American Express Platinum $240 Digital Credit Explained

American Express has just launched a number of new benefits for Platinum cardholders. In this post we will explain the new $240 digital credit. This credit allows cardholders to get up to $20 in statement credits per month when they make purchases with participating partners. You need to enroll in this benefit first (enrollment link here). The participating partners are as follows:

  • Peacock
  • Audible
  • SiriusXM
  • The New York Times
  • Hulu
  • Disney+
  • Disney+ bundle (with Hulu and ESPN+)
  • ESPN+

You need to allow 6-8 weeks for the credits to post, but it will likely credit much quicker than that.


The credit can be used on all Peacock subscriptions (Peacock Premium & Premium Plus). Gift card purchases are specifically excluded.

  • Peacock Premium is $4.95 per month
  • Peacock Premium Plus is $9.95 per month


Credit can be used on all Audible subscriptions (Audible Plus & Audible Premium Plus) as well as audiobook purchases. Audible has two membership tiers:

  • Plus: $7.95
  • Premium Plus: $14.95

More information about Audible can be found here (our affiliate link).


All purchases made directly with SiriusXM online, telephone or direct mail purchases. It excludes SiriusXM safety, security or Telematics services (Connected Vehicle), SiriusXM for Business subscriptions, SiriusXM ad sales or Pandora. SiriusXM has three different membership tiers (plus a bunch of additional options):

  • Streaming: $10.99 per month
  • Car + streaming select: $16.99 per month
  • Car + streaming all access: $21.99 per month

New York Times

Unfortunately purchases from NYtimes store are excluded, as are gift card purchases. Subscriptions (digital, print, NYT Cooking, and New York Times Game) are all eligible. New York Times digital subscription is $4.25 per week (billed at $17 every four weeks).

Best Uses Of The Credit

The best use of this credit will obviously be if you’re already subscribed to any of these services or would like to subscribe to them. At the moment we don’t know if things like gift card purchases will work, although they are specifically exclude in the terms that doesn’t always mean it’s enforced (although with American Express who knows if they will do a claw back ten years from now).

I can’t see any interesting portal plays at the moment (looks like Mr Rebates has $5 on Peacock), but SiriusXM sometimes has deals where you can get free echo dots and or similar devices when signing up.

I think most people that just want to ‘set & forget’ this credit will end up doing a combination of Peacock and Audible. Obviously some will find SiriusXM and New York Times useful as well. Overall this credit as it currently stands is extremely disappointing, fingers crossed we can find some better uses of it.

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Looks like this applies for only Personal Platinum card. I thought its available for Buzz Platinum as well and tried to enroll but couldn’t able to enroll when clicked Enroll now. Later, I called Amex CS and they said its available just for Personal Platinum card. Bummer.


Received a Platinum upgrade offer on another amex charge card. Saw the entertainment credit showing Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu & the Disney Bundle. Confirmed with CS via chat today — these will be added tomorrow 4/6/22. Finally some use out of this entertainment credit.


if u want to bank $15 month credit just buy a gift membership for audible.

Brian C 🐕

$15 month credit for use with audible or amazon?

DP on this?


Audible unfortunately but comes w 1 book credit per

Chris Warren-Boulton
Chris Warren-Boulton

Anyone have experience in switching from Audible annual membership to monthly? Audible seemed like immediate winner for me as wife has annual Audible Premium Plus subscription, which I changed to monthly Premium Plus subscription to take advantage of offer, but pop-up said monthly charge would not start until Jan.2022 when her annual subscription would have renewed. She still has 16 credits left from her Jan.2021 annual subscription purchase (which all expire in Jan.2022 as Audible credits last 12 month), and I was hoping the monthly plan would start immediately so she could immediately start accruing one additional credit per month (and we could immediately start taking advantage of monthly credit). I chatted with customer service to ask them to start the monthly plan immediately instead of waiting until Jan.2022, and agent claimed only way to do that would be to cancel the annual subscription then buy a new monthly subscription. Agent insisted that my wife would not lose any of the 400 books in her library, nor lose her existing 16 credits, if we cancel the annual subscription in order to immediately start the monthly, but it says in the Audible FAQ that if you cancel your annual subscription you lose your accrued credits. Plus I don’t want to create situation in which wife must create new account, new password, re-enter payment method, etc. I guess we can spend the AmEx credit on buying Audible books, but it seems silly to do that when she has 16 credits already, and those credits will all expire in Jan.2022. Advice?


Just gift her a month every month. It claims that the credits will just add to the credit balance immediately. Or you could set up another Audible account and set up auto pay. Then after several months, you can gift all of the accrued credits to her.


You can make partial payments on your SiriusXM account each month by doing chat or calling in. This will result in credit balance to be used when you need to resubscribe. I always call in when annual subscription is almost up and receive 50% off.


I just tried this and the chat agent claimed they cannot do this, but they did ask why before telling me no. I said I wanted a credit balance for when my account renews. I’m on a 6-month promo right now.


This is shitty benefit. Nextflix or Amazon prime would be much better.


The whole purpose for you not to use it


For SiriusXM, what ever the plan you choose, after paying, you can just chat and ask to cancel, rep will usually offer you a promotional monthly rate that are better.

7/1: signed up for the Car + streaming select: $16.99 per month for $4.99/m for the first year.

7/3: chat to cancel, rep offer the same plan for $0.99/m for 12 months.

Lt Q
Lt Q

Would the Sirius credits work for their Aviation plan?


I’ve had SiriusXM before, and I’ve never paid more than $5/month in the car. You can always get a $30/6 month promo just by calling or finding the deal online. I may just use this month’s credit to reactivate my car until we figure out a better use for the credits in August. Please don’t ever pay $16.99/month for Sirius!


New York Time Digital for students is $4 a month