Posted by William Charles on March 26, 2018

Published on March 26th, 2018 | by William Charles


Amazon Purchases No Longer Earn JetBlue Points

JetBlue has sent out an e-mail to loyalty members informing them that effective 3/27/18 you will no longer earn 3 JetBlue points per $1 spent on Amazon purchases unless you’re logged into Fly-Fi during JetBlue flights.

This is a huge negative change as jetBlue was the only portal that earned points on all Amazon purchases. Other portals only earn points on specific categories. JetBlue first offered earning points in late 2016. They excluded Amazon giftcard purchases in July 2017. Your options going forward will be:

It’s also worth keeping in mind that there is a lot of ways to save money on Amazon, we compile a full list of those here.

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So sad 🙁

I’m kinda surprised it lasted so long.

I haven’t gotten points for any purchases since December.

I know it takes up to 60 days, but at least 6 purchases and no points.

Oh well, now it’s finally dying for everybody.

They should at least do Amazon as a 3X category on the JB Barclays cards.

Yea, same thing happened to me.. It’s too bad because this was a great deal. Hopefully they get a new partner.

So my transactions have all posted, but the thing is they’re backdated. So they won’t show up in your recent transaction history- you’ll have to go back in your transactions to confirm they posted.

I would say majority of my orders ever since this started did NOT post. I tried to resolve it but just get a run-around from CSRs…

This just gives me an incentive to to price shop more instead of immediately going to Amazon… There were occasions I only bought something from them instead of elsewhere because of JetBlue points.

That’s a bummer. Nice of them to give some advance notice to get in some more points.

time for a $5,000 amazon gift card…

Huge bummer. I just received the email from JetBlue. Man, the months of February & March have REALLY sucked for our hobby….

Another option: have your own Amazon affiliate account (set up using an account different from the one you use to shop on Amazon).

They claim you won’t get paid commission on your own purchases but in over a dozen years of my experience they’ve never not paid.

Of course it helps if you have others ordering through your link so your affiliate account is not 100% your own purchases…

I’ve never gotten paid using my own affiliate link. The purchases show up at first, but after awhile they’re removed as being ineligible.

Same experience as Alex. Even purchases by my family members using different last names, email, phone and addresses didn’t post.

Sigh, I guess I’ll have to settle for *only* getting 5x UR from Amazon gift card purchases. No more JB double dipping. On the plus side, I won’t have to log into JB anymore before going to Amazon. It was still totally worth it, though.

RIP, it was a good run. I’ve earned well over 100k points from this since it started.

Amazon smile is also an option. Support ur favorite charity by shopping @ amazon

Judge blocking Office Deport/Staples merger due to anti-trust looking a bit silly.

Oh well, it was a nice run, too sweet to last.

No 5x MPX or 3x Jetblue

Amazon point earning has been DEMOLISHED

Well, stack Drop and Spent for what, 3% off? Throw Earny into the mix as well… it’s not all terrible.


Sad, sad day

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