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Published on June 18th, 2017 | by William Charles


50,000 Hawaiian Airlines Mile Credit Card Bonus From Barclaycard

Reposting because there is now a direct link courtesy of Travel is Free.

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Receive 50,000 Hawaiian Airline miles when you spend $1,000 or more within the first 90 days of account opening on the Barclaycard Hawaiian Airlines credit card


How To Get The Offer

  1. Search for a flight on
  2. Make sure you do not log into your account
  3. Enter any travel dates and click continue
  4. Fill out the information (doesn’t matter what it is, as the offer doesn’t pre-populate) they request until you get to the payment page
  5. Click credit/debit as the payment option
  6. Offer will appear on the right hand side (see above)

Card Benefits & Details

  • Annual fee of $89 is not waived the first year
  • Card earns at the following rate:
    • 2x miles on all Hawaiian Airlines purchase
    • 1x miles on all other purchases
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • ShareMiles, ability to share miles with friends & family
  • Discounted Award Travel
  • Get $100 companion discount off one coach companion ticket for roundtrip travel between Hawaii and North America on Hawaiian Airlines on each account anniversary upon payment of annual fee
  • Earn 5,000 annual bonus miles 5,000 bonus miles every anniversary year you make $10,000 or more in purchases with your card

Our Verdict

This offer comes and goes, it was last available up until December of last year. I’m not a massive fan of Hawaiian miles and I also don’t love how the annual fee isn’t waived the first year, but still 50,000 miles for only $1,000 spend is a pretty compelling offer for a lot of people. You can get flights for 35,000 miles round trip with the card from mainland USA to Hawaii, but there isn’t a lot of space available. Another good use of the miles is for inter island flights in Hawaii, they come out at 7,500 miles per one way trip.

You can also transfer the miles to Hilton at a rate of 1:1.5, but I don’t find Hilton points to be particularly useful so I wouldn’t recommend that. Before applying I’d recommend reading these 24 things you should know about Barclaycard credit cards, it should also answer any common questions you might have.

Feel free to share what you think the best use of Hawaiian miles is in the comments below and whether you think this is a good deal or not.

Hat tip to flightmedic on Flyertalk via Lazy Travelers.


30 Responses to 50,000 Hawaiian Airlines Mile Credit Card Bonus From Barclaycard

  1. Ben says:

    Is there any reason to suspect that the bonus miles from this card are ineligible to transfer to Hilton?

    I’ve maxed out the Amex Hilton cards and 75k Hilton pts for $89 AF is doable based on how I want to redeem them. Just really don’t want to be stuck with 50k Hawaiian miles.

  2. Becky Blaine says:

    My BF and I each got this card when it was offering 35K points. We leave in two weeks on our Hawaiian vacation. We’re extremely pleased with getting a nonstop round trip flight to Honolulu from Phoenix for the $89 annual fee and $11.20 in taxes. We specifically wanted to go to Hawaii, so this card was perfect for us.

  3. DollarBill says:

    I’ve had this card in the past and cancelled it in March of 2015. How long do I have to wait in order to be eligible for another sign-up bonus?

    • There is no set wait period with Barclaycard.

      • Dan says:

        Wife and I were both instant approved for the 50K offer a week ago. Then, on a flight yesterday, I took two applications on each leg of a two flight trip from OAK to LIH. So now I have two approvals, and four applications (each for 50K).
        What would be the best cancellation/approval plan?

        We’re planning on some periodic trips over then next couple of years, including HI if we see good hotel deals.

  4. Victoria says:

    Thank you! This information was very helpful

  5. AL says:

    The pooling feature of this card is a nice way to get a little more bang for your buck with an otherwise not so valuable airline currency. Getting together some orphan miles for an inter island flight can save you nearly $100. Only the person doing the transferring needs to have the card.

  6. MarcoPolo says:

    Which reward program is best for travelling to Hawaii?

  7. Superchurn says:


    I was sent an offer for 35k miles. Way too low to justify a HP for me. But I called them up and told them that 35k was too low, but I’d be happy to apply if they upped the offer to 50k. And they did!

    My next rent payment will come with a free trip to Hawaii

  8. Alex says:

    I got a 50k paper application from a flight between islands. It’s with Bank of Hawaii. Is it different from Barclays?

  9. Ed says:

    They had this bonus and we got it in February, so must be a little more frequent.

  10. James B. says:

    Are Hawaiian Airlines miles only useful for trips to Hawaii and within the Hawaiian islands?

    Does Hawaiian Airlines have any other airline partners?

  11. Mark P says:

    How is the award space for inter-island flights? I’m already assuming award space for mainland to Hawaii is scarce, but if the HNL-OGG flights are easily redeemable, I might pick up this card for a family of 4 trip to Hawaii next March.

    • P says:

      My experience:
      There is a lot more availability at 7,500 miles one way inter-island if you have the card.
      If you don’t have the card then availability is more common at 10,000 mles one way.

  12. Joe says:

    Per Reddit, you can get Maui Jim shades for 25k miles and they apply to all shades, even prescription, I think.

    Never had them, but a friend does and they are pretty pricey. Potentially could get the $400 ones and re-sell or just keep.

  13. The Value Traveler says:

    If it wasnt for that $89 AF, I would bite….Although the card is fully churnable….

    • P says:

      I had this card and I was able to waive the initial $89 fee (2015) and the second year fee (2016). I had to write a letter to Barclays in 2015 (but SM and phone call might work) and they credited me $89. In 2016, the annual fee was a retention offer. I ended up closing the card, but that’s another issue.

  14. Jessica says:

    I applied and was approved. It listed $1,500 over 90 days, not the $1,000 listed above

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