Posted by William Charles on May 9, 2016

Published on May 9th, 2016 | by William Charles


30% Transfer Bonus: American Express Membership Rewards To Virgin Atlantic

The Offer

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  • Receive a 30% bonus when you transfer your American Express membership rewards points to Virgin Atlantic. For example, transfer 1,000 American Express membership rewards and receive 1,300 Virgin Atlantic miles.

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The Fine Print

  • Valid until May 31st, 2016

Our Verdict

American Express often offer transfer bonuses (there is also a 30% transfer bonus currently going on with Etihad). Here are the transfer bonuses they have offered on Virgin Atlantic in the past (full list of other transfer bonuses can be viewed here):

  • April 1st – April 30th, 2015: 25% bonus
  • October 16th – November 30th, 2014: 35% bonus
  • May 1st – May 31st, 2014: 30% bonus
  • October 15th – November 30th, 2013: 30% bonus
  • August 27th – September 2nd, 2012: 30% bonus
  • March 19th – March 26th, 2012: 30% bonus
  • April 1st – May 15th, 2012: 25% bonus
  • November 27th – December 29th, 2012: 35% bonus
  • June 3rd – Unknown end date, 2011 (most likely June 30th): 25%
  • January 10th – February 28th, 2011: 15% bonus
  • October 1st – October 31st, 2010: 20%
  • July 19th – July 30th, 2010: 15%
  • February 22nd – March 16th, 2010: 15%

It’s also possible to transfer to Virgin Atlantic with Diners Club, SPG, Chase UR & Citi ThankYou points. I find the fuel surcharges on Virgin Atlantic to be cost prohibitive to be useful. One thing some people like to do is to transfer to Virgin Atlantic and then onto Hilton, you get 1.5 Hilton points per Virgin Atlantic mile so if we add in this transfer bonus you’d be getting 1.95 Hilton points per Membership Rewards points. I find Hilton points to be near worthless compared to Membership Rewards so I wouldn’t recommend this option to anybody.

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the title says virgin america


Change your title from Virgin America to Virgin Atlantic.


I picked up a couple of VA CCs last year with 93K miles each for 12K spend.

I heard people had a real hard time being able to use the miles. But I just booked 5RT to Jamaica over the holidays for 175K points with direct flights on Delta using the VA miles. So I am real happy with them. I live in a Delta hub in MSP so Delta fights are the best way to get out of here, so happy to use VA miles.

My Plat card AF is due this month, so I might just transfer my 175KMR over to VA. The only thing holding me back is it is easy to pick up more VA miles with another VA card. Another very nice advantage with VA on Delta flights is the ticket is changeable or cancellable for $50, which cannot be done at all with Delta. That works out great in my particular instance now, where I am booking far out in the future and know one of us may not be able to go. It is great to book a family member together with the rest of us with only a $50 cost if they end up not being able to go.

Another thing I found out. I looked into using FlyingBlue for the trip instead because they are 30K instead of 35K miles on Delta or VA, but FB’s fees are $50 more so it is about a wash.

One more thing. I had planned to use the MRs for KrisFlyer Star Alliance flights US to Panama (where we go about every year), but the fuel charges were more than buying the ticket directly! They wanted $804 for one way on a reward using AirCanada/COPA! Using all UA metal on the way back they were about $50 more than United.

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