Posted by Chuck on November 23, 2016
Gift Card Deals

Published on November 23rd, 2016 | by Chuck


[Expired] Another Lowe’s Gift Card Deal on eBay + & More

eBay released another round of the Lowe’s gift card deal; you can get it again even if you did it on Monday.

There’ve also added a gift card deal and a Bed & Breakfast gift card deal.

Link to eBay gift card deals

  • $150 Lowe’s e-gift for $130 from PPDG, limit 5
  • $100 gift card for $90 from SVM, limit 2
  • $200 Bedandbreakfast e-gift for $150 from PPDG, limit 5

A bunch of the older deals from Monday are still around to0, including Sephora, Lord&Taylor, ThinkGeek, Children’s Place, Regal, AMC, Hibbett, Logan’s, and more.

eBay stopped paying out on the portals for Daily Deals, but it can’t hurt to try and hope that it will work.

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Good deals but Good luck trying to get through the endless PayPal verification cycle. I’ve managed to buy a few of these but the time required to verify and re-verify and re-verify and re-verify PayPal account is exhausting. Any tips on how to get around this?


I feel your pain Paul. If we could at least have Paypal default to our credit card instead of our bank account as our payment option we could skip a verification step.

Does anybody know if this is possible?


Remove the bank account from the paypal profile. Otherwise it will always default, it’s their way of cutting costs.


I was only able to purchase 2 Lowe’s cards. Every time I tried to purchase more than 2, I was sent in the loop and at the end I was only sent to my Paypal homepage without any option to buy anything.


On Samsung Pay, you can get $25 GC’s for $20 right now (20% off). So for the life of me, I can’t really figure out who would be dumb enough to pay $90 for a $100 GC on Ebay (10% off).

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