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Published on December 3rd, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] American Express Centurion Lounge – Holiday Gifts & Experiences (12/3-/12/17) [Repost]

Update: There is no guarantee of a gift unfortunately. At some times they are handing them out and others they aren’t. I’d expect you won’t get a gift and it’s a happy surprise if you do.

American Express has announced that during the first two weeks of December (December 3rd until 17th) they will be offering ‘a taste of the season’ in eight U.S. Centurion lounges. This includes:

  • Surprise and delight treats like: L’Occitane skin care sets, Vosges chocolate making, Allure beauty boxes, hot chocolate and Sanctuary T stations by Marriott
  •  Card Members will also receive a special gift: Dopp Kit sets from Away, packed with travel essentials

Executive Chefs and Head Mixiologists will also be working up special treats. The break down is:

  • Cédric Vongerichten at LaGuardia Airport and Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport
  • Dean Fearing at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
  • Daniel Patterson at San Francisco International Airport
  • Michelle Bernstein at Miami International Airport
  • Justin Yu at Houston’s George Bush International Airport
  • Michael Solomonov at Philadelphia International Airport
  • Jim Meehan, Mixologist at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Even if you don’t have much time, it might be worth popping into the centurion lounges during these times to get the freebies.


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Blah, why not the week after Christmas?

Ever been to a Centurion Lounge during the last week of the year? They’d be overwhelmed.

Yeah, they’ll probably be offering gifts for Not coming in

They are like Target on the day after Thanksgiving on a regular day.

Are these at all centurion lounges?

I have a one-hour layover in DFW on the 7th, possibly not even coming or going out of terminal D….not sure if I a Dopp Kit set is worth the risk of missing my connection, but you make it sound so tempting 🙂

I’ve done the 1-1.5 hour connection trip to the Centurion Lounge from terminal C before and it is really tight. Sometimes the SkyTram system has to balance out the cars and if that happens you are really running the risk of missing the connection. Last time I tried there were only two people in front of me to board when I got back to Terminal C.

If you just pop in and out, it’s probably fine (though frowned upon I’m sure), but if you try to get a quick meal in you’re really pushing it.

If you end up rolling the dice, remember they changed the location a few months back. It’s not far from where it used to be, just make sure you don’t go to the old one with such a tight timeline.

I went to the Centurion Lounge at SFO for the first time in October. Was underwhelmed. The food choices were very limited and it was absolutely bursting at the seams with people. I had a much better free meal at Yankee Pier. I have always kept my Platinum card because of the lounge benefit but now I’m seriously considering giving it up. With the blue business plus I’m just not sure if I’m getting much, if any, differential value for my situation. I guess it is nice to have access to the lounge at OAK though.

The signature cocktails at PHL Centurisn are awesome but food seems to be the same every time I have been there. I usually have 4 or 5 cocktails before international flight.

What surprises me is that people are tipping 10 to 20 dollars per drink. Seems to defeat the purpose.

Four or five cocktails? Slow it down there, Frogger. 🙂 And I’d be amazed to see folks tipping $10 or $20 per drink at the PHL lounge — Philly is just not that sort of town. In fact, I’ve never seen generous tipping there. I have seen it at the MIA club, but not always — I guess it just depends on who’s there at any given time.

That beer they have on tap in Seattle goes down real smooth.

I will be flying out of LGA on 12-5-18 at 9:45am hopefully someone is there giving out gifts that early. lol

Subjective I know, but is it worth stopping by just for the free schwag? Provided you weren’t going to be stopping by anyway.

Traveling 8th to 13th JFK and LaGuardia how does one get in?

Lounge at JFK is not open yet. You show your AmEx Platinum or Centurion card at your lounge to get in.

It’s Dec 3, I’m in SFO Amex lounge no gifts this week

Went to the Centurion in PHL this morning. Nothing available yet they said.

Visited LAS Dec 3. Nothing there either. Front desk didn’t know anything about it.

Dec 3 LGA at 7pm, nothing given out.

IAH lounge 5 pm today, nothing, though not crowded at least.

As a side note and because u ha e never seen it before, Centurion to the lower C gates is 8-12 minutes by foot at a moderate pace.

I am at the LaGuardia Lounge now 12-5-18 time 8am no gifts. They said they didn’t start at this location yet. They really didn’t now anything about it.

In the LGA Centurian lounge now. They do not have any of that stuff. There is a small sign above the food mentioning the chef.

My wife was at SEA this morning around 7am. No gifts.

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