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[Expired] Amex Offers: Get up to 60,000 MR Points or $600 Free with AT&T Internet Service [Targeted]

Deal has expired, view more AT&T deals here or more AmEx offers here,

The Offer

Some people are seeing a targeted Amex Offer deal on their Amex cards:

  • Get $200 back or 20,000 Membership Rewards points when you spend $200 or more on AT&T Internet for Business
  • Offer can be repeated 3x for a total of $600 statement credits or 60,000 Membership Rewards points

The Fine Print

  • Expires 8/24/18
  • $200 threshold can be met in a single transactions or cumulative from multiple transactions
  • Offer valid for AT&T Internet for Business AutoPay and one-time payments made directly with AT&T
  • Must pay your AT&T Internet for Businessbill online directly with AT&T at, through AT&T app, via phone or physically at AT&T corporate locations
  • Bundles are included as long as the bundle includes AT&T Internet for Business service
  • Excludes standalone wireless mobile phone bill payments and any purchase that does not appear on your AT&T Internet for Business bill

Our Verdict

No luck for me, but it’s well worth a look on your Amex cards to see if you were targeted. These are mostly being found on Amex business cards, yet others have found it on personal cards as well. If you got the offer, consider switching to AT&T internet, especially if you have it on multiple cards.

Will it work for personal internet? For your cellular bill?

In the past, ‘business’ offers worked for regular personal bills, e.g. business cellular offer worked for personal cellular bill, and I’d hazard a guess that this offer will work for personal internet (but of course it might be that internet works differently than cellular).

As for working on a cellular bill – the terms clearly exclude it. Now, in the past, cable offers were interchangeable with cellular offers, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this internet offer works with cellular as well, but the safe thing would be to assume it does not. We’ll have to wait for a data point. Update: a few people tried and did not get the Congrats email. It is working for business internet but not for anything else.

Hat tip to DDG

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I received this on my Delta Gold Biz and Biz Plat. I already have AT&T personal Internet/Cable, so I will attempt a charge and see if an email comes through.

Can I use your credit card to pay my internet bill 🙂

Yes, anxiously waiting this DP!

Got it on 12 cards 🙂

any personal or all business?

All business cards, and interestingly, all with my name on them. No non-me AUs

Luck you i got it on none :/

Got it on Business Gold and SPG, primary user card only.


Wow. Lucky people. I did not get it on my Delta Plat Biz and Gold Biz. Could’ve easily used it too(

Got it on Delta Gold Biz, but did not get it on SPG Biz or Green Biz.

Not targeted. This could mean a free internet for a year.

I meant that I was not targeted. Not that the offer is public.

No luck on my BGR

didn’t get it on my PRG OR SPG

No luck for me, but I only have ATT wireless since their other services are not available in my location anyway, so no big loss.

Got on 6 cards, curious to see how to use them all up.

all business cards?

No, all personal cards.

great. i got it on 0/10 cards.
waste of time logging in only to find a bunch of garbage offers across the board.

I tested with a $200 charge to pay for personal internet but I did receive the trigger e-mail 🙁 Will update if credit appears.

Did or did not?

Sorry, it should read did not receive

I have one on my SPG Biz card. Not on my Biz Blue or any personal cards. Now, how do I use it as I am Verizon user.

Wait for DP whether paying at&t home internet payments get credit, then decide whether it is worth it to switch your company.

JB from San Diego
JB from San Diego

Nothing here on 9 cards!

let us know if personal ATT internet bill works…

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