American Express Platinum: Issues With Walmart+ Credit Posting

The American Express Platinum card has a Walmart+ benefit which credits back the monthly $12.95  fee + taxes. Two readers reached out with an issue that’s cropped up lately that the monthly Walmart+ charge is now showing as ‘Walmart annual’ and not automatically triggering the monthly statement credit.

Reader Craig heard from an Amex rep that they are aware of the issue and working on a fix:

I am sorry for the delay in the credit. Due to a technical issue Walmart has billed your August charge as “Walmart Plus Annual fee”. The system only recognizes “Walmart Plus monthly” charges valid for the credit. Due to this billing issue an automatic credit was not triggered by the system.
We are aware of this error and we have contacted Walmart to resolve this issue. The estimated resolution time for this issue is 6 to 8 weeks from the charge date. So you can expect a credit within that time frame if the charge is eligible.

Hat tip to readers Wave and Craig

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Ace (@guest_1473870)
October 27, 2022 09:03

my charge this month was $14.54 on 25th and today it shows $14.54 credit on 25th.

E W (@guest_1472920)
October 26, 2022 01:59

Received credit for the July and August charges on October 12. It says Credit for AMEX Error -$28.64. I never contacted them about the issue.

spaniel53 (@guest_1472961)
October 26, 2022 04:30

I received the same, but on 10/24

Jen (@guest_1490160)
November 17, 2022 08:38

Me too- on Nov 17, 2022.

Jason (@guest_1471526)
October 24, 2022 09:33

Walmart+ charge this month just posted for $14.54, similar to the person below…

scott (@guest_1465282)
October 14, 2022 12:05

I chatted with Amex today and was told they would issue the reimbursement. However, my October Walmart + charge is now $14.65. I’m chatting with a W+ rep to get this resolved. First they’re telling me it’s tax, which is absurd. Now they’re removing the difference. This W+ membership is a headache.

Dougie (@guest_1454128)
September 28, 2022 14:14

I chatted a rep today and was told I could expect a reimbursement for my July and August W+ membership purchases in the next 3 days

Allen (@guest_1457834)
October 3, 2022 22:14

Did you ever get your reimbursement? After 8 weeks, my charge from Aug 10 still has not resulted in a credit, even after chatting a month ago with a rep who promised the was on the way. (I had no charge for Sept because after all these crediting issues and empty promises, I cancelled Walmart+.)

bungalo (@guest_1446917)
September 16, 2022 22:14

Amex rep today told me to call Walmart to try and get it corrected. They did say if Walmart didn’t fix it they would look into it.

As a platinum holder I’d have hoped they would just take care of this kind of thing for me. I don’t have time to spend an hour on the phone with a Walmart rep for $13. Sorry but time is money.

Credit Card Offers
Credit Card Offers (@guest_1442380)
September 10, 2022 05:33

issue still not fixed. still no amex credit yet

David (@guest_1437905)
September 4, 2022 14:57

Missed two months of this credit on my platinum card.

Online rep refused to manually apply the credit, so I cancelled Walmart+. Not worth the time to deal with this… I’m out $30, not the end of the world

Max (@guest_1434212)
August 29, 2022 17:36

Charge posted Aug 1. No credit posted. Had the monthly description. July’s credit posted just fine. Just chatted and got a manual credit for this month. Cancelled W+ and will only enable if it’s worth it.

Kafka (@guest_1436666)
September 2, 2022 09:55

Good idea: they only pay once a month, and Walmart bills every 30 days, so you’d have been out of luck on the Aug 31 bill.
By the way, charge description seems to have changed to the correct “Walmart Plus Monthly” text.

Wave (@guest_1432205)
August 25, 2022 19:47

Welp, I give up on Amex Live Chat on the site, as well as the app. Reach out WAY too many times on the same issue. They’ve definitely off shored. I haven’t had any good help and they are refusing to manually credit and they don’t understand the situation.