Posted by Chuck on February 11, 2016
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Published on February 11th, 2016 | by Chuck


Chase to Limit Credit Card Approvals (5/24) on Co-Branded Cards

Chase will soon apply their famed 5/24 rule to co-branded credit cards as well. The rule says that those with five new credit cards within the past 24-months will not be approved for a new credit card application.

Currently, only Chase’s own line of cards has the 5/24 rule, including the Freedom card, Sapphire card, and Slate card. We previously reported that sources say the 5/24 rule will soon apply to Chase business cards as well.

This trusted source now tells us that in a separate move, Chase will apply the 5/24 rule to co-branded cards as well, including cards like Southwest, United, Hyatt, and the rest of Chase’s co-branded card line-up. This will apply both to personal co-branded cards and to business co-brands.

The new rule is likely to start in April. We can expect a timeline which will look something like this:

  • Currently, once past 5/24, you can not get Freedom, Sapphire, or Slate. You can get all other cards.
  • At some point in March, the INK cards will be restricted as well. We can still get personal and business co-branded cards.
  • At some point in April, all Chase credit cards will be included in the rule, and those past 5/24 won’t be approved for anything.

This timeline reflects the upcoming change as it’s being said now. There is a possibility that it will take slightly longer for the rules to come into practice.

The era of churning Chase credit cards will soon come to an end. Get whatever you can now.

210 Responses to Chase to Limit Credit Card Approvals (5/24) on Co-Branded Cards

  1. P says:

    I only kinda need the IHG card. Kinda because their points keep getting devalued that the sign up bonus is not worth much

    • Cowboyguy says:

      Isn’t the one free night every anniversary valued much more than the annual fee? I stayed at a $400 per night property in Vegas using their free night certificate.

  2. Dave says:

    Ugh. I was going to apply for the Chase United and Hyatt in the next few months, now I’ll have to expedite this. I don’t know if I can apply for both in time now.

  3. mason says:

    Just this week i received a denial for the IHG card with the reasoning given identical to the UR cards with the 5/24 rule in place. I plan on calling recon to see if I can get it approved.

    • katye says:

      Strange. I got approved applying via the phone number provided on DoC’s IHG 80k post. Was approved instantly. Pretty sure I got more than 5 personal cards in the last 24 months. Actually it was more like 10+, including United, Fairmont, and BA from chase.

  4. Grant says:

    So its 5 cards total in 24 months, not just 5 cards from Chase.

  5. bob says:

    i am hoping to hit the Marriott and SW card(s) soon. Is there an easy way to tell which cards i’ve had in the past 24mo, so i know when it resets? I mean, aside from pulling a full credit report, or keeping better records?

    • D says:

      Check your credit report. Something like credit karma should be sufficient for this purpose, although the score provided is a FAKO.

    • John says:

      I doubt it. If there were a button you could click somewhere that would Tell Me How Many Cards I Have Been Granted it would necessarily have to pull that answer from your credit reports, which would mean you’d need to go through all the authorizing and identity proofing stuff that you do with credit reports.

      You should really consider signing up with Credit Karma. It’s free. You’d only have to do the extra steps once, and then you’d have access to your full Equifax and TransUnion reports (except for soft pulls) as often as once a week.

    • Steve says:

      Credit Karma will show you when the new accounts have been added to your Transunion and Equifax reports.

  6. John says:

    Thanks for the heads up! A month ago I had an opportunity to get the Marriott with a lot of bonus points and no AF for the first year, but I decided it against it, because (a) I haven’t used any of the hotel points I do have (135k Hilton) and (b) I rarely travel and (c) it sounded like the 5/24 rule was not going to extended to co-branded.

    Now of course I am thinking I should have, in the words of Janis, get it while you can. I did take advantage of your warning to grab my Ink Plus business card.

    If in the next two months you see any co-branded Chase offers that involve no AF for the first year, I know I would be especially grateful to hear about them. That might make a nice post on its own.

    Thanks for your great site…

  7. Andrew says:

    Noooooo – goodbye companion pass for 2017 and beyond! 🙁

  8. alex says:

    Is this 5 inquiries
    5 cards that show on your report

  9. Jonathan says:

    Wow. THIS is a devastating blow to travel hackers everywhere. I usually scoff at ‘dooms-dayers’ that proclaim the sky is falling, every time an MS avenue dies, but when the CC companies crack down and impose rules like this, it really is the end of an era. Between Amex only allowing 1 lifetime bonus on personal, and this new Chase rule, churning cc for points just got extremely difficult. Chase, thanks for all the years of abuse allowed, we’re going to miss it for sure 🙁

    I was thinking of holding off on companion pass… but now… its time for one last round!

    • Paul says:

      Only any idiot scoffed at those who’ve blasted the credit card shills for ruining the hobby over the past few years. You have to be dumb and blind not to see this was the inevitable result…

      The game is now a tiny fraction of what it was a few years ago. All the easy MS methods are gone. And now churning is grinding to a halt.

  10. Jonathan says:

    Wow. THIS is a devastating blow to travel hackers everywhere. I usually scoff at ‘dooms-dayers’ that proclaim the sky is falling, every time an MS avenue dies, but when the CC companies crack down and impose rules like this, it really is the end of an era. Between Amex only allowing 1 lifetime bonus on personal, and this new Chase rule, churning cc for points just got extremely difficult. Chase, thanks for all the years of abuse allowed, we’re going to miss it for sure 🙁

    I was thinking of holding off on my second companion pass… but now… its time for one last round!

  11. Jessica says:

    Another loss. This is horrible news.

  12. Dave says:

    My mom applied for Chase SWA and also got the same reason for being rejected. I wonder if this rule has already taken effect.

  13. Phong says:

    Ugh, 5/24 on the business card is one thing! However, all of the co-branded cards is a whole other story! There’s like 7 different cards I want to get from them! They have the best bonuses!

  14. John says:

    Wow! Now that I won’t be able to get SWA credit cards, how else can I get the companion pass?

  15. dan says:

    applied for the ihg earlier this yr (jan.) but was rejected for the reason of 5/24 rule after calling the reconsideration via phone as well as sm. will take a stab again in mar. to see if will get lucky

  16. Joy says:

    Ok Chase, but you do realize that means your offers are going to have to go way up if you don’t want your card growth to plummet. If we all only get 5 bullets to fire every 2 years, you better believe we aren’t wasting one on a crummy 50k point offer. BTW, I have an Ink Bold and only 4 inquiries on my 820 credit score in the past 2 years and just got rejected for the INK plus for the “too many cards” reason.

