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American Express Lengthens the Extended Warranty Benefit to 2 Years in August (up from 1 year)

American Express is sending out on billing statements about a change to the Extended Warranty benefit:

  • Beginning August 1, the Extended Warranty benefit will be up to two years. Currently, it’s up to just one year.
  • The following areas will keep the old terms which allow a maximum of 1 year Extended Warranty: Indiana, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Northern Mariana Islands.

Specifically, the way the Extended Warranty benefit will work is:

  • If the manufacturer’s warranty is less than two years, Amex will match that length (e.g. if it’s 90 days, you get another 90 days; if it’s 1 year, you get another 1 year).
  • If the manufacturer’s warranty is between 2 and 5 years, Amex gives an additional two years.

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Note: Warranties which are 2 years or less only get matched by Amex, so a 90-day manufacturer warranty is not affected at all by this change since you’ll still only get an extra 90 days. The change comes into play mainly for warranties which are 2+ years, and comes into play partially for warranties between 1 – 2 years. Truth be told, most manufacturer’s warranties are 1 year, so this change won’t affect these purchases at all.

Amex is still not quite as good as Citi who offers two-year Extended Warranty benefit since Citi will give the extra two years even on small manufacturer’s warranties of, say, 90 days, 6 months, or 1 year. Chase only offers one year of Extended Warranty, and Discover has removed that benefit entirely.

Nice to see Amex extending benefits as other issuers are pulling back on benefits. The language indicates the change will go into effect even for prior purchases, and probably even for prior maladies. It states that any claim submitted after August 1, 2018 gets the new terms.

In related news, Amex is also enhancing their Purchase Protection benefit from 90 days to 120 days. 

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Maybe an obvious answer, but if i make a purchase using an amex card today, do I have to keep the card open in order for the warranty to hold? This would dissuade me from making the purchase on a high annual fee card like the platinum because then I would have to keep paying the annual fee for an extended period of time for the warranty extension to hold

No . You can close the card .

Are you sure you can close the card and still use the benefit? From what I’ve been told, that’s not true. Even if you have another AMEX card open, if you close the card you used to purchase the item you lose the ability to file a claim.

I doubt it. You have to keep the card open.

I’ve heard datapoints throughout the years that you have to have AN American Express card open at the time of claim, it doesn’t have to be the card you made the purchase on.

These are the terms from my Blue Cash Preferred:

Coverage will terminate automatically on the earliest of the following:
1.the date You no longer maintain a Permanent Residence in
the 50 United States of America,the District of Columbia,Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands

2.the date We notify You of our determination that Your enrollment or claims information contains a misrepresentation or fraudulent statement or fails to disclose material information;

3.the date You terminate Your Account and are no longer a Card Member;

4.the date Your Account is cancelled by American Express; or

5.the date the Plan is not available in the location where You maintain a Permanent Residence.

Looks like if Amex does things by the books, #3 will disqualify claims unless the card is retained. It does seem too good to be true for Amex to allow claims without the original card being currently open since they would be losing money from annual fees.

I think #3 supports what Snorlax is saying cause you terminated your account but you are still an Amex Card Member (if you have another card open). otherwise it seems the “And are no longer a card member would be completely unnecessary”.

Am lawyer, very much agree with your conclusion and reasoning Dan. Is “Card Member” defined elsewhere in the T&C?

Card Member means a person who has been issued a United States of America based proprietary American
Express Card and who has a Permanent Residence in the 50 United States of America, the District of Columbia,
Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Yes, that’s how I read it.

The huge downside is that these warranties typically don’t apply to refurbished or used products…

True, But most things are sold by at least 1 store with competitive prices, and 99% of things are so disposable at this point.

