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[Update: Online Tracker] American Express Sends Out Signup Bonus Progress Emails

Update 10/22/18: Some people are now seeing the tracker in their online login as well. It’s not showing for everyone, and it seems to come and go, so obviously a work in progress.

Original Post:

A reader reached out with an images of an email they received from American Express confirming their signup bonus and informing them of their progress toward meeting their spend requirement. The email also helpfully notes that gift cards and cash equivalents don’t count (this isn’t new). The email came less than a month after getting approved for the card.

Readers note interestingly that the progress bar in the email gets updated continuously as time goes along, so you can just continue to refer to the email along your way towards meeting the spend. There is some delay until the data gets there – not sure if it waits for statement close or if it just takes a few days to update.

Not sure if they are now sending this to everyone or it’s still in the testing stages. Would be fantastic if all banks have a bonus tracker, like Citi and Wells Fargo have. It’ll save lots of customer service time and it generally leaves a good feeling for customers. It might be the banks put off doing this with the hopes there’ll be some customers who forget about it, thus saving them money.

This comes on the heels of Amex adding a signup bonus eligibility checker during signup. Seems like Amex finally decided to tackle the gorilla and just make everything as clear as possible for users, which is great news. Hopefully, they’ll add a tracker in the online login at some point in the future as well.

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Visa Mastercard

Off topic – AMEX customer service is now complete garbage


Agreed. I canceled two cards last week.

Gift cards don’t count? Like going to the grocery store and buying a gift cards for Amazon? I figured ms visas is a no go…

Parts Unknown

It’s been in their T&C like that for a long time. Enforced if the retailer sends level 3 data

Amazon gift cards should count. I don’t have any problem.

I bought Costco cash cards and didn’t have any issue.

Anyone know how to track bonus on Citi? thanks

i got a very similar email about a spending bonus. spend $1,500 on spg card and get a $50 statement credit. problem was that the tracker was totally off, and didnt track accurately. it showed $2 when in reality i had already spent over 4k

If you get one of these status emails then hold on to it, you can check back at anytime and see the current progress since the message is embedded html that displays dynamically

I guess it’s comforting to know what they think it is, but in reality, it probably won’t be real time. Also, if you can’t add up the average 3k-5k minimum spends by yourself, your probably not cut out for churning.

Churners can count for sure. I’d say the email is a good reminder for someone who accidentally forgot. Lots of regular customers don’t pay attention to this stuff.

All I wanted is ED preferred 30k bonus. I’ve tried everything but no good. I can only get the no annual fee version 25k to show.

I got this email in June. The spending however is current until 07/19 for me. Try opening your old email if you got one, I think the email shows real time progress.

Amex doesn’t do anything helpful for customers.

The image updates as time goes on? This means the data being pulled doesn’t need authentication. Sounds like a major security issue for AmEx.

I’m not sure if I’d like it if anyone had the ability to see exactly how much I spend on my card.

i have had two emails. The newest one says $7k spent. The previous one dated exactly two months prior STILL SAYS TODAY $6k, which is what it said before when originally sent. For Biz plat $10k bonus.I have spent $9k+ making the newest one inaccurate.


kind of on/off topic: I got an upgrade offer for BC to BCP and took it. Does anyone know if spend on AU card counts to the upgrade bonus spend? I do not get these progress mails – so no way to figure out how close I am without knowing if spend on AU card contributes or not. TIA for responses.

Really dont think you can talk trash to amex when they are literally the ultimate cash cow bank..

I was auto-approved. Unfortunately the gift card has not come over immediately. Its been over an hour now.

Hello. I don’t know how to send a tip but I signed up for an Amex offer of spend $1000 and earn 500 bonus points up to 3 times and today I received an email with a progress tracker for that offer. I can send proof if needed. Thanks.

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