Posted by William Charles on June 18, 2015

Published on June 18th, 2015 | by William Charles


American Airlines Does Good, Liquidating Staples Visa Gift Cards, Churning & Burning & Delta Survey

  • American Airlines Does Good, Gets Ridiculed by Pizza In Motion. Always like to see companies getting behind the LGBT community, even if there is a risk of loosing customers.
  • An Awesome Way to Liquidate Staples Rebate Visa Cards by Miles to Memories. Anything that auto drains is good in my eyes for getting rid of these pesky gift cards.
  • Churning, Earning, and Burning: Balancing The Equation by Money Metagame. At some stage everybody faces this same “problem”, too many points & miles and not enough time to redeem them all. My strategy has always been to focus on cash back more (especially when it comes to manufactured spending and reselling) rather than upgrading the “quality” of my travel. When I’m travelling for leisure I much prefer a small home stay or bed and breakfast rather than yet alone soul less chain hotel, but I suspect that’ll change as I get older and start a family.
  • Earn 250 Miles – Tell Delta How Terrible the SkyMiles Program Is! by Point Me To The Plane. Survey is targeted, but that’s not what I found interesting. There were two questions which were relating to how useful people find blogs that discuss frequent flyer issues.

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What is auto drain? Like you don’t need to know how much is on the card?

I feel that many bloggers make a mountain out of a ant hill. Long post and at the end they have made $20. They probably make more writing the article than what’s in the article.


Thanks for the link as always!


Your text makes it kind of look like American gets riduculed by Pizza in Motion. Just how the title is positioned.

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