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Is 5/24 In-Effect Yet on INK and Co-brands?

Is 5/24 already in effect for INK, co-brands, and Freedom Unlimited?

See these posts for background.


For INK business cards, 5/24 was supposed to come into being likely in March, meaning that it would already be in effect. There are some data points on Flyertalk indicating that people are still being approved ( March 23, March 31April 1). Although there can be other factors in approval post-5/24 (preapproval, Private Client, etc), I’m more inclined to believe that it hasn’t gone into effect at the moment.

I don’t have any new information from my source, but they were very sure that 5/24 would go into effect eventually on business and co-brands. There were some indications (already a couple months ago) that it may take slightly longer than those March/April dates mentioned above – we mentioned that point quickly at the end of the last post in February.

Of course, we all hope that there was some change-of-heart from Chase and it won’t end up happening at all, but my assumption is that it will come into being within the coming months.


For co-brands, 5/24 is slated to go into effect likely at some point in April. Statistically, it probably has not gone into effect yet being that it’s now just April 4th. Also, if 5/24 is not yet in effect on INK (see above) then it’s safe to assume that it’s not in effect on co-brands.

Note that many applications take between a week and a month to get approved. If 5/24 goes into effect between the time of application and the time that the application is reviewed, 5/24 will presumably be enforced.

Freedom Unlimited

For Freedom Unlimited (CFU), many reports indicated that 5/24 was not enforced initially. Since the time that the application became available online a few days ago, I haven’t been hearing any post-5/24 approvals, so I’m guessing that 5/24 is in effect for CFU. This comment also indicates so.


If anyone does have a recent data point about INK, co-brands, or CFU past 5/24, please let us know in the comments.

68 Responses to Is 5/24 In-Effect Yet on INK and Co-brands?

  1. Keith says:

    I am over the 5/24 rule and was approved for two co-branded chase cards yesterday 4/3/2016. British airways and IHG.

  2. Credit says:

    Already was. I have a fraud alert. It goes to an analyst and he rejected me. Eff you chase.

    Don’t have a ink+ now.

  3. Gary says:

    I ended up applying on March 24 and application went to pending. Waited it out and got a letter in the mail saying they needed verification of business address, tax id, and name of business. I called the number on the paper two days after receiving it and was on the phone for about 15 minutes with a rep. He verified my info over the phone and said I would receive a written decision in 7-10 days. I asked him if he thought my chances were good and he said yes everything looked good so long as there aren’t any major roadblocks or changes since applying. The next day (March 30, I believe) I called the automated line to check on my application and it said I was approved with an $18k CL!

    To add some context…
    1. I applied for this card in December and called the reconsideration line after my application went to pending and the rep said I was denied because of 5/24. I was new at the time and should not have called in because I’m sure it would have went to pending then probably would have been approved.
    2. I applied using my SSN as a sole proprietor (personal trainer side job) though not a lot of income from that the last 6-8 months.
    3. Applied for 9 CC in last 7 monhts
    4. Credit score ~765 avg

    • Cody says:

      Hi Gary – Quick question for you…
      DO you recall what business type + subtype you selected for a “personal trainer” business? I too do some personal training/nutrition planning on the side but cannot find a suitable business type for it in the application listing.

      Also, did you use your name as the business name or something else?

  4. Paul says:

    Got approved for Chase ink Friday the first of April.I am way over 5/24 rule

  5. Jeff says:

    Really hope 5/24 stays away until the 50k Southwest Plus offer is back. Probably my last chance to get a CP!

  6. Cowboyguy says:

    How about Chase Slate card?

    Does the 5/24 rule apply on Slate?

