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Published on May 18th, 2017 | by William Charles


American Express Delta Platinum – 70,000 Miles + $100 Statement Credit + 10,000 MQM [Personal & Business] – Highest Ever

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • American Express has increased the sign up bonus on the personal & business versions of the Delta Platinum card. Bonus is as follows:
    • 70,000 miles & 10,000 MQM after $4,000 ($5,00 for business) in spend within the first four months
    • $100 statement credit after your first Delta purchase

Card Details

  • Annual fee of $195 is not waived
  • Card earns at the following rates:
    • 2x miles on all purchases made directly with Delta
    • 1x miles on all other purchases
  • Receive another 10,000 MQM after you spend $25,000 or more within a calendar year and an additional 10,000 MQM when you spend $50,000 or more within a calendar year for a total of 20,000 MQM (plus the sign up bonus)
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Receive a Domestic Main Cabin round-trip companion certificate each year upon renewal of your Card (Payment of the government imposed taxes and fees of no more than $75 for roundtrip domestic flights (for itineraries with up to four flight segments) is required)

Our Verdict

This is the highest this bonus has been on this card. There is also an increased bonus of 60,000 miles + $50 statement credit on the Gold card. Worth applying for if you have a need for Delta miles/MQM, the gold offer might be more appealing to some due to the fact that the annual fee is waived ($195 fee not waived on this card). Might be worth waiting for referral links to show up for this card, that way you can support other DoC readers.

As always before applying for this card or asking basic questions, I’d recommend reading through these things everybody should know about American Express credit cards. If you’ve recently applied, remember that American Express doesn’t usually match sign up bonuses if a higher one comes along but they will sometimes offer courtesy points. You generally need to call and request speaking to a manager as frontline reps/chat reps can’t issue points.

62 Responses to American Express Delta Platinum – 70,000 Miles + $100 Statement Credit + 10,000 MQM [Personal & Business] – Highest Ever

  1. Mark O says:

    I wonder if the referral will be bumped up

    • Mike says:

      Referral has been bumped up to 50000 and you only have to spend 1k as opposed to 50 so if it’s a spouse then it really 60k for 3k less of spending

  2. Dan says:

    Does a gift card count as a Delta purchase?

  3. T says:

    so if i applied for an amex credit card on april 5th, but wasn’t approved till april 11th, and i have another approved credit card in may, will my 90 days for the amex 5/90 rule be over on July 5th, or does that mean i’ll miss the increased bonus period? These are both credit cards, not charge cards.

  4. George says:

    If i had this card before, can I still apply?

    • Lrdx says:

      You can, but you won’t get the signup bonus.

      • Mike A says:

        The Delta Platinum offer terms state that “Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have or have had this product.” Does anyone know if the Gold Delta AMEX counts as “this product”. I had a Gold Delta AMEX 6 years ago but I’ve never had the Delta Platinum AMEX and would be interested in applying if I knew I would qualify for the 70K mile bonus.

    • Avi says:

      Yes you can. But you won’t get the bonus a second time.

  5. Marshall says:

    I believe there was 90000 miles and $100 credit offer back in the winter of 2012

  6. Abey says:

    Finally something good to sign up for, been swiping the Freedom, Spark and double cash to maximize cash back.
    The Delta Personal cards i got before, so its time to go for the Business versions although the Gold is definately worth to go first since the annual fee is waived. (Although the platinum gives you an extra $50 credit and an extra 10K miles but you end up with an extra $195 fee).
    Thanks again Doc for the good posts.

  7. Allen says:

    One detail to clarify – the personal version is $4k min spend; the business version has a $5k min spend.

  8. J says:

    Does anyone know if the companion pass on Delta has been easier to use over the years? I remember hearing a few years ago the class of ticket had to be the most expensive but some report that lower class of fares work for it too?
    Does anyone know for sure?

  9. sirtheta says:

    Note: the business card is $5,000 spending instead of $4,000

  10. Prasanna says:

    Does anyone know whether the domestic companion certificate include Hawaii or only in continental US? Thank you!

  11. escot says:

    Have always wondered what an MQM is — and why they’re worth having? This isn’t flyer talk, so some translation of the good here would be just dandy. (From the Delta web site, it bluntly declares, MQM’s have “no value” — except towards elite status…. ok, so what are they worth for THAT?)

    So if one would go for this offer, you’d get 70K regular Delta miles, plus 10k “MQM’s…. Or is this After you spend another 25k?

    In any case, how is a mere extra 10K Delta Miles worth $195 (the annual fee)?

    • GWBlueBlueBlue says:

      MQMs are Medallion Qualifying Miles. Unless you’re a frequent flyer, they’re going to mean nothing to you.

    • sami says:

      MQMs are only if you care about achieving elite status on Delta. if you don’t care then they don’t really matter. but elite status, especially Platinum and Diamond on Delta are still quite valuable and worth several thousands dollars.

    • Ryan says:

      Escot, Delta is one of the only airlines left to let you get elite status with credit card purchases. I’m confused by your “mere 10k” comment. As you noted yourself, its 70k, plus a $100 statement, plus 10k towards elite. If you don’t care about elite it’s effectively 70k for $95 which is quite a good deal, imho.

      • Sam says:

        I think his point is that if both offers are open to you and you don’t need the MQMs, the marginal value of the Platinum version over the Gold is 10,000 points and a $50 credit. That’s a lot to ask when you have to pay the $200 fee up front.

