Posted by William Charles on April 16, 2018

Published on April 16th, 2018 | by William Charles


American Express Has Ended Physical Business Mailers

There are some reports (and here) that American Express has stopped sending out physical mailers for business credit cards, in addition the RSVP phone department is no longer operating. I suspect this had something to do with RAT, but I’ll just leave it at that in case they decide to bring back these mailers in the future.


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I used to work in the Business Card division in Amex and according to my sources, the entire mail team was let go. It was just part of the restructuring program from the new CEO and more cost effective. Quite honestly I’m surprised it wasn’t done long ago since the response rate from mail has always been abysmal.

Clearly they were mailing the wrong people.

Interesting regarding low response rate and what they need to make it worth their while. Every card issuer that I know of sends out paper mailers. Discover sends me one a week.

I may be the only one here but I have a feeling they’ll reverse this.

RAT or no, they need new customers and whether or not they like it they get responses out of these mailers. Maybe it will be the next economic downturn.

With all the changes Amex is making I am not sure about that… their management clearly believes they don’t need new customers, or any customers, or that they want to stay in credit card business for that matter.

Those things were abused by some so badly, it’s likely worth the cut. Although they did figure out how to prevent some of the abuse before they shut down the dept. So I suspect they are just fixing it up, and then hopefully they’ll reopen it.

I have my doubts about how many real businesses with any sort of positive revenue are signing up for credit cards based on mailers

Never got any mail ones. But have gotten three emails.

This is never good news!
Let’s not discuss this topic any longer…

Seeing Zuckerberg stammering replies to clueless congressional representatives was enough to convince me that; Everything. I. Do. Stays. Online. For. Ever.

Per your post about “if you want a business offer, call in and ask for it”…does that method no longer work if the RSVP department is gone?

I don’t think this has anything to do with their RAT. I mean I could see them working with the phone sales team to say, hey don’t be giving out the elevated offers unless they have a valid and unexpired invitation code.

It makes no sense why they would stop physical mailers. RAT or no RAT, makes no sense.

A lot of things make sense for the RAT to crack down, suspending legitimate and traditional means of acquiring customers makes no sense.

Let’s just say those mailers can be used by ANYONE… doesn’t need to be by the business which received it. Fleabay is a good source here.

That is not the point. Amex.coild easily generate a code that is tied to the business for a specialized offer. It does not take much to support that.

RAT did not end this.

Were they also no lifetime language?

There was no lifetime language on these mailers.

Oh crap the phone line is down too?? Nooo I was waiting to finish MSR on the Marriott biz to call and try to get a BB 20k offer. Dangit. And with no mailer to hope for, Does this mean the only available offers from now on will be the public offers?? This is a tragedy! RIP 75 bgr, 100+k platinum biz.

That’s specifically what I was asking for when I called & they said it’s no longer available. Someone did post a link in DD on Reddit yesterday (I think DoC made a post here about it) that’s showing the 20k offer. I signed up for that yesterday with that link.

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