  17. Keith Leung says:

    What is the strategy if I want 6 more credit cards from chase, listed in order

    High Priority
    1. Hyatt
    2. Marriott Personal

    Medium Priority
    3. Marriott Business
    4. United Business or Personal
    5. Southwest Business

    Low Priority
    British Airways

    • Leana says:

      @Keith I think you just answered your own question. Go for the cards that you want the most. For me personally, it makes sense to go for hotel points when you have concrete plans to use them, though others will disagree. Space your apps out or have a partner/spouse apply as well. Maybe even recruit parents if they are willing, and just handle the minimum spend yourself.

    • Well, you just listed them in order. So use that order?

      • Tony says:

        Seriously. Some people on this site post useless comments and questions. He clearly listed that he wants 6 cards, is aware of the 5/24 rule coming, and even ranked his cards. So try to get the 5 you want and leave the 6th one out…obviously.

        And that’s assuming you can get approved for 5 cards in a row from Chase – highly doubtful considering you must have had at least a few cards open in the last 24 months

  18. Keith Leung says:

    This is terrible news. I was trying to spread out my applications. What is the strategy if I want 6 more credit cards from chase, listed in order below. Is it best to apply for the first two and then apply again later in the month. Or should I apply for 4 or all 6 cards in one shot. Hitting the minimum spend is not an issue.

    High Priority
    1. Hyatt
    2. Marriott Personal

    Medium Priority
    3. Marriott Business
    4. United Business or Personal
    5. Southwest Business

    Low Priority – Nice to have but not critical
    6. British Airways

  19. Keith says:

    This is terrible news. What is the strategy if I want 6 additional cards listed below. Do you think its best to apply for 2 in one shot and apply again later in the month. Or should I apply for 4 or 6 in one shot. What is a safe numbers of cards can one apply for.

    High Priority
    1. Hyatt Personal
    2. Marriott Personal

    Medium Priority
    3. Marriott Business
    4. United Personal or Business
    5. Southwest Business

    Low Priority
    6. British Airways

  20. Drew R says:

    Maybe someone can help me, but I couldn’t find the final conclusion about of part of the 5/24 rule on FT between the constant bickering who’s right and wrong…

    I’m in an (apparently) unique location where Chase personal apps hit Transunion instead of Experian. If I open 5+ cards approved by a banks like Citi, Amex, etc. who only pull Exp, is that recently opened account information spread to Trans, or is it ONLY cards applied and pulled through Trans Chase would see?

    • M says:

      Nope, they see the ACCOUNTS, which are reported to all bureaus.

    • Brian says:

      It doesn’t really matter which bureau they pull for the 5/24 rule. They aren’t looking at inquiries. They are looking at new accounts. It’s possible they’d consider a recent inquiry in a manual review (i.e. if no instant approval) and suspect that you opened a new account, so you might be SOL regardless. However, the hard rule only applies to reported accounts I believe.

      Basically, the new accounts are still going to get reported to all bureaus no matter who the bank pulled. I’ve found that Citi/Amex/Chase all report to TU and EQ a little bit slower than they report EX, but unless you’re applying in that tiny window I don’t see how this would make much of a difference for you. I also suspect that they’d soft your EX report even if they do the hard pull on TU.

      • Caleb Kurtz says:

        My Southwest Chase Business card does not report on my Experian report. I wonder if that card would count towards the 5/24 rule.

        It may seem as though business credit cards (that don’t report on your personal report) are going to become extremely important.

        • Brian says:

          I would think that Chase might consider their own business accounts (business accounts from other banks shouldn’t count) for the 5/24 rule, but without some data points I couldn’t really say for sure. I’m sure there’s someone reading these comments who could provide some evidence one way or the other. Or you could try researching some Flyertalk threads.

  21. rich says:

    Same here with Chase Personal apps hitting Transunion. I am not sure what business apps draw from now. My home state is MI

    I applied for the IHG card and was approved for a 2k line this past Sunday. Low line but good enough

    Going to try for one last business and personal in 30 days or less.

    • Gustraveler says:

      Rich, I am in MI also, just got approved in Jan for a United MP card and my wife for a SW Premiere. Chase pulled from TU AND Experian (the punks). So you may want to check that.

  22. Keith says:

    Do you think it would help applying in branch prior to the 5/24 rule becoming effective

  23. rich says:

    Is it possible the 5/24 rule can stop non churners as well?

    • John says:

      It certainly will obstruct non-churners as well. If one defines a churner as a person who has obtained a card, gotten the bonus, cancelled the card, and then at some point after that applied for the card and gotten the bonus again — then I am not a churner. I have never received a CC bonus more than once for any card, regardless of the issuer.

      The 5/24 rule makes it impossible for anyone to get a Chase card if he has opened more than a few cards (counting all issuers together) in the last two years — full stop.

      Frankly the Amex approach seems like it addresses churning more wisely than the Chase approach. The Chase approach does not actually prevent a person from churning Chase cards, and it does prevent many non-churchers from getting ANY Chase cards.

    • John says:

      It certainly will obstruct non-churners as well. If one defines a churner as a person who has obtained a card, gotten the bonus, cancelled the card, and then at some point after that applied for the card and gotten the bonus again — then I am not a churner. I have never received a CC bonus more than once for any card, regardless of the issuer.

      The 5/24 rule makes it impossible for anyone to get a Chase card if he has opened more than a few cards (counting all issuers together) in the last two years — full stop.

      Frankly the Amex approach seems like it addresses churning more wisely than the Chase approach. The Chase approach does not actually prevent a person from churning Chase cards, and it does prevent many non-churners from getting ANY Chase cards.

  24. katye says:

    This sucks for us churners but I couldn’t help wonder why this didn’t happen sooner. Apart from taking advantage of bonus there is really no need to apply for 5+ cards every two years.
    With that said, a way to somewhat get around with it is focus on Biz credit card app. Since Biz card doesn’t show up on your personal credit report, as long as they are not issued by chase it doesn’t count against the 5/24 rule.
    So, you can have 4 personal cards in the past 24 months + unlimited number of non-chase Biz cards (AMEX gold/Platinum and Citi Business come to mind), and still be qualified for another Chase card under the current rule.
    Let’s hope that other issuers don’t follow suit. That’s when I would finally say churning is over.
    But then, hopefully MS opportunities will still be well and alive.

  25. PghRocks says:

    If we can all calm down a second, I’d like to point out that this kind of blanket policy doesn’t make any sense with a co-branded card.

