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Gift Card Deals

Published on June 11th, 2019 | by Chuck


[Expired] Amazon: Save on Gift Cards for BJ’s Restaurant, Fandango, Famous Footwear, Shoney’s, Bow Tie Cinemas

Deal has expired, view more Amazon deals by clicking here.

The Offer

Direct Link to offer (affiliate link here and below)

Amazon released a number of new gift card deals. Two e-gift card deals:

Three physical gift card deals:

  • $50 Fandango gift card for $40 – starts at 8:45 pm ET for Prime members
  • $50 Shoney’s gift card for $40 – starts at 8:45 pm ET for Prime members
  • $50 Bow Tie Cinemas gift card for $40 – starts 8:25 pm ET for Prime members

The Fine Print

  • Limit 1 of each deal

Our Verdict

The physical gift card deals only last for a few hours; the e-gift card deals might last a while.

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FYI, 34% of the verified reviews are only 1-Star for Fandango. Now, some of the people are just complaining about convenience fees, that they should have already known about, if they had ever purchased from Fandango, or even considered it. But, there are some legitimate issues in some of the negative reviews, as well.

I’d rather just get a 20% off code for a one time purchase of however many tickets; because some of the reviewers experienced issues with second time use of the gift card. Which is always the problem with deals like this. It’s only an ideal offer for someone that’s buying at least 4 movie tickets in one go.

If you have to force yourself to go to the movies more than once, you’ll just end up watching movies that you wouldn’t have paid a dime for, in the first place… nor even really wanted to see.

Also, if you buy at least 4 tickets with the AMC app, you don’t have to pay convenience fees, anyway… even with just the free subscription. Unless and until Fandango offers something like that, fees for the sake of fees will never be a viable business model.


There is no convenience if you use facebook to buy ticket through Fandango.


Good idea.


glad you’re not featuring the likely bad TGIF cards….. (on sale tomorrow night) Shocked that Amazon is selling them again. Last time, they sent out old stock — with NO PINS. (meaning you can’t re-sell them, can’t use even the TGIF web site to check balances…. good luck at the restaurant) Got Amazon last time to refund my purchase — (reps I spoke with even were aware of the problem…. yet here we are again…. ?)


Can I use BJs GC for 6 packs of the berry cider they sell at some locations?

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