  7. Darv says:

    Applied for Chase Amazon card a couple weeks ago. It was $80, what the heck, knew the rumor for this 5/24 on co-branded so figured it was now or never. Went for it but learned a lot. Chase is on top of this stuff. The credit analyst I spoke to had all of my activity in front of him, rattled it off like he had it memorized. He knew what I was up to, was actually quite nice about it, but was rather frank in saying it did not make sense for Chase to extend credit to me at this time. I got the letter from them, Equifax score was 754. I was asked a bunch of questions, such as why do you have these BofA cards, you have 20 cards in the past two years why is that, we just gave you a card in December (AARP), looks like you aren’t using it.

    I won’t be applying for a Chase card again this year I suspect.

    Of all the things that came up, nothing was said about any new hard rule. He said I could apply again but said he could not specify when.

    I have not had any problems with any other issuer so I won’t be bothering with Chase anytime soon.

  8. mark says:

    decided to be extra cautious and applied for IHG and Hyatt on 3/29. IHG was approved on 3/30, still waiting on hyatt. am way over 5/24.

    • mark says:

      edit, got the hyatt approved today. this doesn’t necessarily disprove the 5/24 rule, as i applied for both in march.

  9. Petrocco Co says:

    Applied for CFU over the phone on 3/29, called reconsideration line on 3/31 and was immediately denied citing the 5/24 rule.
    Agent was very transparent that the 5/24 rules was the cause for denial as my credit is very good.

    Was approved for the United Explorer Business and the Southwest Premier Business earlier in March.

  10. James says:

    Applied for Chase Freedom Unlimited over the phone. Denied. Only reason listed on letter was “too many credit cards in last two years.”

  11. Jason says:

    Over 5/24. Approved just now for UA MileagePlus Explorer.

  12. Dave C says:

    Is PC to Unlimited a hard pull? Thanks

  13. MichaelJ says:

    Way over 5/24…Applied and approved next day for IHG end of January. Lowered Chase credit lines a couple weeks ago. Applied for Hyatt yesterday, approved today with $30k line.

  14. Ghorty says:

    Freedom Unlimited is on the 5/24, applied via phone before the application went live on CK and was denied.

  15. Luke says:

    Applied for UA MileagePlus and Hyatt card today and was instantly approved for both. I am well over 5/24. Applied for the UA card in branch for 50k miles and after I was approved I applied for Hyatt card online.

  16. Andy says:

    applied for a chase freedom 3/23 was instantly approved, which probably put me at the limit of the 5/24 rule. applied for IHG and Chase Ink Cash few days later. was approved for IHG but received a letter in mail denying Chase Ink Cash for reason of too many applications. Called the reconsideration line and after some questions, it seems my application is being reconsidered by a sr. analyst. will update if approved.

  17. Bret says:

    I’m 6/24. Approved instantly for Marriott card 4/3.

    • Bret…did you have an offer in the mail for 80,000 Marriott points? I got that, and my wife too–and im eager to apply, but not sure Ill get it since I already got it back in Aug 2014.

  18. mord1 says:

    i applied for an ink the week of march 21st and after a recon call or 2 was approved on the 28th. the rep even asked why I have applied for at least 12 cards recently!

  19. Mbfanos says:

    Applied for Freedom Unlimited in branch on 3/28. Went to 7-10 business day immediately. I just received a letter today stating “too many credit cards opened in the last 2 years”.
    So definitely the 5/24 rule was in effect for Freedom Unlimited before it was available online.

  20. raul says:

    From what I’m reading and personal experience I think it’s a mistake to wait for the letter in the mail and then call recon line. when I did wait I for letter and called in i was denied but when I didn’t wait for letter and called recon line say 2 days after aplication I was approved.

  21. singerbabe says:

    Approved for Hyatt and Marriott within the past month. WAY over 5/24. My husband, however, was denied for both Southwest personal and business for “too many requests for credit”. Maddening. It seems to be very random.

  22. David N says:

    Way over 5/24. Approved Ink+ on March 29 after address verification. Denied MileagePlus Business after reconsideration. I applied for both cards early March.