    With Chase’s internal cards, yeah, whatever, they can set whatever policy they like on the fly as the points may be an actual expense to them. But with a co-branded, it’s a lot more complicated for conceptual, legal and financial reasons.

    No offense to DoC’s report here, but if you were United/Hyatt/IHG, etc, would you be ok with your customers not being able to sign up for your cards because over the last couple years they got 5 cards total? I wouldn’t be ok with that, I’d want those cards in the hands of my customers building brand loyalty (or whatever corporate bullshit I believe in as a corporate exec) as long as they are credit-worthy which to me, Mr. Hotel Exec, is Chase’s only say in the matter.

    To get what I’m saying we need to take off our churner hats and think like normal people. You don’t have to be a churner to open that many cards in two years – a Christmas need here, a vacation there, a trip to Costco, a free 15% off over where ever, one cc shoved down your throat on a flight to Minneapolis, etc and now you can’t get an IHG card after you booked a business trip at a Holiday Inn Express? If I was IHG, and you can pay your bills I’d have none of Chase telling you that you can’t have an IHG card.

    Especially since the most likely people in the scenario I described above are the ones that are the most valuable for long term growth and brand impressionability – yuppies. I want all those yuppies picking my chain as “their chain” in their next 30 years of business travels and now Chase is telling them they can’t have my card when really I just do business with Chase to check credit and do paperwork? Nah.

    Additional, each of these co-brands likely have their own contract with Chase that is, at least, slightly different from one another. Are you telling me that Chase got each and every one of those brands to agree to the same thing as their competitors and not one said, “Nah, we’ll take all the other guy’s business instead?”

    Finally, unless I’m mistaken, don’t the CC companies buy like millions of points/miles from the Airlines/Hotel companies? Aren’t they then carried on the books as assets for the CC companies? Don’t those assets have a limited shelf life due to devaluations at the like? Don’t the CC companies need to move those points out the door before these things happen to generate new signup and swipe fees to justify the money paid for them?

    Again, bank owned points like UR/TYP could be real expenses to the bank and regulating those is a pretty cut and dry thing, but the co-branded miles/points? Isn’t is really quite different?

    Ok one more – aren’t there way simpler ways of shutting down churners that don’t involve all the issues I’ve pointed out?

    • nil says:

      totally agreed. Doesn’t make sense for co-branded cards.

    • Chuck says:

      I do think 5/24 is slightly over-restrictive. Perhaps, 8/24 would make more sense. But they have lots more data than we do to know what normal people do.

      • GrayAnderson says:

        Well, or perhaps going to a five-year cycle for letting you “churn” a bonus. I think AmEx’s “once per lifetime” rule is perhaps a hair restrictive as well (it stops churning, but for any co-branding company it also stops winning people back, and there ARE valid reasons for dumping a card such as “the card I had with Blah Airlines had a $149 fee and their hub in my hometown collapsed so I stopped flying them for ten years”). Of course, with that being said there are plenty of cases where the card that you come back to 3-5 years later isn’t the same one you left…

        I say this as someone who was part of the horde that swamped Target last year, but I do sympathize with trying to avoid obvious abuse of the system. That being said, trying to find a good “one size fits all” rule is tricky…especially since there are a lot of cases where someone wants to push a card in your face (almost every major chain has a card, for example, and my bank has redone their card situation twice in the last five years: The old card got kicked to another bank because it was “just” a co-branded card, while they basically threw out their old “internal” card and replaced it).

    • Kevin says:

      The problem is that when people abuse things it ruins it for everyone who doesn’t necessarily abuse it. Now the people who weren’t chasing bonuses, but legitimately opened 5 accounts like your example, won’t be able to get anything. However, if nobody had ever abused these things, then this wouldn’t occur. Instead of just trying to scrutinize and shut down churners only, Chase ostensibly feels it’s easier to just shut down ANYONE who apps for a (relative to the population) lot of cards.

      The cobranded partners want profit too, and that doesn’t come from paying out a bonus and then the cardmember either cancelling or barely using the card. The partners, as well as Chase, want loyal, long term cardmbembers. They’re in this for money. They do not want to pay for your travel w/ bonuses just because. If you aren’t profitable (and this goes for “normal” CC users too!) they really don’t care much about you in the end.

      It comes down to this…people are simply going to have to make choices and which companies they want to be loyal to (as far as cobranded/points/etc) and stick to them at least for a relatively long amount of time. We don’t have to like it, but it’s also not surprising.

      • Eric says:

        That’s exactly what happened to the Citigold deal. The only time I opened a Citigold account it was before I followed any blogs so I had no clue you could fund it with a credit card. In fact I opened it in a branch. Now I will never get the chance to fund with a credit card. It doesn’t really bother me that much but it annoys me how people don’t take responsibility for being selfish/greedy.

        • Kevin says:

          Every deal goes through a cycle. At first it’s relatively unknown, then it gets blogged about and mentioned, everyone milks it, uses it and suggests it, and then it gets shut off.

          Uncapped BCP, Uncapped Cash+ with better categories, funding Citigold with CC, etc…everything eventually ends if it’s lucrative enough.

          It’s best to not go crazy with using the better deals and then perhaps they’d stick around longer, but people who had uncapped BCPs doing 20k a month in MS certainly didn’t do the program any favors.

          • PghRocks says:

            I take issue with the use of the word, “abuse.” For some reason, and I think that reason is unnecessary moralizing of inherent amoral financial activities, its common to say that churning is “abusing” or “taking advantage” of the system.

            When really, its just individuals who have no control over the rules of the game they’re playing acting in their own self-interest. You know, capitalism.

          • Gary says:

            20k a month? A lot more than that, brother. How about 20k a well, for the conservative ones? $1M a year was $180k+ a year, tax free. It doesn’t get better than that.

          • Eric says:


            How did you arrive at that $180K figure? BCP only gives 6% CB now. Unless it once gave close to 20% CB your math is way off.

    • Gary says:

      This reasoning is probably why 5/24 didn’t take effect until now (about a year later). They probably had to work out the contractual issues with their loyalty program partners.

  26. rouven69 says:

    next recession is around the corner. Those policies won’t hold up for long

      • GrayAnderson says:

        My, what times we live in to actually be cheering for a recession…

        That being said, I tend to agree…there are a couple of pressures likely to come into play, but sooner or later the banks are going to need to put money to work. At the moment, though, I’ve heard of banks trying to run off small-account depositors with fees since an account with $500 or $1000 in it (and no debit/direct deposit business) doesn’t make them any money.

