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Bank Account Bonuses

Published on July 9th, 2016 | by William Charles


[Expired] Bank Of The West – Up To $300 Checking Promotion [AZ, CA, CO, ID, IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, NV, NM, ND, OK, OR, SD, UT, WA, WI, WY]

This deal has now expired. You can view more great bank bonuses here.

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $300
  • Availability: AZ, CA, CO, ID, IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, NV, NM, ND, OK, OR, SD, UT, WA, WI, WY
  • Direct deposit required: Yes, $250+ 
  • Additional requirements: Optional, 10 or more debit card transactions for an additional $50
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • Credit card funding: $500 max, Visa/MC only
  • Monthly fees: Yes, waiveable
  • Early account termination fee: $25, 91 days
  • Household limit: One per mailing address
  • Expiration date: November 18th, 2016 March 3rd, 2017 April 14th, 2017

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Open an easy checking account with Bank of the West and receive a $150 bonus ($200 minimum opening)
    • Receive $100: Enroll in direct deposits and receive a direct deposit of $250 or more (must be a single direct deposit of $250+, two direct deposits which combine to $250+ will not work)
    • Receive $50: Request & use your debit card ten times in each of the first two months following the month the account was opened. Must be at least $3 each.
  • Open a premier checking account with Bank of the West and receive a $300 bonus ($500 minimum opening)
    • Must maintain a combined balance of $50,000 for the first two full calendar months immediately following the month in which the opening deposit posts to the account

bank of the west


The Fine Print

  • Account must be in open status and have a positive balance as of 05/31/17 to be eligible to receive any bonus.
  • Bonus will be credited by 06/30/17 to the open Bank of the West Premier Checking account.
  • Limit of one consumer checking bonus per individual and per mailing address. If the customer or other individuals residing at the same address received or may receive any other consumer checking bonus from the Bank between 06/01/15 – 06/29/17, then no one at that address is eligible.
  • Offer does not apply to second or multiple checking accounts.
  • Limit of one consumer checking bonus per individual and per mailing address
  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest and as such you have to pay taxes on them

Avoiding Fees

There is an early account termination fee of $25 if your account is closed within 91 days of account opening. All of these accounts have a monthly fee (apart from Student checking which is fee free) which can be waived and which is as follows:

Easy Checking Account $10 Monthly

Waived when you do any of the following:

  • Maintain an average monthly balance of $1,000 or more each statement cycle
  • Receive at least one direct deposit of $250 or more each statement cycle
  • Use your bank of the west debit card for 10 or more purchases

Premier Checking Account $30 Monthly

Waived when you do the following:

  • Maintain at least $50,000 combined average monthly balance4 in this Bank of the West Premier Checking account plus other eligible personal Bank checking, money market, savings, CDs, and IRAs, and prior end-of-month account balances in eligible BancWest Investment Services5 investment accounts

Our Verdict

They offered a similar bonus last year ($150 bonuses are the same, but $300 bonus is different). Let’s take a look at the $300 bonus first, the APY you receive depends on the state but it’ll be around 1% less than competing banks. This means you’re basically loosing $41.6 in interest every month you have the account open.

  • Wait till near the end of the month and deposit $49,500 (triggers direct deposit requirement and keeps the account fee free)
  • Wait two months
  • Withdraw funds
  • Wait ~3 months for bonus to post (you’d pay $30 in fees per month, cheaper than the $41.6 in lost interest)

You’d basically end up paying $173.2 in fees/lost interest. You’re much better off just going after the $150 bonus instead. Here is what I’d do:

  • Open easy checking account
  • Add a qualifying direct deposit (or workaround) of $1,060 (enough to keep account fee free, trigger direct deposit requirement and have enough to make the 20 debit card transactions)
  • Make 10 x $3 debit card transactions for the next two following months
  • Wait for bonus to post
  • Withdraw funds & close account if it’s been more than 91 days since opening (should be)

Not a bad deal with the credit card funding, don’t tink the Premier offer is worth doing but the smaller $150 bonus is worth a look. We’ve added it to our best bank bonus page.

Hat tip to reader Catapult

281 Responses to [Expired] Bank Of The West – Up To $300 Checking Promotion [AZ, CA, CO, ID, IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, NV, NM, ND, OK, OR, SD, UT, WA, WI, WY]

  1. I did a similar promo with them some time ago here (Oregon), and my wife also signed up for the offer, but we only got ONE bonus, as their claim was we were living in the same address, so they might be enforcing the one bonus per household policy. Just something to think about.

    • Thanks for the data point, always a shame when they enforce that.

