Posted by William Charles on May 6, 2015

Published on May 6th, 2015 | by William Charles


Amazon Shipping, LA Sues Wells Fargo, Reward Changes And Medical Emergency During Flight

I’ll spare you any more talk of Redbird for today, here are some other interesting articles to give yourself a break.

  • Beginner’s Guide to Fulfillment by Amazon: Shipping 101 by Tagging Miles. Loving this series by Trevor. If you’re thinking about reselling or just getting your toes wet, this series is an absolute must read. Post one & post two in the series there in case you missed ’em.
  • L.A. sues Wells Fargo, alleging ‘unlawful and fraudulent conduct’ by L.A Times. If proven this is a pretty damaging case for Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo has something called the going for gr-eight initiative, where they aim to get each customer to sign up for at least eight different accounts. That’s extremely excessive and if staff had quota’s to meet then it’s likely that this is the catalyst for the claims made by L.A city. It also explains why Wells Fargo wants customers to have existing accounts with them before approving them for a credit card.
  • Welcome Rewards relaunches as Rewards – what has changed? by Head For Points. Sometimes no real changes is good, you’ll still earn 1 free night for every 10. The other difference is their secret price, which basically just allows them to undercut without chains having to dish out best rate guarantees. I’m a fanboy – these changes don’t excite me but I’m just happy they didn’t gut the program. Add in 8% + other discounts from portals and it’s pretty damn good if you don’t care about status, upgrades and hotel points.
  • Our Experience Assisting Firsthand in a Medical Emergency on our Flight 37,000 Feet Above the Pacific by PointsCentric. I’m not surprised they have that much medical equipment, especially on a longhaul flight like that but it’s still reassuring to know. I’m always extremely thankful to those who have dedicated their lives to helping others, especially nurses that are under-appreciated and underpaid.

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