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American Express Partners with Paypal: Pay Amex Balance with Paypal Balance, Use Points for Paypal Purchases and More

American Express has partnered with Paypal to streamline the digital experience for Amex and Paypal customers. Upcoming initiatives, including my commentary:

Press Release

  • Use Membership Rewards points for purchases at millions of PayPal merchants online. 
    • The points redemption will likely be a useless redemption rate of like .6 cents per point, as it is with other Amex pay-with-points partnerships. Hopefully there’ll be some shop-with-points promos, like Amazon has, but I wouldn’t bet on that.
  • Send money via Venmo or PayPal to friends and family directly from the Amex mobile app.
    • Sending money directly in the app might be somewhat convenient, though a lot of people like using their bank or debit card to send money, thus saving themselves the fee. Not sure if that’ll be possible in the Amex app.
  • Easily add American Express Cards to the PayPal wallet directly from the Amex mobile app or website.
    • Sounds convenient. Wish Paypal didn’t have a limit of 9 cards per Paypal account which can be saved.
  • Pay their American Express bill with their PayPal or Venmo balance via the PayPal Instant Transfer feature.
    • Wow! I didn’t see this coming. Not very useful for me, personally, but I’m sure many eBay sellers and the like will find this useful. The catch (pointed out by a reader) is that this runs through Paypal Instant Transfer which has a fee of 1% (max $10). Some might find it useful for high payments and will swallow the $10 fee.
  • More clearly identify their specific American Express Cards in the PayPal wallet with Card-specific branding.
    • Nice! We all have this issue with Paypal and other merchants whereby two Amex cards both show up in your Paypal account as xxxx1000. This should remedy that problem.

PayPal and American Express will work together to implement all of these features over the course of 2019.

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Wondering if that means venmo for hitting minimum spending will be dead for sure

Why would a company with a great reputation and good customer service team up with the spawn of satan?

Assuming AMEX = satan?

wow. u must be a n00b. u think AMEX is satan vs PayPal? SMH…

One could make a fairly easy argument that AMEX has been only going downhill in both customer service and reputation for several years now.

It’s still high above in the stratosphere, compared to paypal.

I think Paypal is Satan here

>a company with a great reputation and good customer service

Are you referring to Amex of 2016? Recently it’s CS has absolutely fallen off a cliff.

Both use mostly Filipino cust serv reps that have little if any knowledge and no banking brainpower; just mindless lip service from two companies that will both soon end up just like Sears.

I find the “pay your amex directly with your Paypal balance” to be a huge deal. For those that resell (GC/tickets/electronics/etc), a lot of times we get paid via Paypal. Now if using an Amex for those items, we can shave off two days of waiting and pay directly from Paypal.

I just did a triple take on this news as actual real work took an immediate break. I’m not a big time ebay seller by far but there’s a paypal account out there for me. It’s not tied to anything like bank accounts or SSNs. I just use it to sell a few things and then buy a few things with the funds. If I could pay an AMEX bill that would be a better use of funds.

Can I just buy a PayPal card at CVS, load to my balance and then pay Amex?

haha. u know its gonna be tried. then we will get comical shut down stories.

This will be suboptimal from an account closure perspective.

You don’t need to pay Amex directly for this to work so what is the real benefit? I thought the problem was buying the PayPal cards with credit, not liquidating?

Sure you can IF you don’t mind paying cash since that’s the only mode of payment for paypal cash at CVS plus a fee.

I don’t think that’s CVS policy, is it? Maybe it’s just your cashiers making up rules?

I meant adding balance to PP acct via MyCash using a generated barcode you show to cashier for funds to be added to your acct. Is it YMMV per store as to mode of payment?

Didn’t payPal just increase Instant Transfer fee to 1%? Would they waive that fee for paying Amex?

for now, im going to ignore this news. lets see how good the execution is. NOBODY should be happy about PayPal partnering with anyone and having this level of interoperable data sharing. most wont give a crap about the cyber security angle but i do. i like to keep shit separate when possible.

its highly likely u will need to login PayPal with ur amex login or allow total control by PayPal. That shit aint happening. This cant be just a simple DOSH type linking of CC. gonna watch from the sidelines first.

Yeah that definitely makes it a hard pass. Just like Drop or whatever the other app is when you give all your login details

exactly. just think about the PayPal customer service. fuk no.

Perhaps this should say: AMEX RAT team partners with PayPal to acquire more data for spend/abuse analysis.

+1 (x a million)

RAT + paypal arrogance (as in, we’re sorry we just cancelled your order, but for reasons we can’t tell you, you’re presumed to be guilty of something until we say otherwise…. and in the post 9/11 world, if we say “security,” you’re not permitted to get angry about it, or we’ll stick a nasty note on your account….)

=> catastrophes waiting to happen to many.

Hope for a better future
Hope for a better future

Amex and PayPal report earnings tonight via

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