, it was obviously better than being without a phone.
    Also, to call over wifi you have to put it in airplane mode first (then sometimes doesn’t work to call) or it will default to cellular and you’ll get charged.

  45. gcsunshine says:

    I have recently used project fi on an overseas trip with no problems. I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t need a lot of data but simply wants to get connected both in the US and overseas.

    Here’s a referral code to get a $20 credit when you join Project Fi! Fill in code K4N4RE, or use the link at

  46. Jason says:

    Code: EHC6VC

    I’ve been using the service for a month now and it’s be great. I was concerned about the constant switching between cell providers, but it’s been incredible seemless. I’ve also been able to call my cousin and brother who both live abroad and it only cost $0.01/min. Definitely happy I switched!

  47. Alex says:

    Here is my Project Fi referral code. W9D3P9

    It is valid. You will save $20 dollars.

    Customer service and call quality has been amazing on Project Fi during my four months of use.


  48. Duane says:

    Here’s my referral code: XVA3Y0 or

  49. legpanda says:

    Here’s my referral link:

    The simplicity of Google Fi’s plan makes it easy to know if it’s right for you financially. Wi-Fi calling is fantastic for those who spend time in offices/housing that lack cell phone reception.

  50. Jason says:

    I’ve been using the service for two months now and it’s be great. I was concerned about the constant switching between cell providers, but it’s been incredibly seamless. I’ve also been able to call my cousin and brother who both live abroad and it only cost $0.01/min. Definitely happy I switched!

    If someone is looking, here is a code to save $20 when signing up!
    Code: EHC6VC

  51. Ryan says:

    Referral link: (thank you in advance 🙂

    This is actually my 2nd go-round with Fi. The first time, they couldn’t receive SMS from short codes, so that caused a problem with a lot of automated notifications I receive. I went back to T-Mobile, but Fi has fixed that issue, so I switched back in December. I’ve had really great service with them, even when visiting my family in middle of nowhere Wisconsin. (Very happy they added US Cellular for that)

    The price is competitive, their customer service folks are friendly and knowledgeable, and the devices are awesome. I actually just added my parents on to my account under Fi’s new “shared line” feature. It was easy to setup, and they’ll also give you a discount on the Nexus 5X if you activate it on Fi w/i 30 days of shipping. ($249 vs $399)

  52. Vadim says:

    Here’s my referral code: A8V5EH

  53. Austin says:

    I cannot recommend Google Fi highly enough!

    I just finished a huge road trip from Alaska to Costa Rica and it was super useful in Central America where changing and finding local SIM and reloading was not easy, since the countries were so small and each had different providers.

    I have used it in a few other countries internationally and here in the US, it’s really fantastic service, and the customer service is unbelievably good.

    If anyone needs a current referral code to use and receive the $20 credit:

  54. mark says:

    referral link or just the plain code 8WJ4A2

  55. Aya says:

    My link still works: or 66Y00K
    I love the ability to block unwanted numbers for free, and that spam callers are ID’d as such.

  56. Derek Nor says:

    Another referral code for the $20 credit: T085CN

  57. Ritesh says:

    Use code 3YE358 for $20 free credit

  58. Janey says:

    My code for $20 off still works: or 66Y00K.

    I like the free visual voice mail, that spam callers are ID’d as such, and the great customer service (had an issue with my phone and received a replacement within 2 days with FedEx delivery.)

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