  27. Cheapblackdad says:

    A year ago, I would have detailed my work around for this. Now, I’ve learned to keep my strategy and tactics to myself. There’s always a solution. But let’s keep them to ourselves.

    My wife used to be an extreme couponer. It was mind boggling how much money we saved. We still have items she bought for next to nothing or at a profit and it’s been 4 years since she stopped. It was a gravy train.

    Stores adjusted. The tv shows were cancelled. The buzz went away. It’s never been the same.

    We still use coupons.

    Find a way and keep it to yourself.

    • Joseph says:

      Is there a workaround?? As long as I know there is one I’m not going to flip out. Doesn’t matter if I don’t know what it is, I’ll figure it out. Otherwise I’m deepthroating the barrel of a gun.

  28. bs says:

    Also skeptical but I could certainly believe it. Got me to pull the trigger on the hyatt I’ve been putting off. I thought my chase CL was maxed however they gave me a quite generous CL on it.

  29. gary says:

    does chase have a maximum number of open presonal cards someone can have at one time, whether its branded or not?

  30. Adam says:

    can you name your source? sounds very disruptive to spread unsubstantiated rumors, sort of w/o caution or much regard. and if anything, it amounts to just giving the banks even worse ideas :/

    I know DoC you feel you’re just reporting ‘news,’ but I dont think it’s upto you or even wise to give heed to speculation, much less make a grand post about it. this isnt news, this is hearsay. it’s really he said, she said. unless there’s an official ruling or an official statement from Chase, I dont see much point to the discussion insinuated in this post.

    other than to just grab headline hits 😉

    • Kristy says:

      I think the point of the article was to warn his loyal readers so that they can get in a few more apps before the changes take place. While I hope it’s not true, or they don’t enforce it, chances are it will be the rule for awhile. I’m hoping that the co-brands protest when they see app numbers drastically drop, and eventually a more realistic rule is put into place, but all of that will take time and we may be stuck with this new reality for awhile.

    • KC says:

      DOC knows people. This is no small timer or some random person spreading rumors. He mentioned “trusted source”. Trust me, it’s not MMS, most likely someone at Chase only he has access to, maybe he can expand while protecting his source.

    • Leana says:

      @Adam There is no way Chuck can give more details. This person’s job is on the line. I would hate for someone to lose their livelihood over something like that. This blog is trustworthy and never steers readers wrong. If this ends up being a rumor, oh well. Chuck acted in good faith. That’s all readers can ask of a blogger, really.

    • We wanted to share the information we have so that people have a chance to apply for cards before the change. Sorry to see that you feel like we did this due to hits, that’s not what we’re about here.

      • Adam says:

        oh well, maybe I read into the post too much. my bad. nothing but love for DoC & Chuck for all the work you guys do.

        it’s just that this post, incld the title came off way too matteroffact-ish… even tho at this stage for all intents & purposes, this is just a rumor – now it’s being picked up by other, bigger blogs (which ironically is like a self-fulfilling prophecy death-knell as far as such news goes.)

        besides, at major corps not all internal discussions are actually implemented. didnt make sense to jump the gun but maybe people appreciate the 1-2 mo heads up to get in a few more apps. even if nothing actually changes.

  31. PedroNY says:

    If Chase does this, co-branded cards are with limited contractual terms, those contracts have minimum sales requirements from the bank to the hotel/airline, so Chase will be on the hook for a lot of mile/points every year. We will either see more banks getting partnerships with Airlines and Hotels that are not exclusive (think Hilton with Amex and Citi), as Chase will lose exclusivity if they don’t meet annual purchase targets. Or in alternative higher sign up bonuses as Chase will be needing to get rid of these miles, or more spending bonuses. Honestly, 2017 and especially 2018. will be great! For churners and spenders.



  32. Tim says:

    I think we should all pull our business. I signed up for checking for the the bonus. Came to love it so kept it. Will be closing this week. And I will only use my cards for category spend. Screw Chase.

    • Thao Tran says:

      This is really disheartening to hear, but I don’t think we should just pull our business from Chase. Keeping a good relationship with them is the best decision in the long run, especially with the great products they have to offer.

      They’re upping up their game to keep us away so we just have to do the same and find a way around it.

      Thanks for the heads up Chuck!

    • John says:

      Pulling our business is exactly what they want. They don’t make money off of churners.

  33. Cheapblackdad says:

    The workaround I referenced is now public. That didn’t last long. Won’t work for everyone but will help a lot of us.

    Keep it to yourselves or in private channels.

    • Ian says:

      What workaround? If it’s not here, then I’ll just go to another blogger and give that blogger my readings and more hits and clicks.

    • Eric says:

      If you’re not going to reveal the “workaround” or link to it why even mention it? You have every right to be selfish with information you have but being a tease about it doesn’t really help anyone.

      • RAUL says:

        sure it helps. now we know there is a workaround, just have to do a little digging. You know do work, that thing rhat made america great. Thanks Cheapblackdad for not letting out too much. Stop the spoon feeding. STSF

    • escot says:

      Well, cbd, since YOU brought it up, you invite some speculation. Perhaps you’re referring to the business card applications…. ordinarily, sole proprietors “simply” applied for a card using their personal social security #’s…. perhaps though it may help those of us with the small businesses to get the EIN’s from the IRS. (ez to do)…. and that then becomes the new # to use with Chase aps. (and don’t now slam me if in figuring it out, I “ruin” your game… I lathe that sort of presumptive FT/Trump style arrogance)

      • Cheapblackdad says:

        That’s one option. Here’s an example when discretion is the better part of valor. Below is a 2nd. Anyone have more loopholes they’d like closed in the ensuing months? Feel free to share it here on one of the more read and cited blogs on our hobby and share with the credit issuers.

        Did you just equate Donald Trump and Flyertalk? Touché.

    • chilly says:

      It is not a workaround. Funny how you guys all tried to bully CBD into spill it out. He mentioned it in the comment section on this blog:
      He said you can remove yourself as AU on your spouse card. AU doesn’t count against you anyways if you can get a well-informed rep to look at your application. And most of the churners have more than 5/24 even as primary user alone.
      I agree that CBD shouldn’t get ppl on the edge if he doesn’t want to share his so-called “workaround”, however.

      • Cheapblackdad says:

        My intent is to let folks know there are options for some of us. You can go find them. No need to share. It’s not a tease. It’s a heads up.

        The above is not the only option. Again, letting folks know there is a way is about as much as I’ll provide on most venues. Folks can learn for themselves and keep it quiet.