You can likely find something on sale new for about what someone wants for a used item in good condition

I don’t see any verbage excluding either in my terms and conditions:

Purchases Not Covered
The following purchases are not covered:
1.products covered by an unconditional satisfaction guarantee;

2.animals or living plants;

3.consumable or perishable items with extended or limited life spans (including, but not limited to; food,
perfume, light bulbs, batteries);

4.motorized vehicles (including, but not limited to, passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, airplanes)
and their parts, subject to high risk, combustion, wear and tear or mileage stipulations (including, but not
limited to, batteries, carburetors, pipes, hoses, pistons, brakes, tires, mufflers);

5.motorized devices and their parts used for agriculture, landscaping, demolition or construction;

6.motorized devices and their parts which are permanent additions or fixtures to a residential or
commercial building unless the item can be removed without causing damage to the structure; fixtures, including, but not limited to, air conditioners, refrigerators, heaters and/or any item that cannot be removed without causing damage to the structure; or buildings;

9.more than one article in a pair or set. Coverage will be limited to no more than the value of any particular
part or parts, unless the articles are unusable individually and cannot be replaced individually, regardless
of any special value they may have h
ad as part of a set or collection;

10.additional service contract or extended warranty coverage for a computer, computer component or part that You buy which already comes with an original United States of America,Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands manufacturer’s and/or retailer’s warranty, unless such coverage is provided and
administered by the original manufacturer; and

11.items purchased for use as inventory, resale, professional, or commercial use (including but not limited
to professional education, training or skills, or to be used in professional competition)

That being said, this only extends the manufacturer’s warranty and the manufacturer warranty on refurbs is short and I don’t know if they usually cover used products.

“For example, Apple Care on Apple devices is either 2 or 3 years. With the new change. Amex will give you an extra 2 years.”

I was denied a benefit by Amex for apple care because the terms state “original manufacturers warranty” and Apple care is a supplementary warranty. So they refused to extend past Apple care. Can anyone clarify if the representative was mistaken or is a YMMV?

You should have been covered, at least according to the current terms (effective 9/1/17). They say if you purchased a service contract, the warranty extension begins at the end of the service contract (though the extension period is only based on the manufacturer warranty).

a couple years back I utilized 1 year extended warrant on macbook. repair service was provided almost 2 years after original purchase. amex reimbursed within a couple weeks of claim being filed.

The following is excluded:

“additional service contract or extended warranty coverage for a computer, computer component or part that You buy which already comes with an original United States of America,Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands manufacturer’s and/or retailer’s warranty, unless such coverage is provided and administered by the original manufacturer”

Kinda confusing, but I think it means it excludes warranties you purchase unless its purchased from and administered by the original manufacturer. Which I think Apple Care is.

is this all cards? credit, charge, fee/no fee?

and only those issued directly by amex, not cobranded ones I presume?

Does it extend warranty on garden tractor?

Probably not, tractor might fall under “motorized vehicles.”

What if the repair is more expensive than what they deem the product to be worth? Will they only refund the residual value, or will they always either pay for the repair, or refund 100% of the purchase price?

This is important, because most electronics aren’t worth much after 2 years and too expensive to repair.

The lesser of the repair price or the purchase price.

Thanks Amex.

I’m about to spend several $1000s on shades to be installed in my home. The company gives a 5 year limited warranty. How does AMEX handle these warranty claims in this situation, when it’s a limited warranty and is installed?

How about a company that doesn’t honor it’s own warrantee of 2 years? Anything can be done?

Is there a continually updated chart of what different CCs offer in terms of extended warranty? I tried to locate one a few weeks ago, but couldn’t find a current chart.

You can buy a TV online at Costco and get the two years warranty plus two from Amex.

Costco takes amex cards online??

AMEX extended warranty is a scam. I’ve had the platinum card since 1995. Spent a lot with them. First claim ever this year in June and all AMEX Assurance company says,is they did not receive your information . I sent it 4 times according to their instructions.theiystill claim they didn’t receive. Called the customer care number on card . And they had no idea how to help . Bestbuy even offers an extended warranty because you can’t trust AMEX.

Does the entire purchase need to be on the Amex? Same question for Citi

I’m about to buy a macbook, deciding what to do about AppleCare+. I called Amex and was told the following by an insurance rep:

1. Amex only extends the original warranty (1 year), and not the AppleCare.
2. However, if you DO buy AppleCare, Amex DELAYS their coverage until year 4, so that you’re not double-covered (in year 2).
3. So both good news and bad news: good in that the Amex coverage does SOMETHING, bad in that it gives you a 4th year of coverage, but not a 5th.

Hope this helps.

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