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Alliant 3%/2.5% Card Now Available to All Alliant Members

Alliant has a credit card which earns 3% cash back the first year and 2.5% in subsequent years. It has a $59 annual fee which is waived the first year. And it has no foreign transaction fees.

Iinitially, it was only available by calling in or only to some members. For the past week or so, me and many others have been seeing the card available in our Alliant logins, and a press contact has confirmed with Milestomemories that it’s now available to all.

You still need to be an Alliant member to get the card. Joining Alliant is easy with a $10 donation to Foster Care to Success. Reader Dp7 says you can join for free by becoming a member of the Freelancers Union. Becoming a member is sometimes quick and sometimes takes a couple days for approval.

Once you have an online login, you can find the application link on the bottom-right of your home screen. Go to: Apply for a New Account > Credit Card Applications > Credit Card > Visa Signature.


Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 12.47.50 PM

Another option is to product change a different Alliant card into the Visa Signature card. You can even get $100 bonus by applying for the Platinum card.

The big question is whether the 3% signup bonus will be available for product changed cards; that 3% rewards offer is similar to a signup bonus for the Visa Signature card, and is likely only for those who apply directly. Assuming you plan on spending $20k+ throughout the first year, you’d do better signing up directly and get the 3% rate.

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Alliant also just raised their Savings account APY to 1.05%

Do you know what it was before?

It was 1% last week.

I love Alliant, but see also these other two credit unions that just raised their rates too:

Self-Help FCU 1.24% money market ($500 min to open)
Star One 1.10% money market ($50 min to open)

Self-Help has many ways to qualify & join based on company or where you live, but may only require a $5 donation to join the organization on their form without these requirements.

Do we have data points on whether foreign purchases earn cashback yet? I would be surprised if they didn’t but last time someone noticed they do indeed seem to be excluded in the T&C. That’d be a deal maker / breaker for me.

I doubt there’s been any confirmation yet, but I don’t see a huge reason to worry. I think people were interpreting the terms incorrectly:

Do you know if there is a way just to have one pull when I apply for the membership and the credit card? I know you have to get membership first but then it will be another hard pull to apply for the card.

Isn’t Alliant doing soft pulls for membership?

Based on link below, applying for membership is a soft pull.

Please see link info below.

Does Alliant do a hard credit check for checking account applicants?

No. When reviewing a prospective member’s application, Alliant conducts what is called a “soft credit check.” Soft inquiries won’t affect your credit or credit score in any way.

Looking back at the verbiage my guess is foreign transactions will earn cash back, though I haven’t seen any data points one way or the other. I’m sure we’ll see the DPs soon enough from the early birds who already got their card via over the phone applications.

I’ll double check with my press contact.

I know it will be a hard pull to join the credit union first. Then will it be another hard pull when I apply the credit card?

Still waiting for my card. Was approved on 3/28. No idea if it shipped or what but I can see the last four digits of my card number in my account.

Join for free by being a member of freelancers union (also free).

Welp, got a letter in the mail saying I was approved and I have to wait up to 3 weeks for the card to arrive. C’mon man. This is the longest I’ve had to wait for a new card.

I did a product change when this first came out and the CSR specifically mentioned that I would receive a 3% cashback during my first year. Will know for sure when the first statement is issued.

@Chris I requested the product change on 3/16 and received the card within a week.

Thanks, will also double check this.

Ok, I received my first statement and the cashback rate was 2.5% not 3% as I was told. I will contact the customer service on Monday and see what’s up.

We will have a post on this shortly.


What ended up happening with this?

DoC you should show the break even point between Fidelity/DoubleCash 2% with no annual fee vs Alliant 2.5% with $59 annual fee. I believe the break even point is $11,800.

I joined Alliant last summer and there was no HP. I’m in the Northeast, don’t know if it’s region YMMV

Just checked Alliant website. Applying for membership is NOT a hard pull. You should fix this!

Freelancers Union membership eligibility confirmed!

My question is, does Alliant ever run bank bonuses, or should I join now just to get access to this sweet card?

It’s not a hard pull. According to the application page:

“Alliant will pull a soft credit inquiry as part of the primary applicant’s background check. When applying online, Alliant will pull a hard credit inquiry specifically for a joint owner.”

By Freelancers Union are you referring to ?
If so, how do you then apply for the card?

You have to click on the Alliant link for other methods of signing up where you’ll see a long list of groups and if you’re a member you can select one and sign up. Freelancers Union is on that group.

What types of APRs you guys seeing? Read quite a few approvals with 10.74% not bad! And yes paying interest is terrible but occasionally is not a sin.

Negative DP: I applied with an AU for a total income of $80k+. I was rejected because my INDIVIDUAL income was less than the $100k threshold. They offered the plat rewards and after 6 months I could do a product change to the visa signature. However, it is totally dependent on my income still from what the CSR told me. I took the rewards plat since I wasted a hard pull already.

I am on a platinum with 0% apr , with the upgrade to visa signature will I lose these 0%

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