        Folks have gotten very entitled. That’s why we keep losing loopholes and opportunities. Elbow grease and discretion will get you all far.

        There’s always a way. But when we tell them about it, they’ll close it.

        • Gary says:

          You call removing yourself as an AU is a workaround? First of all; that’s clueless, being as that’s entirely unnecessary, and second of all, that’s not a workaround. A workaround would be a way to get approved even with having 5 new accounts on your report in the past 24 months.
          There are 2 common reasons why “workarounds” shouldn’t be shared:
          A) because too much publicity will kill it. Many great examples of this (MMS, if you’re reading this, take your Ashley Madison whore and go to hell).
          B) sometimes when you share a “workaround”, someone bursts out laughing and explains to you how you missed the boat. Many classic examples of this on the blogs. You feel much smarter before you share this great idea.
          Whichever one this is, you’re probably better keeping this to yourself, or only discussing it in private.

          • Cheapblackdad says:

            Why so angry? as I said, I have uncovered a few ways for me to take advantage of Chase sign up bonuses beyond 5:24. I consider these ways to constitute workaround to being limited to 5:24. Is that fair, or still angry? I also espouse the view that we should share certain aspects of churning in less public forums. In fact I am downright evangelistic about it. I don’t think that should be frustrating in the least to you.

            Also, we agree on why we shouldn’t share.

            Having said that, I apologize for the frustration my series of comments have caused. Henceforth, I will not provide a heads up when I see opportunities for workarounds. The juice does not appear worth the squeeze.

  34. thumbelina says:

    How can one/why should on stay loyal to an airline ffp/ hotel fsp when THEY KEEP changing the rules/devaluing or making promises they do not keep (SWA going to fly to Hawaii)

    As they change the cc terms let alone the ffp terms (think BA cc, Arrival Plus)why ARE WE the one’s who are considered bad customers if we then change our cc mix.

    My favorite cc of all time has been my costco card–never knew them to initiate a change while w AMEX (amex dropped hyatt as part of open)

    When recession hit/airlines bankrupcies occurred baks bought millions of ffmiles, Now the banks “run” the ffps abd assiuciated cc programs which is why they do not deliver on their promises year in and year out like costco does.

    Wish credit unions would start their own cc company. Might get some consistency and reliability that way

    • Gary says:

      Plenty of credit unions do issue credit cards (look at PenFed for some pretty decent options) with decent rewards programs. Ask around. I don’t think these rules are negatively affecting those that are happy with the card their credit union issues, though.

  35. Casey says:

    If you’ve been denied for Freedom card due to “too many” credit cards, can you still apply for a different card? I just got denied for freedom a week ago.

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  37. Ken says:

    Oh man, bloggers are going to take a huge hit on their affiliate income once this goes into effect. It sucks for everybody though. No more Companion Pass, no more easy UR points.

  38. Gary says:

    So, how would the limit be applied to the co-branded business cards, like United and Marriott? Assuming a sole proprietorship, would the personal cards for the proprietor be counted against the business cards as well, or would the business cards have their own 5/24 rule that applies specifically to the business applications even if the Tax ID is identical to an individual’s SSN?

  39. escot says:

    Thanks for the news/alert here. For planning, a finer question:

    I have a legacy Barclays AA Advantage card (basic — formerly the USAir card). If I would hang on to it, yet upgrade it to an AA Red Card later this year, is that going to be held against me as a “new” credit card by chase?

    • escot says:

      Similar question, last year, my wife opened up a Discover account, under her name. Several months later, she added me as an authorized user. (I gather from your previous reports that this AU status for me likely will be held against me as one of the five new accounts. Illogical indeed, yet is that still understood to be policy? What if I would have my AU status there removed? )

    • Gary says:

      Am upgraded card is the same account, and shouldn’t appear anew on your report. Am AU card appearing on your report will count for 5/24 purposes. Get it off your report before applying (if the date of the account opening is within the past 24 months).

  40. Beth says:

    just clarifying-I’ve opened 3 business credit cards as sole proprieter using my SSN as my EIN. These are not going to count against my limit for Chase applications for personal cards? Because if that’s the case, then why the need to get an EIn from the IRS mentioned above?

  41. RAUL says:

    So going to go for two SWA CC, I also need to cancel my Ritz-Carlton CC. My question is should I close my Ritz card and transfer my Credit limit to another card then apply for SWA cards or should I keep Ritz card open apply for SWA card and offer to close Ritz if I get denial on application?

  42. Johnna says:

    Will business cards that are opened count against the 5/24 rule for personal cards or just when applying for their business cards?

  43. Mh says:

    Business cards don’t show up on your credit report. Chase will of course be able to see the business cards they offer.

  44. linda says:

    Here’s my question. When amtrak switched to chase freedom last year, it looks as though they may have done a hard pull (without my approval unless there was an opt out opportunity I missed) I didn’t “apply” for that card, so does it officially count as one of my 5 in 24?

    • Gary says:

      Look at your credit report (you can check Credit Karma or something similar) and see what the opening date on that account is.

  45. Gary says:

    Wow, just did a lot of spoonfeeding in the comments. Chuck and Will, I don’t know how you answer all these questions, day in and day out, without getting frustrated.
    I have to say, I sure hope you’re wrong about this one. This would be a huge blow to the churning world. Thanks for the PSA.

    • Chuck says:

      Yup, hope we’re wrong. I don’t think so though, just holding out a small hope that there will be some internal change which will make us wrong in the end.

  46. Chris says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if instead of actually going through with this, it was just a way for Chase to ‘Root out their Mole’ the bloggers have been using, and get a HUGE SPIKE in CC Applications? I know that’s not likely, but they’re getting a huge boost in CC apps from this rumor.

  47. yang says:

    I had two southwest and 1 United Explorer with Chase. All 3 were cancelled couple months ago. I just applied for the Marriott Business Cards and got a pending notice and to call the 800-243-6010 with my reference #. Is it wise to call and have them reconsider or is it better to let it go to the mail notification?

  48. rob says:

    Appears they are already applying the rules. I was declined last week (chase sapphire) and have impeccable credit and high income. Guess Ill be minimizing my chase credit card use for the foreseeable future.

  49. RB says:

    Can you use your SSN for personal credit cards and EIN for business and get 5 cards for each?

    • Chuck says:

      We wrote about business cards in the original post. Non-Chase business cards probably don’t count.

      • RB says:

        I was referring to chase cards. with the new 5/24 rule, could I apply for 5 personal cards using my social security number and 5 business cards using my EIN for an established business?

