[Expired] Bank of America To Offer Double Cash Back On 4/29-5/10 For Select BofA Offers

Update 4/5/24: Deal will be back from 4/29-5/10

Update 9/18/23: Deal is back from 10/2-10/6.

Update 4/14/23: Deal will be valid again from  4/25 – 4/27. Usually it’s only for the crappy offers unfortunately.

Update  10/4/22: Deal is showing again to be saved now. Double cashback  dates are October 6th – October 8th. You can already see now which deals are marked ‘double days’ to be eligible for this offer.

Original Post:

Bank of America will offer double cash back on 10/11/2020 for BankAmeriDeals, the same deal was offered last year as well. This is valid on all dining and retail deals but excludes all non-dining & non-retail deals such as travel, lodging, subscriptions & service-based deals. Eligible deals are marked ‘double days’.

We frequently post about these deals, you can view a full list of those here.

Deal History:

  • Update 4/22/22: Deal is now live, keep in mind only available on select offers.
  • Update 4/15/21: Deal is showing again and will be valid for 4/22 – 4/23
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RiskandReward (@guest_1842369)
May 9, 2024 11:02

These are the most convoluted and useless offers out there. Not only are the savings small, even taking into account the “double days” you can get higher cash back from standard shopping portals. And then the “must use link” nonsense. Too many hoops to jump through for a couple dollars.

John (@guest_1838074)
April 30, 2024 20:37

It is not worth my time to click through this “must use link” bullshit in their offers page. I have no idea why they even do it. Make a separate section for these CB portal wannabe offers that I will never visit.

anonymous (@guest_1842384)
May 9, 2024 11:26

“I have no idea why they even do it.”

Because: data exploitation.

Paul K.
Paul K. (@guest_1837913)
April 30, 2024 13:35

To put it bluntly, their offers leave a lot to be desired.

anonymous (@guest_1837856)
April 30, 2024 11:10

Useless for me. Only the despised “must use link” online shopping type. (I don’t typically buy online from random merchants.) And of course (!) no travel or dining offers qualify for double cash back. QVC anyone? 🙄

Deva (@guest_1837831)
April 30, 2024 10:18

No Big Deals

PJ (@guest_1837825)
April 30, 2024 10:04

most deals are worse than regular deal lol,

Justin (@guest_1837676)
April 29, 2024 22:14

They are all 1% to 2% or 2% to 4%…

Hubert (@guest_1837611)
April 29, 2024 19:23

All my double cash back are somewhat mediocre in general. A majority of them are BofA’s “must use link” as well so you can’t use another cash back portal. These offers are almost all worse rates than cash back portals that I’m used to using.

Hubert (@guest_1837617)
April 29, 2024 19:31

Follow up: Actually all of them are the awful “must use link” offer. I know the AMEX have had recent offers that blow Adidas, Net-a-Porter, Mr. Porter, Samsung, and Microsoft offers out of the water. Citi and Chase I’ve seen better offers as well and they don’t restrict you from a cash back portal.

The first 10 offers I got
Adidas – 5%
Shutterfly – 2%
Bergdore Goodman – 4%
Backcountry – 6%
Net-a-Porter – 6%
Samsung – 4%
Microsoft – 2%
Mr. Porter – 6%
Sam’s Club – 2%
Home Depot – 2%
… etc.

Nitpicker (@guest_1836183)
April 26, 2024 08:43

This year I also have Superhero Day which is 15% back, max $11 at Gamestop, Barnes and Noble, Etsy, Fandango, Party City. Can’t tell if in-store is allowed but I think so. Through 4/29

calwatch (@guest_1837570)
April 29, 2024 18:02

Definitely in person counts, I bought $75 in Apple gift cards and got my $11.

atexit8 (@guest_1837842)
April 30, 2024 10:31

where? Gamestop?

SU (@guest_1827625)
April 8, 2024 01:49

I would be disappointed if they only double 1-888 flower or roses again this time around