Posted by William Charles on February 18, 2015

Published on February 18th, 2015 | by William Charles


250 FlexPoint Bonus, Podcast, Gift Card Churning, Cost Of A Weekend Trip & Apple Pay Stats

  • Gift Card Churning Reader Questions And Answers by Chasing The Points. Another good post in his gift card churning series, if you have any questions I’d recommend asking him in the comments section over there.
  • Targeted: Earn 250 US Bank FlexPoints for Joining e-Rewards by Travel With Grant. You also have to complete a survey. At maximum this bonus is worth $5, pass for me.
  • Saverocity Observation Deck Ep. 2 – If I Could Walk 500 Miles by As The Joe Flies with the guys from Taggingmiles as well. I enjoy listening to this in the background while I am doing a bit of blogging/work.
  • The Cost of a Weekend in Tampa by Frugal Hack Me. I really like these cost breakdowns, it would be cool to see the breakdown in pure cash terms as well (e.g he said it was $5,6000 in MS for the hotel rooms. We could value that at $112 if he had used a 2% cash back card).
  • Apple Pay A Hit For Staples Online (In-Store Not So Much) by pymnts. Surprising that 30% of consumers using the iOS staples app to make purchases are using Apple Pay. I wonder what sort of volume they are actually seeing from people using the iOS app to make purchases though. They do say that 70% of mobile revenue comes from iOS, but that still doesn’t tell us a lot about how much revenue is coming from mobile in the first place. This is why you’ve seen such an aggressive push from Visa checkout, card issuers want to be “top of wallet” online as well. I’m surprised we haven’t seen a greater push for Apple Pay as well.
  • Are Visa gift cards at Staples still worth buying? by Frequent Miler. Nice analysis as always, dealing with $200 gift cards is a pain so I usually just wait until there is a gift card promotion and stock up then.

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