        • Ken says:

          I can tell you right now that won’t work. You can get 2 Chase cards per month. 5 Biz cards is pretty much unheard of, they’re pretty stingy giving those out.

  50. Lela says:

    Does anyone have any idea approx what kind of net credit line to income ratio Chase likes to see?

    820-850 credit score, 5 chase cards, 1new and 4 greater than 10 yrs old. Net about 90k credit line and I don’t want to have to give it up.

    • Ken says:

      You have a 90k total CL with Chase over 5 cards and you can’t give any of that up? You use all of the $18k per card every month? Can’t spare a $10k lower limit on ANY of those cards?

      • Lela says:

        Sure could easily give up 10k, esp if I get ink, but I don’t want to have to give up 70k! the same Q still stands:

        What kind of CL to income ratio do they need.

        I don’t see this kind of info anywhere here or on Flyertalk after hours of reading.

        I saw some older posts from 2012 in travel codex where Chase complained someone’s CL was approaching 100% of their income, but that was 4 years ago.

        I’m thinking Chase might be extra particular with this particular flood of folks applying for ink right now right before 5/24 hits. Either way, I need to reconsider possible extra income sources and I’d like to have some idea how much reconsidering I need to do.

        I got denied for this income to CL ratio.

        • Ken says:

          That’s because nobody knows. Stuff like that is proprietary information that they will never release to the public.

          You still never answered my questions. Why do you want that much credit? How much do you use in a month? What’s your income?

          • Lela says:

            Having extensive credit gives me options. If I want to start a business or flip a house I’ve got a loan available currently at around 3% for a year without going through standard bank qualifications for which I would not be approved. Options and emergency backup in this world are very valuable.

          • Lela says:

            I do not use much CL in a month and there are so many different ways to look at my income I’m going to not share that here; but suffice it to say without looking at household income what I had previously put was not remotelyenough.

          • Ken says:

            Then we cannot help you.

            You have very high CLs with Chase, and unless you reduce them they will not give you more cards. They have already even told you that.

          • Lela says:

            3 new cards
            CSP- 2/16
            BofA- 11/15

            Thank you for your help.

          • Lela says:

            Ken, are you affiliated with Doctor of Credit or a very helpful reader?

            Happy to drop credit line 10k but what to put for income is the question, and perhaps how to explain the change but I figure I’m on my own with that.

            If my income was a fixed number then I wouldn’t have a question to post here. That is the question- how much income Is needed for an 80k or 90k credit line.
            I’m sure someone has enough experience churning chase cards to have some feel for this ratio.
            In case you are willing to share, how much credit line do they seem to extend to you and at what income level? No obligations.

          • Ken says:

            Not affiliated with DoC, just trying to help.

            Usually I try to figure double income for any total CL for Chase. So if you’re making close to or over 200k/year you could support that kind of CL with them.

            I reported income of 88k and they just approved me for a 21k CL on an Ink+ card a few days ago for 59k total.

          • Lela says:

            Thank you so much! That is the sort of info I need!

            Do you have any experience closing an account and then re-opening it after your card is approved (just shifting some credit to it)?

          • Ken says:

            I don’t, and I doubt they will reopen a card after closing to approve a new card. Agents will be able to see that. But you can always try, you never know. I’d try to get that Biz card approved at this point though.

          • Lela says:

            Yes, you’re right. Biz card is a better gain with 5% office supply and sign up bonus than keeping my old freedom card. But after I get whatever new cards I can I think I will try and see. Though, maybe I should try and see now to see if it is something I can repeat to get ink…..

            Thanks so much.

            Congrats on your ink; I know there’s a lot of folks wanting this card right now!

          • Ken says:

            I have an old Ink Bold card and have been wanting the Ink Plus card for years. And I finally got a targeted mailer for 60k and $0AF a few weeks ago and went for it. I never get targeted mailers, so this was a happy surprise.

            I think Chase has a 2 apps per 30 days policy, but I’m not sure if that includes Biz and personal mixed apps.

          • Lela says:

            Isn’t it 2 cards per 30 days, not # of applications?

          • Ken says:

            Not sure.

          • Lela says:

            Guess pulling off getting CSP was pretty trick then! I listed 35k for income and closed an 8k freedom card so he opened an 8k CSP for me, maintaining the 90k net CL. Guess my very true and genuine sob story as to why I needed the card paired with saying the other lady said they would do this went a long way! Probably a scewed case for a data point.

          • Ken says:

            So you’ve listed income of 35k on the app and they’re Ok with you having a 90k total CL with them? I am shocked that they would allow almost 3X CL vs income. That is AMAZING. What is your total CL with all banks across all cards?

          • Lela says:

            Not bad for a newbie. Learned of and started in Nov. but had played my own games independently many years ago, esp 10 years ago. Sat pretty quiet since then. CL across all cards is rough estimated at 225k. I haven’t tracked these things like I should. Newbie. Dealing with chase first before I get more cards at other banks. I might wait out the storm and apply after 5/24 sets in to avoid being lumped with all the churners. It would only mean one fewer card potential anyway.

            Also as I said, great credit and longstanding perfect history with this CL with chase and good sob story for needing the card. Mother in law diagnosed with cancer and I wanted the UR program to transfer to airline to fly her to Disneyland with her grandson and I while she still has some strength.

          • Lela says:

            For everyone’s info I heard reported last night from someone that Chase really likes to see your CL spread across multiple banks to reduce their exposure. This person had closed his account with another bank and subsequently somehow found Chase had pummeled his chase cl’s down. The reason they gave was because he was spread out before but now they were bearing too large of his net CL. He explained his circumstances and got some or all of his CL back. Seems like good info to know generally. Diversification is good.

        • Lela says:

          Got denied for ink due to excessive CL compared to income, she suggested apply to personal card- they squabbled over CL too but approved CSP under condition of my closing one of my cards-8k.

          • Ken says:

            And without your income we cannot help you.

            How many new cards have you opened in the past 24 months?

          • Ken says:

            You still may be able to close another card or lower CL on an existing card to get that Biz card approved. It will be tough though.

  51. Lela says:

    Also any info on if I closed an account while on the phone with credit rep in order for him to be willing to open a new account (csp), any drawbacks to calling in a few weeks later and asking to re-open that closed account?

  52. Cindi says:

    “Amex only allowing 1 lifetime bonus on personal” Someone said this above. That’s per card type right? So if I have an AmEx Delta I can still get an AmEx SPG?

    But first I’m thinking I should max out Chase. Is the latest thinking that business cards don’t count against the 5/24?

