Posted by William Charles on September 23, 2018
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Published on September 23rd, 2018 | by William Charles


American Express Sending Out Complimentary Beagle 2.0 Bluetooth Trackers To Some SPG Luxury Cardholders

American Express has sent out Beagle 2.0 bluetooth trackers to some American Express SPG Luxury cardholders. It’s not clear how they are deciding what cardholders do and don’t receive this complimentary gift.

This is not the first American Express has sent out freebies, previously we’ve seen some Platinum cardholders receive gift cards to different stores (#amexappreciates). Did you receive a free gift? Let us know in the comments below.

Hat tip to reader Phil

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I got one yesterday. Haven’t set it up yet, so can’t say whether its useful or not. While its a nice gesture, I previously had a Tile and was thoroughly unimpressed with it, so the bar is pretty low for me.

Last week I got a $100 gc for Sid & Ann Mashburn. Don’t know if it was tied to my biz or vanilla plat.

Product description page:

Says it’s a ~$25-$30 value.

I got one yesterday for my SPG Lux. It was a surprise as nothing ever received from Chase for any premium cards. Nice way to surprise your customer.

Got one yesterday.

I chatted with Amex to see if they would send me one and the CSR said he could not order me one. He did say he would put a note in my account and that they send out gift items regularly.

Is the SPG luxury card metal or plastic? I saw the earlier post about a temporary card… I received a plastic very simple, non-embossed card.. is that the temporary card? I have’nt been able to find non-stock pictures of this card online.

BTW… concerning non-embossed cards.. a lot of overseas car rental points I used in Italy and Spain this summer required an embossed card and specifically mentioned it..I could’nt used my RC infinite visa or some of my preferred cards.

It’s plastic and non embossed

Shouldn’t matter if it is embossed or not if they are not doing a manual imprint. Sounds like they are violating Visa/MC rules. Sure would like more insight into why they insist on embossed.

It’s Italy. They’ll do whatever they can to avoid taking credit cards. We had dinner with 7 people, went to pay with a card and they told us their machine was broken. When we emptied our pockets we told them we were 10 Euro short… magically the machine started working again.

Have NOT received one. Applied first day available.

I received one of these this weekend and it would have been better if AMEX had never sent me one. Compared to the Ritz Card which is metal, has a lower annual fee, far superior perks, unparalleled customer service, insurance coverage and benefits, the AMEX Luxury is a poor value once you claim the welcome bonus. The free gift of a bulky plastic keychain with the AMEX logo emblazoned on it is a good reminder that the SPG Luxury is no Ritz card.

Proof positive someone always complains, even when it’s free. The cc gaming community is full of whiners.

Just like you TW

I’m interesting in seeing where I complained about something free, or whined about limits capping my MS (which I don’t do). Comments like Emporio’s add zero value, this post is about the free BT trackers, not about the luxury card itself? There’s an entire post, probably multiple, for the luxury card. Why spam this one with nonsense?

I got one. Thought it was strange that they sent me a tracker. Are they looking for somebody? Best way to do it is to send trackers to a bunch of people posing as a free gift. Careful.. they’re out to get you. =)

On the other hand, it seems like a cool thing though to put inside my photo bag though. I’m absent minded and sometimes leave it lying around at security checkpoint, forcing me to run back in a panic to get it.

Amex only cares about how much customers spend. They don’t care about middle class customers that have any of there laughable credit cards. If your wealthy and spend a ton of money you’ll get free stuff galore.

The market Chase and Amex are targeting is referred to as HENRYs. High Earners Not Rich Yet. They want consumers who travel and spend the money they earn. The SPG Luxury card is not targeting the 1%, you’ve totally discredited yourself.

TW: You’ve now trolled two people in this comment section, without saying anything of value. Hilariously, your first post was lamenting whiny posts that add nothing. Could that irony possibly be lost on you?

I didn’t troll anyone, the target market is/are HENRYs. If you think providing a correction with true information is not valuable, then perhaps you’re the one trolling me and thus I’ve fell into it by even responding to you. Touche.

The trolling I described is as follows:
1. “cc gaming community is full of whiners” (in reference to a specific post)
2. “you’ve totally discredited yourself”
Two ad hominem statements that add nothing to the discussion. Would you disagree with that?

As for the “correction,” I am not sure your definition of HENRYs can be distinguished from JArtec’s use of the word “wealthy” or the phrase “spend a ton” since neither of you included an income bracket or net worth. To someone making $20K a year, someone making $80k is perhaps wealthy. Is someone with a net worth of $1M wealthy? Who knows?

The point here is your going for the proverbial jugular when you can’t even be sure you are adding anything novel…

got it yesterday. I applied in the 3 day limited window of availability for people who already had the ritz.

I echo that compared to the ritz, hyatt, or top hilton, the spg lux card is pretty underwhelming. But I like the gesture.

Ditto everything s/he said. Now how do I get targeted for one of those $100 GCs on my Amex Plat?

SO got one with her card. I did not.

I just got one in the mail. I applied for the card within a day or two when it first came out

Got one today, also for the SPG Lux. Applied a few weeks after it came out.

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