Posted by Chuck on December 6, 2017

Published on December 6th, 2017 | by Chuck


Amex Offers: $50 off $250 at Saks Fifth Ave, Small Moneymaker [Targeted]

The Offer

Check your Amex logins for one of the following offers:

  • Get $50 statement credit when you spend $250+ at Saks Fifth Avenue or with a registered Amex card
  • Get 5,000 Membership Rewards points when you spend $250+ at Saks Fifth Avenue or with a registered Amex card

The Fine Print

  • Expires 1/22/17
  • $250 can be spent in a single transaction or split across multiple transactions
  • Not valid at outlet locations (in-store and online)
  • Excludes restaurants located within the store and Online Bill Pay for Saks Credit
  • Not valid on purchases shipped outside of the US. Valid at any participating location in the US and US Territories

Our Verdict

Targeted offer, I found on a few cards. This deal is great for shopping, and also good as a small moneymaker if you’re into gift card reselling. Current sell rates can be 82% or higher, depending on which selling relationships you have.

If you’re shopping at Saks be sure to use a shopping portal, there are some nice rates there now. Gift cards mostly likely won’t trigger the portal bonus, unfortunately. If you’re not a portal person, consider using our Saks affiliate link with our appreciation. Another option is to make purchases in-store and get 4% back from Ebates in-store cash back.

Last time around, the online Saks system was a complete fiasco (at least for gift card purchases, not sure if it was that way for ordinary purchases). Let us know if you had a smooth experience buying gift cards online.

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Does saks fifth avenue sell any gift cards of other places in store?

I’m buying a gc in-store this time. The last time was a complete mess with my cards being cancelled before/after they were shipped to me. Never received anything.

OMG! Now I’m scared. I placed two orders back to back for $250 E-Gift cards and thought I should wait. A couple hours later Saks called to confirm the order was legit and said they were approved. I got the emailed codes and placed my last order. I really hope the first two don’t get deactivated if the last is cancelled. The last ordered couldn’t be delivered until tomorrow so I have no idea so far.

Please update us when you have a moment later this week; I’d like to do this on all 5 cards that received the offer, but have no Saks store near by, and would have to eGC online. Thanks!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Last time I lost $700 on this thing. All GCs were drained then they sent it to the wrong address, then replacement was drained. Then they put the money on another gift card that I had already sold, their stupid customer service is the worst!!!!!!!!

I battle for about 7 months until I gave up!

AVOID AT ALL COST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$700! You didn’t have a heart attack after that lost?

Almost…. it was horrible I hate saks for life after that….

Why didn’t you file a charge back with Amex?

I made a couple thousand dollars last time


Most U.S. airlines set to limit use of ‘smart bags’

I got spend $250 at Sak’s and get 5,000 points.

me too, on my everyday

It’s a $50 statement credit.

5/5 for me

Based on the terms, Ebates in-store cash back is not available on gift cards.

“Excludes restaurants located within the store and Online Bill Pay for Saks Credit”

Why, could one normally pay Saks Credit by credit card?

No, I think they’re just covering their bases.

I received MR offer – 5000 points instead. So, that makes this more profitable.

just curious, what kind did you get offered 5k MR on?

ED, EDP, Personal Platinum

What items are excluded from earning points?
A. Sales Tax, Delivery Fees, Purchases of Gift Cards, Gratuities, Alterations, Repairs, Beauty Salon Products and Services.

does saks off fith work as well?

This is my question as well.

Or can I buy GC at and use them at Saks Off 5th ? Someone mentioned as well.

i got on 4/5 cards. anything worth to buy there? also can multiple gc’s be combined on a single order?

6/6 personal. 0/4 business. So it seems like it might not be worth the hassle to resell the gift cards…

Anyone get their e-gift cards yet?

I received 2 from the morning order. The last order was placed later in the day and couldn’t be delivered until today. I have not received it yet. However, the order does not show cancelled at

Did they call you first?

5/6 Personal, 0/1 Biz.

Had quite a hassle last time while selling eGC on The buyer raised a claim *after* using the GC. It was finally settled after multiple calls/mails to Saks and Raise.

Going for physical GC this time, with 2 day free shipping from ShopRunner.
~$8 moneymaker for each $250, plus some Amex cards get to see the light from sock drawer.

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