  53. Sue says:

    Do you know if being added as an authorized user counts as another credit card?

  54. Jon says:

    I’m late to the knowledge of the 5/24 rule. I already have CF and CSP. Reading The Points Guy and other sites, I thought I could push my already good score (780s) to a great score by getting a couple more cards. UGH… this was before I knew 5/24. So, I got three new cards in just the past couple months.

    My question is, both new cards have been activated and used, but I haven’t got a bill yet. Would it be better to pay off and CANCEL one or both cards before applying for a 2nd Chase card?

    I can’t believe how hard it’s been to answer this question as I’ve scoured the net for 3 days. Canceling a brand new card to improve odds of getting approved for a different new card? Surely there are other people out there with the same question, or somebody who has an educated/experienced answer rather than the vast array of opinions I keep finding in comments?

    • Chuck says:

      It’s possible that if you cancel it soon after applying it won’t hit your credit report and won’t count toward 5/24. However, if it’s a Chase card, it’s not likely to help since Chase sees the card on their end.

  55. Only Discover Card says:

    Only try to use Disover and Citi for all of our purchases!!! And how fast chase and Amex will change!

  56. Rick says:

    Old-ish thread, but I was the exception…

    Was approved today for 3 out of 4 Chase cards, even with my last application run just 5 months ago in 10/15 when I added 6 new cards (including Chase Freedom at that time).

    – Ink Plus > APPROVED $35K
    – Business MileagePlus > APPROVED $12K (Same business)
    – Sapphire P > DENIED for 5/24
    – United Club > APPROVED $32K

    ALL cards required recon but just had to confirm info, and I gave a reason for applying for each card. Submitted all apps within a few minutes of each other. The only hard line they drew for 5/24 was on CSP, and would not budge…and rep verbally listed each of my 6 new cards opened late last year.

  57. TJ says:

    I applied for British Airways and United, British Airways was automatic, United said pending review, but I got the email welcoming me with the card number.

    Figured I had nothing to lose since it will basically be impossible to get these cards next month…

  58. Peter says:

    I have considered to get out of this game and devote all my loyalty to Chase. Chase has been extremely kind to me. The only problem is this game is so much fun. If I am not working on credit cards for the sign-on bonuses, I feel like I am giving free money away.

    Anyhow, at the beginning of 2015, I had only one Chase credit card. I opened the Chase Freedom in 2012.

    At the beginning of 2015, I started to apply for more Chase products. I have not been denied on any of my applications for Chase products. I have opened over 70+ new accounts since 2015. Both prime and sub-prime products. And I have a low income.

    Here are the Chase products I opened in order since the beginning of 2015 and the Chase Freedom was 2012:

    Amazon, AARP, Sapphire Preferred, Ink Cash, Ink Plus

    And after reading the blogs on this website about Chase approval rules for co-branded credit card products, I applied for the Marriott last week.

    I got approved yesterday!

    Moving forward, I will apply for more Chase products in future after I meet all the spending requirements on all the other cards I just recently opened.

    • Peter says:

      If you have a comment on my post, please comment in this box. I don’t know if I checked the notify me of followup comments on my post above.

  59. ws says:

    Peter, you typed: “I have opened over 70+ new accounts since 2015. Both prime and sub-prime products. And I have a low income”

    Comes across that you’re either inebriated, taunting, or just not serious…. 70+ ? And “prime and sub-prime” ? Where does that relate to substance here? Maybe you’re writing from China?

    I need to figure out how to “unsubscribe” from this increasingly mindless jibberish.

  60. Peter says:

    Well, I understand this sounds unrealistic but I am telling the truth. And the number might be even higher. Sounds crazy right?

    Let me blow your mind even more. Everyone are so worried about credit inquires. We all understand the FICO score model consist of 5 different categories and each category has it own percentage value calculated in the score. I learned something back in 2012 when I started to build my credit. My score was below 600 FICO. I learned that the credit reports can only record so many inquires at one time. So I put this to the test. And it is absolutely true. According to Credit Karma, I have 31 inquires on TU and 86 EQ. I haven’t seen the inquires really go higher than that on TU and EQ even though I applied for well over 150+ credit cards within the past year. I am not sure how many Experian holds at one time.

    Also being a good math student, I understand that in each of the 5 categories you can only loose a maximum number of points at any given time. Once you loose the maximum, you can not loose anymore. I have a big fat “F” in the inquiries category. I loose the maximum points in that category. So if I apply for more credit, my credit score won’t even drop because I already loose the maximum amount. I also have a big fat “F” in age of credit history. But guess what, I still have 750+ FICO score from all 3 major credit bureaus.

    Here it is! I have learned having a good relationship with creditors is key and one of the most important thing to get approve for credit or more credit. The other strong factor is to keep credit utilization as low as possible. In other words, don’t carry a lot of debt.

    • Peter says:

      I have done a lot of research on credit with my own credit. Let William or Chuck check their source or sources to see if any of my blog above holds any water.

      Also, if you want to love on and do your child or children a favor, I recommend you do this. I don’t believe there is a set age limit. But I believe 16 years old is a good age. Add your child or children to your credit cards as an authorized user. Of course, make sure your card or cards are all in good standings. You don’t even have to hand the card over. You can tuck it in a safe place. But why not let them experience using the card responsibly under your supervision. Set credit limits on the card or cards for them to use. This way when they go of to college. They already have experience using credit cards responsibly, Instead of racking up a whole a lot of debt because lack of experience using credit.

      And when they are ready to apply for their own credit, they will already have FICO scores. Also, with strong FICO scores, they will be able to get better APR rates. On top of that, they will have a better chance to obtain credit cards with generous sign-on bonus and rewards that will love so much.

      I hope this help anyone reading this.

    • Maria says:

      “Also being a good math student…” -Peter

      And not a very good English student, I might add. “Lose” and “Loose.” Look those up and get back to us.

      Thank you for your absolutely useless information. 150+ credit apps in a year? How many approved? 20?

  61. TyBacon says:

    Approved instantly for CSP and Freedom same day with 2 new AMEX on all three reports for over 3 months and 5 other new cards (2 Citi, 1 Barclay, 2 JPM) on all three reports for over 6 months. Maybe an exception?

  62. Steven says:

    Declined for business RR and United cards – too many accounts open (8) in past 8 months. 5/24?
    I have a great credit score, the recon rep was specific about the 8 in 8 being the problem. He even appreciated my very good rationale for opening these two cards.

  63. Cindi says:

    I hadn’t heard anything in a while so called Chase today. They questioned me about my income and a bunch of other stuff, then asked how much credit limit I needed and if I would mind moving it from another card. I took $10k limit from my United card and put it on the Marriott card.

