Posted by William Charles on November 23, 2017

Published on November 23rd, 2017 | by William Charles


[Dead] Amazon: Fire HD 8 For $19.99 & Fire 7 For $9.99

Doesn’t look to be working for anybody anymore

Reposting. No need to use Alexa anymore, making the deals significantly easier. Looks like more readers are also having success.

The Offer

This post contains our Amazon affiliate link. Don’t forget you can earn 3x JetBlue points instead.

Our Verdict

You can purchase multiples of each tablet, there is a limit of 5. Different colors count as different products. This means you can get 5 of the following:

As always see if there are any other promotions you can stack to make this even cheaper. I’m not sure if this will work for people that did the similar deal last time and I’m also not sure if the minimum membership rewards points is a single point or $1. Share your experiences in the comments below. It also seems that the code is showing as “The promotional code you entered has expired” for many people, but it’s still working for some? Should be working for a lot more people now that Alexa is not required. 


42 Responses to [Dead] Amazon: Fire HD 8 For $19.99 & Fire 7 For $9.99

  1. Brad says:

    Getting the “The promotional code you entered has expired.” message.

  2. Dan says:

    I seriously doubt they will run out of their own devices. When does Black Friday start for normal shoppers?

  3. Tc says:

    Promo expired message

  4. Tim says:

    Mine says Promo expired. I dont even know how you would use the AMEX points or add the coupon at the same time getting the Alexa deal. When I tell Alexa to order, she quotes the reduced price of $29.99 for the 8 GB, but when you say “No” to ordering then try adding the item manually to your cart they price is the usual price. What is the trick?

  5. brady says:

    “Say Alexa order fire tablet 16GB eight inch black” and then “Say No”. How is it supposed to order it if after you order it you then say “no”? And you specifically say “black” yet at the bottom you say remember to NOT say black. Very confusing.

  6. Joey D says:

    When will they become available to everyone?

  7. Andrew says:

    Also getting “The promotional code you entered has expired.”

  8. Quinn says:

    Does this work with the wand? I can get it to order for $49.99, but can’t get it to add to cart so I can then apply the MR points…?

  9. Credit says:

    I am getting “Say happy thanksgiving to will”

    Looks like the code worked?

  10. Jon says:

    What’s the price without using amex points? I don’t have an amex card.

  11. Manoj Nair says:

    Great deal.

    1) Say Alexa order fire tablet 16GB eight inch black
    2) Say No
    3) Go to on your computer Order Fire HD 8 using at least $1 of American Express Membership points

    my Order Summary
    Item(s) Subtotal: $79.99
    Shipping & Handling: $0.00
    AMEX Discount: -$30.00
    Alexa: -$30.00
    Total before tax: $19.99
    Estimated tax to be collected: $1.90
    CA Electronic Waste Recycling Fee $5.00
    Rewards Points: -$1.00
    Grand Total: $25.89

  12. CJS415 says:

    I have the Fire 10 Tablet (7th Gen), but I can’t lock in the Alexa price, after I say “Alexa order fire tablet 16GB eight inch black” and then “Say No” she shows me another tablet in a different color. How do I get it in my cart so I can use my Amex points?

  13. CJS415 says:

    Is anyone else seeing all of the Amazon Black Friday deals live right now? Even without Alexa and signed out of my Amazon account I can buy everything at Black Friday prices.

  14. bugle says:

    Got one per above instructions, now the promotion code no longer works for different or same color.

  15. Manoj Nair says:

    The $30 off $60 using AMEX points works only once per account..

  16. Dan says:

    Tried two accounts. never used this code before. Both accounts “promo code has expired”

  17. ken says:

    Same. “promo code has expired”

  18. Deb says:

    Not working… “promo code expired”

  19. David says:

    “The promotional code you entered has expired.”

  20. LottN says:

    I’ve been getting “code expired” on the different accounts and sizes/colors I’ve tried. It looks like at least on success data point could have been the general $30 off $60 Amex offer. Is anyone confirming success with Fire7Tab or Fire8Tab?

  21. seth says:

    4 Accounts, all promo expired for both the 7 and the 8. used $1 in points for test. Previously used this deal for about 4 kindles shipped to same address as the 4 accounts and using the same MR account as the 4.

  22. john mccann says:


  23. Sharon McCoy says:

    Expired code, please let us know if anyone can get this promotion after 11 AM Thanksgiving day.
    Happy Turkey day!

  24. Edward says:

    The promotional code you entered has expired…too late

  25. Rab says:

    Expired… what a deal .. shit

  26. John says:

    Still expired for both Fire 7/ 8.

  27. Jonathan says:

    Dead. Thanks for posting. Hope to get this one yet.

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