Posted by Chuck on November 8, 2018
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Published on November 8th, 2018 | by Chuck


American Express Makes it Possible to Choose Default Card for the Online Login

American Express now made it easy to choose which card you want as your default card to appear upon login. They added the option to ‘star’ one card and that one becomes default. Log out and log back in, and you’ll see the starred come your default option.

Would be nice if we could drag and drop to reorder the cards as we’d like them, but I guess most people don’t have more than 2-3 cards so it’s not an issue for most people.


Hat tip to mosse8106 on r/churning

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Is it worth keeping no AF AMEX cards anymore just for the offers now that they are limited to 1 per SSN? I have an Everyday and a Blue Cash Everyday that don’t get used except for offers. A lot of the time I get good offers on them but not on my BBP or Gold card. If I cancelled ED & BCE would the good offers move to those cards? If I cancel them it would allow me to refer myself to those cards again for the referral bonus.

good questions, i wonder what’s the point to keep my AU cards since they no longer good for extra offers, i may cancel all my AU extra cards as protest for clawing back the 100 staple offers.

I wish I had kept a few based on some of the upgrade offers I have heard about with no lifetime language.

yes good point about the upgrades. ive been able to upgrade my blue cash now twice. First got Blue CAsh Preferred for sign up bonus, then downgraded at 12 months, got upgrade offer accepted, downgraded, got upgrade offer again accepted and downgraded. Triple Dip!

Upgrade offers on BCE or ED aren’t that great though with self referral now. I can refer myself and get 15,000 points for 0 spend whenever I want or I can hope to get an upgrade offer that will likely be 15000-25000 pts with $1k spend to an EDP with $95 fee not waived or a $150-$250 upgrade to BCP for $1k spend and a not waived $95 fee.

I’ve also already done the upgrade/downgrade/upgrade/downgrade on my BCE 2 years ago. I think they aren’t giving me anymore upgrade offers on that card.

My big concern is will the good offers I’m receiving on my BCE and ED move to my preferable AMEX cards or will I just not get them at all anymore. Would have loved to have gotten the 6000MR AMEX Travel on my BBP but it was on my ED. Also for whatever reason all the good hotel AMEX Offers are on my BCE… $60 off $300 Marriot, $50 or $250 Crown Plaza, etc. etc.


That option was always possible with old design.

It used to be possible on the old interface, but for at least the last week when I tried to use that feature I got an error message.

And actually when I logged in now to the old interface it not respecting the choice I made yesterday on the new interface…it is still showing my platinum as default.

No it disappeared for awhile

Awesome. I was trying to figure out how to do this as recently as last night. The instructions here worked for me.

I have had this option for months…

You are missing a couple Platinum cards in your line up there! 🙂 j/k

Finally they added this to the new interface, they used to have it years ago.



But still nowhere to be found in the app.

Anyone know how to get a card to be the default for membership rewards? My wife has a personal card with her married name and a business card with her maiden name. When transferring points, it won’t allow doing so under her maiden name (which is greyed out and can’t be changed regardless of the default card I choose). There are radial boxes to choose the card you want to transfer from, but the greyed out box doesn’t change names regardless of selection.

just to add to another topic: received another set of clawbacks e-mails from Amex on Staple’s offer.

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