  64. Paul says:

    Please give more detail on the 5/24 rule. Is it only 5 credit cards with chase or 5 credit cards from any bank?

  65. Ken says:

    @Paul – From any bank, so if your credit report shows a card Chase will count it. They even count authorized user cards, but you can have them not count those if they decline you.

  66. Peter says:

    I applied for Marriott on the 20th of March. I got approved after I called in and verified my information. I applied today for the Chase Freedom Unlimited but I didn’t get an alert from Credit Karma or ProtectMyID of any new inquiry. Is Chase going to use my credit report that was pulled on the 20th of March when I applied for the Marriott since it has been less than 30 days?

    I will call Chase on Friday for the status of my application.

    Currently, I have 61 open credit card accounts. I have opened 120+ credit card accounts within the past 2 years.

    I hope my good business relationship with Chase supersedes the 5/24 rule.

    I will give an update on my application for the Chase Freedom Unlimited on Friday.

    • Ken says:

      You have 61 open credit cards… Are half of them AU cards? Can’t say I’m buying this.

      • Peter says:

        No! None of the 61 are AU cards. The reason being because my experience with American Express. I was an AU on 2 of my wife’s American Express cards. I applied for various American Express cards and kept on getting declined due to sufficient amount of credit. I removed myself as an AU on both of her American Express cards. Then I applied for the Starwood Preferred Guest card and got approved instantly. I remove myself as an AU on all of my wife’s credit cards because of that experience.

        Also with all of my major prime creditors, I don’t want high credit limits or ask for credit limit increases. I find having high credit limits with a particular prime creditor is a hindrance to obtain more credit cards from that prime creditor. But subprime creditors is a whole different game.

        But Chase keeps on giving me credit limit increases without me asking.

        Currently, I have these Chase credit cards listed in the order I opened them.

        Freedom, Amazon, AARP, Sapphire, Ink Cash, Ink Plus and Marriott.

        • Ken says:

          So 61 cards and none of them are AU cards? You do realize how hard that is to believe, right?

        • dan says:

          what’s your secret or saying to chase to get them still approved your appl while already having over 60? while my fico score is about 800 & already have 2 biz & 4 personal CCs open with chase, they recently denied my appl for the united & marriott b/c of 2 many open CCs or inquiries

          • Peter says:

            I spoke to them on 3 different card applications.

            Chase called me when I applied for the Sapphire.
            They wanted to know that it was actually me that opened all the recent Chase accounts.

            I called them when I applied for Ink Plus.
            I just had to verified my business information.

            I called them recently about the Marriott.
            All I had to do was to verified my identity.

            I have good business relationship with Chase:

            Banking, Investments, Auto and Credit Cards

          • Peter says:

            But I might be pushing it with the Chase Freedom Unlimited.
            I will give an update on Friday!

    • Peter says:

      I just checked! Chase pulled credit reports from all 3 major credit bureaus.

      • Ken says:

        I’m not surprised. They probably saw your 60+ cards and did a double take and had to confirm with other bureaus.

        • Peter says:

          I just called to check application status. It is under review and pending. At least my application was not declined instantly. I believe this is a good sign. I will call back Friday to talk to a representative instead of the automated system.

          • Peter says:

            I decided to speak to a representative today. I got declined for too many recently opened accounts.

  67. Peter says:

    I love Chase!

    Chase is #1 in my eyes!

    • dan says:

      sound like additional relationship in investment, banking & loan does help; mine is just CCs

      • Peter says:

        Yesterday, Chase sent me a coupon for $300 to open a business checking account. Maintenance fee is $20/month. The fee is waived if I maintain $50,000 in new money in my business checking account. Unfortunately, I don’t have $50,000 just hanging around.

        • Ken says:

          Today I received a mailer to open a business account to receive a $500 bonus. Same $50k to avoid $20 monthly fee. While I do have that, it is not with Chase, so I don’t know how they are targeting different amounts.

          And FWIW, $50,000 in a 1% interest account will earn ~$41/month, so in any case it’s better to just pay the $20 monthly fee for 6 months and then close the account.

          • Peter says:

            Your income is probably a lot higher than mine. I have an average income. But, darn Chase giving you a higher bonus. I still love them anyways!

          • Ken says:

            Our household income is under 75k, probably closer to 60k for 2015.

      • Peter says:


        I also maintenance all my credit cards. I believe by doing so is what helps me obtain more credit cards from creditors. It is a lot of work for me to manage and maintenance all theses accounts but I have fun doing it.

  68. Jake says:

    Has Chase begun to apply the 5/24 rule to co-branded cards?

    I applied and was approved for 5 cards (including 3 Chase cards) in the past five months, but would like to apply for the Southwest card before the rule is applied — if it hasn’t already been applied.

    Thank you in advance.

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  70. Cindi says:

    My husband got his Chase Ink Plus but the Chase United Business was declined. First I called United and took him off as authorized user on my card. Then together we called the reconsideration line and said he needed his own United card because I kicked him off mine. I said “I know you’re limiting the number of cards people get” and the agent said, “No, that’s not the problem. There were just 2 applications very close together.” I said you just gave him a huge limit on the Chase Ink, how about you move some of that over to the United? He re-asked all the questions about the business income. Then he opened it.

    So I’ve had luck three times now by saying “can you move credit limit from another card”. I’m going to wait a few months so they can see we’re using them by paying them off, and didn’t just run up hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt, and then try to do that again to get Freedom Unlimited cards. That is the one we want for general spend.

    • Cynthia Anderson says:

      Update: Tried several times now to appeal and get one of us a Chase Sapphire Reserve (close something else, move credit around, explain some hits were AU), but no luck. Husband doesn’t even have 5 cards in 24 months if you don’t count business cards, so they must count those. It’s too bad you can have a lot of spend with Chase and they still penalize you. We are not churners by any stretch, but we moved (which changed airlines we can use), and also started traveling internationally so wanted to build up airline points whereas we had been using more cash back. I’d like to stay within the Chase eco-system, but instead might have to get the $450 AmEx Travel card.

  71. Tim says:

    Exceeded 5/24 rule. I applied for Hyatt on 3/30, approved 4/25. Applied for United 4/10, denied 4/22. Cited “too many requests for credit or opened accounts with us.” I had lowered my credit limit on my existing cards and was given new credit on Hyatt that was similar to the amount lowered. It’s possible I hit the credit limit cap and not 5/24 on co-brands.

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