  23. Martinez40 says:

    Applied for IHG and Hyatt on 3/23, both went to pending and were eventually denied, too many requests for new credit (13 in the past since 6 months). Called recon on 4/1, went through the whole review and the CSR told me I’d get another letter in the mail with their decision. At the last minute I offered to move credit around and was instantly approved for both cards. My Experian listed on the denial letters was 623. I’d highly recommend offering to move credit around if you’re getting denials for too many requests for new credit.

  24. Kendall says:

    Trying g to max out on Chase cards, declined for ink in February. Waited 30 days applied 3/27, went into needing to review and was approved a couple days later. Definitely past 5/24, so there’s still hope!

  25. Lantean says:

    applied for Ink Cash and United biz card both on 3/16. Ink Cash was approved on 3/24, United biz was denied… too many inquiries.

  26. Max says:

    I applied for Ink Plus on 3/30 as part of an AOR. I am well over the 5/24. The application went to pending. This morning (4/5) I received a call from Chase to verify information, and a “recommendation for approval” was sent to lending services. Feeling antsy, I called the recon line, and my application approved after answering a few questions.

  27. Patrick says:

    I’m well over the 24/5 rule, but the chase pre qualified page shows I’m preapproved for Freedom.
    What are my chances to get approved?

  28. Jill says:

    The SW Plus card is the last one I need to get the Companion Pass. Even though the referrals are dead, I can apply directly and receive 25K points. Figured I would then transfer Ultimate Rewards points from Chase Sapphire to Southwest to reach the 110K needed for CP. Is there a better approach?

  29. Lana says:

    I applied for United Mileage Explorer personal. I’m well over 5/24 but received a targeted mailing for the 50k + 5k AU. This was back on March 29, and I still haven’t heard anything yet. I’ve called the recon line twice and both times they’ve listed as pending, and I need to wait 30 days to receive an answer. The recon line says there’s nothing I can do to facilitate the application. What gives? I’ve never had to wait this long for an approval (never been denied yet). Does that not bode well for my chances?

  30. Mark says:

    -WAY over 5/24 limit (maybe 18/24)
    -Have had both SW cards in the past, cancelling latest maybe a year ago
    -Received both 50,000 mile bonuses ~3 years ago

    3/28: Applied for Chase SW RR Premier
    4/6: Received approval email today

    For me the 5/24 rule did not take effect yet

  31. Esteban says:

    Applied two days ago for United Mileage Plus card and it went to pending. Did not call in. Called automated line this afternoon and I am now approved. I am way over the 5/24 limit. In my case the advice to not call in and let the pending process has worked. Received $10k credit line.

  32. Yoshi says:

    Applied Chase INK on 3/30 and pending at that time. It’s approved on 4/12. Even though I opened over 10 cards in two years (include CSP, Freedom and 4 co-brand Chase Card.)

  33. J T says:

    Way over 5/24 and applied online for targeted 50k United MP Explorer on 4/11, received 7-10 day pending message. Called into automated status line next day: decision in 30 days, called on 2nd day: decision in 2 weeks, called on 3rd day: approved (4/14).

    Takeaway? 5/24 not being automatically enforced as of mid April on co-branded, and do not call recon for a pending application.

    • J T says:

      Approved instantly on 4/27 for IHG with a very generous limit. This is my second Chase card approved in April, and 12+ new cards across several lenders in the last 24 months. Full disclosure, I tried applying for this card at the same time as United MPE on 4/11, but I made a mistake and the app never went through. Turns out I need the IHG points for an upcoming stay so gave the app another try. From my own experience I’d say 5/24 is not in effect for co-branded cards yet, unless perhaps under manual review.

  34. Chris says:

    Does having multiple legitimate businesses have any effect on Chase Ink applications, post 5/24? I have 4 businesses with an EIN, and they have been around for 5 years (rental properties, taxed properly etc.) I had Chase Ink Classic years ago but never the 60K one out now… But I’m at 8/24. Wondering if I should bother applying for an Ink card under one of the EIN’s which have never had chase cards before?