  12. Dev says:

    Are business and personal cards considered different products? I had the personal platinum couple of yrs ago but not the business

    • Evan says:

      In a word, yes. They’re different products. As long as you don’t currently have or haven’t had the business version before, you’re good to get this particular bonus regardless of whether you’ve had the personal version before.

  13. Tim says:

    Your application has been approved. Thanks!! How to best use of it??? Fly from NYC

    • LC says:

      You generally want to know this information before applying for the card lol, but from NYC there should be many options. Look at the redeem with miles option ahead a few months and you should find many places to choose from.

    • Dazzle says:

      Last year blackfriday there was award ticket deal e.g. from US to asia round trips 40k miles. Hope there will be one again this year

  14. Frank says:

    Do we know if the business version would not report for purposes of Chase 5/24?

    • Evan says:

      AMEX business cards (even co-branded ones) don’t report on your personal credit report so you’re good there. Inquiry may show though.

  15. hlew says:


    Applied via phone (first time doing this) for Delta Platinum – Business.

    Rep told me best offer available for Delta Plat Biz was 15k MQM + 45,000 Skypesos + $100 statement credit after…$1,000 in spend. All other offer terms identical.

    Delta is my main airline. I value MQMs. Decided 5k extra MQMs and $4k less in minimum spend was worth giving up 25k Skypesos. Anyone disagree/think I made the wrong call? I also plan on getting the Delta Gold Biz in a few days (will help make up for the miles).

    Interesting how different the phone offer was from the offer posted here and other recent public offers I’ve seen for this card.

  16. anne says:

    Is this a charge card?

  17. Pat says:

    I believe this is a CREDIT card, not a CHARGE card.

    Can anyone confirm the current Amex rule on the maximum number of charge and credit cards one can hold?

    I’ve seen references to both 4 and 5 for Amex’s maximum for credit cards (some may be old info). I currently have four Amex CREDIT cards and would like to get this one, but might have to kill another first.

  18. Tim says:

    After you make $25,000 in purchases on the Card in a calendar year, you can earn 10,000 bonus miles and 10,000 MQMs; after you make $50,000 in purchases on your Card in a calendar year, you can earn an additional 10,000 bonus miles and 10,000 MQMs with annual Miles Boost®.‡

    — SO you can do this every year, right?

    — COMPANION CERTIFICATE is once year? Fee $195 worth it?

    — People earned million miler just by spending via this card?

    • Tim says:

      After you make $25,000 in purchases on the Card in a calendar year, you can earn 10,000 bonus miles and 10,000 MQMs;

      So to spend $25,000, you earn 25000 base points plus 10K bonus miles and 10K MQMs; so total 45000 miles? then 1.8 mile/ dollar.

  19. james says:

    DANG IT! Can somebody convince my company’s big vendors to accept AMEX? 🙂

  20. George says:

    Approved business card! Thanks OP…

    I am wondering how long it takes for the card to come – I applied and approved Thursday night and has to go abroad next wednesday night – is there a chance for it to come before my trip?

  21. AL says:

    I wanted to have my wife refer me for this card since she currently has one. The referral she generated is only for 50k points instead of the 70k offer. First time I’ve seen a lower referral offer when publicly available offer was better.

  22. JD says:

    I had a nice trip to Chile with the miles I earned from this card a few years ago. Since I’m not eligible for the bonus anymore, I have been thinking about getting this card for my wife, since she only had the AMEX Delta Gold card previously. But every itinerary I have run takes so many SkyPesos, I don’t know if we could find a use for the miles.

    • AL says:

      I got to Chile a few months ago during thier summer. Had pretty good avail getting down there on Delta for 30k each leg. Thought that was a good deal personally, but I echo that it’s pretty hard to get value out of them.

      • AL says:

        Jfk-scl that is

      • JD says:

        I think my ticket was 70K DL for MSN-SCL, return. I don’t really enjoy traveling in Latin America that much, but I was able to use the US Bank LAN card to get enough miles for a ticket to Easter Island from SCL, on the same trip, and that was definitely worth it. Going forward, most of my trips will be to Asia/Pacific, which is more suited to AA miles, with their lovely partners in Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines and Qantas. But this might be worth a flutter, since there is no expiration on SkyMiles.

  23. adam d says:

    These minimum spends for amex are always 1k-2k more than the other big guys besides maybe cap1 which is sometimes 4k-5k.

  24. Mark O says:

    Decision do I take the referral from my wife for 50k plus 10k for her with only 1k in spend or 70k with 4k in spend. Leaning towards the lower spend – would rather put that 3k towards something else vs getting another 10k in delta miles.

  25. Roman S says:

    This offer expires in few days. Could you please allow to create a new threat where people can share their referral links cuz those are going to last by the end of this month. I am currently only able to apply after July 18th. But public offer wont be available by then unfortunately.

  26. Sawlye says:

    Resharing my invite link for those who are still interested. You must signup using the link below to get the 80k bonus (70k miles + 10k MQMs). The offer ends on the 26th.

    Happy flying! Copy url below into your browser.


    With this special offer, they’ll receive an elevated welcome bonus — that’s 70,000 bonus miles after spending $4,000 or more in eligible purchases with their new Card in the first 4 months of Card Membership. Plus, they earn a $100 statement credit after they make a Delta purchase with their new Card in the first 4 months — this special offer ends July 26, 2017!

  27. Steven says:

    So, I opened the delta plat biz, have spent under 4k, and have been awarded 60k miles plus 10k MQmiles… Not really sure if I should call it quits without reaching the 5k, or if reaching the 5k will somehow give me the extra 10k miles. What a weird experience, particularly given the recent crackdown.

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