Posted by Chuck on July 16, 2017

Published on July 16th, 2017 | by Chuck


[Expired] 45% Back at with Portal + Amex Offer + OPEN

The Offer

It’s a good opportunity now to shop at HP and stack a few deals:

  • Topcashback is offering 20% back at today and tomorrow (7/16-7/17)
  • Amex has an Amex Offer going on to get $50 off $250 at (expires 7/31/17)
  • If you have the Amex Offer on an OPEN business card, you’ll get an additional 5% back on the purchase

Our Verdict

Pretty neat stacking here. HP doesn’t seem to be paying out the portal anymore on gift card purchases (claw backs), but great deal for regular purchase.

Hat tip to @VM4827

19 Responses to [Expired] 45% Back at with Portal + Amex Offer + OPEN

  1. NinjaX says:

    since there are no summer sales or black fridays or anything going on now after prime day, 45% off overpriced MSRP just means u are getting normal prices since GC are totally excluded. haha.

    same for the $25 visa staples deal. but at least the SD forum has some nice ideas for anyone in the market for certain items.

    • NinjaX says:

      oh and if anyone is curious about HP during cyber monday, its pretty ridiculous. MINIMUM like 20% off. they slash prices all over the place. i wouldnt buy now unless you had to.

  2. KSE says:

    This isn’t exactly 45% off. That $50 off $250 isn’t 20% off the entire purchase amount as you’ve written. For 45% off to work, you need to spend exactly $250.

    More like 25% + $50 off (if you spent more than $250).

    • bob says:

      lol that configuration with a 250gb ssd was $730 from sams club a few weeks ago……they’re stuff is SUPER overpriced at

      • NinjaX says:

        haha. exactly. it should be pretty obvious to everyone that a random 20% HP cashback sale has a catch. all prices are crap.

        just wait until cyber monday where you have the perfect storm of SLASHED prices, portals, bundle deals, maybe even GC + amex offers etc etc. list goes on dude. prior years are a good indicator of what will happen in only 3 more months. be ready for crazy.

  3. jf says:

    I would rather use a corporate perks discount on lenovo for a thinkpad t or x series…40 pct off…. but for sure get the 3yr on site warranty w accidental protection since lenovo is a prick about claims

  4. Carl says:

    Cashback not valid on gift cards, printers, ink & toner, printheads, and paper. I’m like, what else do they sell? LOL

  5. red says:

    I see topcashback and I run away.

    They have serious tracking issues. I would not waste my time and energy on them.

    • Really? I have never really had an issue with TCB and tracking.

      • MSer says:

        TopCashBack is my fav portal. Put many hundreds of thousands thru them. Responsive thru Twitter if there’s a problem.

      • red says:

        Not sure about you. To me it is the worst portal I ever used. I put about 50-100 newegg/newegg business orders recently on them and only less than half of those orders posted. Missing 1 or 2 is acceptable. But missing 50%? They’ve lost my trust.

        • Tony says:

          I prefer ebates. TCB missed all my Dell orders. At lease ebates up front, display all shopping trips and show you which trip earns cash back. TCB not showing all trip. I must check back if I feel like something being missed.

      • Wash says:

        I’ve had occasional issues with it tracking… and other times when I believe I should be getting a higher % (as their rates fluctuate, gotta keep an eye on how much they’re actually giving you!). Just the mere difference in rates results in a difference of hundreds of dollars!

        An example is during recent NBA playoffs.. When I purchased tickets on secondary market, it was a straight 6-7% across many sites like Ticketmaster & Stubhub. A couple weeks later after it tracks, the page then shows a restriction specifically for Warriors tickets, which I purchased. Instead they want to give me about 1-2% only.

        They offer some of the best rates, but you gotta keep a close eye on the payout… Seems a bit shady to me that they change terms after purchase.

  6. wajid says:

    Online Purchase – 2%
    This merchant does not offer cashback on the purchase or redemption of Gift Cards. Furthermore, all printers, ink & toner, printheads & paper will no longer be eligible for cashback.

    It seems cashback has changes form 20% to 2 %

  7. Frank says:

    How is MS Office 2016? 229.99+Tax

  8. Eliza says:

    Not sure if it ended early – but it’s currently showing 2% for me.

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