    • Chuck says:

      I think you should be fine, so long as 5/24 doesn’t kick in before you apply. As far as we know, it hasn’t kicked in yet, and you should be able to be approved.

  35. blake johnson says:

    I got approved for an ink biz card last monday. went into a branch, didn’t get immediate approval, didn’t call, got an email today saying i was approved. i’ve had tons of chase cards over the past couple of years.

  36. Cindi says:

    I’m at the 5/24 limit if they count business cards (I hear conflicting things on that, but since Ink is a business card I assume they will count that.) I really want the Chase freedom unlimited, but had applied for and gotten a Marriot 3 weeks ago, right before that was released. So I’m debating whether to apply for freedom unlimited now and cross my fingers. Or should I wait. I’ve read some people say Chase wants you to wait 30 days before applying for another card. But if I do it now my new AmEx SPG won’t show up yet.

  37. Cindi says:

    And BTW, how do people call Chase for status? I just get a “under review, we will contact you” message, with no reference number or anything. I have used the phone number I found online and asked for a status by giving them my SS #. But I’ve never gotten a reference number or number to call, except with business ones when they send me a letter for more proof about the business.

    • Stan says:

      The only option I’m aware of is the one you mentioned – calling them on the automated line at 888-338-2586. For reconsideration, their numbers are 888-245-0625 (personal cards) and 800-453-9719 (business cards).

  38. Marc says:

    I’m also curious about the implication for business cards. I have two businesses (I’m a part owner of each), each with their own EINs. I personally am at the 5/24 rule, 4 personal cards plus one Chase card for business #1. Am I SOL on new Chase cards for business #2 until some of the existing cards age off my report? The 5/24 rule his hard when I spread it over 3 entities (me plus rach business.)

  39. Lynn says:

    Just applied for a United personal card and was approved immediately. Glad the rule isn’t in effect yet.

  40. Derek says:

    @JT, what is the automated status line phone number? In a similar situation.

  41. AZ099 says:

    Applied for Marriott Rewards Card and got instant approval. i was exactly at 5 new cards in the last 24 months so looks like rule not in affect yet.

  42. Cynthia says:

    I applied for IHG on 4/26; was approved 4/29.

    This is my 10th card since the beginning of 2016 (2 of those are non-Chase business, 1 a Chase business, 4 Chase personal including this latest, and 3 non-Chase personal). I’ve had one denial – an Ink in February when I applied too close to other Chase approvals. So I’m definitely over 5/24.

  43. John says:

    Just got approved for both the SW Plus and Premier, despite having 10+ cards opened last two years…so 5/24 rule not in affect yet for co-branded cards.

  44. Andre says:

    Approved for Chase SW Plus mid-april, over 5/24.

    Anyone recently approved for INK plus and over 5/24?

  45. Andrew says:

    Applied for INK+ on 05/04.

    Over 5/24 (Sapphire Preferred, Freedom Unlimited, Amex Blue Cash, Amex SPG, Chase Southwest, Discover IT)

    Called Recon line after getting the “Too many requests for credit or opened accounts with us” letter.

    Came back as denial due to requesting too much credit. I guess 5/24 now applies toward INK+..

    Only reason I applied was I thought the business side was safe from this rule. Oh well!

  46. Tommy says:

    Applied mid-April for the Southwest Plus card. Did not receive instant approval. Received card today. Previously denied in March for Southwest Business with one of the reasons being too many cards. Definitely above 5/24.

  47. Nab says:

    5/24 is NOT an absolute rule.
    I applied for a Chase Business UR-earning card in-branch in May 2016 (small business bonus) and was approved within a week of applying.
    I have way more than 5 personal credit cards and still got approved for the Chase UR-earning Business card.

  48. Ye says:

    I applied for Chase IHG card on May 14, as my 7th card in the past 24 months. It was approved.

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