    • Wyle says:

      “If the customer or other individuals residing at the same address received or may receive any other consumer checking bonus from the Bank between 01/01/15 and 06/29/16, then no one at that address is eligible.”

      It would really suck to move into a new place and find out the previous occupant had received a bonus last year.

  2. PWS says:

    I am doing an app right now online. I see I can do up to $500 Visa or MC (either debit or credit). In CA if that matters.

    • PWS says:

      $500 on Cap1 Venture pending as a purchase. Application took about 20 minutes to finish. It’s under review so it’ll probably take a few days.

      I noticed the option for receiving the debit card is not selected by default; don’t forget to check that as you need debit transactions to complete the bonus.

  3. Will says:

    Looks like you’re able to fund with a credit card now ( Haven’t seen any data points about cash advance yet.

  4. Greg N says:

    Finally a bonus for New Mexico…

  5. Wyle says:

    At least in AZ, the bonuses are also available for the 55 Plus Checking. Same as the Easy Checking, but with a free first box of checks and the $10 monthly fee is waived if any account owner is at least 55 years of age.

  6. Ken says:

    Opened my account a few days ago and Chase Hyatt posted as a purchase for $500.

  7. Alex says:

    Opened in CA. Funded with $500 using Visa. Mastercard is also available. No Amex. Not sure if the account is open yet, but ive completed the process for new application and easy checking $150. Theyve charged my card. Cash Advance right now is set to $1. It is ringing up as purchase. I think this isnt too bad considering the relatively short cancellation period and only $1000 minimum to keep it fee free.

  8. Wyle says:

    “Account must be in open status and have a positive balance as of 05/31/16 to be eligible to receive any bonus.”
    Although this suggests the bonus won’t post before June, if the bonus does post early, I’d be leery of closing the account 91 days after opening (as suggested in the Verdict) at the risk of them pulling it back.
    “Bonus will be credited to the open Signature/Easy Checking account/Premier by 06/30/16.” Potentially waiting 5 months for the bonus really kills the $300 offer.

  9. Will says:

    $500 funding on Citi AAdvantage posted as purchase.

    • Chris says:

      Lucky you. Lowered my Citi AA card CA limit to zero just to make sure and then tried to use it to fund the account but was declined because my CA limit is at zero. What’s your secret?

  10. Darv says:

    Application is under review in MN. Funded with BofA AICPA $500 as purchase (pending).

    • Let me know when the credit card funding goes through.

      • Darv says:

        My application was declined. I called and was told it is because of reports from Experian and Chexsystems. I have opened many accounts in the past year so perhaps that was the issue. It would not have been my credit score. I was told it was a soft pull.

        • Alex says:

          Same with me. Declined. Was told the same thing. First bank/credit card application I’ve been declined for. If anyone has any success getting them to open the account let us know.

          • Darv says:

            First decline/denial for me as well. I’ve been very aggressive but have had no problems, no questions asked for any other bank on a checking account.

          • Frank says:

            I have opened a lot of checking accts recently and was declined on a different checking acct so was assuming this would result in a decline. I applied for the checking and savings and was “approved”. Savings was available right away but not the checking. It sat in processing for 2 weeks and took some phone calls and they finally gave me access to the checking acct. it seems the only reason they didn’t decline my app was because I added a savings acct.

  11. Aaron says:

    Started an application, it went pending 🙁 Did the funding with my Chase AARP, I’ll reply when the transaction posts to verify if it was a purchase or CA…


  12. Chad says:

    Opened with Chase. Still pending.

  13. Kate says:

    “Wait till near the end of the month and deposit $49,500 (triggers direct deposit requirement and keeps the account fee free)”

    I’m missing something–how does this work if the balance to waive fees is $50,000?

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  15. Alex says:

    Application got denied. First denial for a bank account And I’ve opened many during the past couple years

    • gary says:

      got denied as well with the chex systems experian like others. I have an inverstment account with them, and my credit score is fine, I do have several bank inquries but none in last 5 months on chex not sure if thats the reason why and they wont give me a specific answer. Asked them to relook at it, as well as said if not, I will be moving my investment account out. waiting to hear back

  16. Wyle says:

    My application was pending because I didn’t answer the verification questions within the time limit. Got a phone call today and they asked a new set of questions. Account is now opened. Funded with CapOne QuickSilver. Will update purchase/CA when funding posts.

  17. Ken says:

    I got my debit card today and did my first $3 transaction for my Comcast bill. The Bank of the West website is showing it as an ATM transaction for some reason.

  18. jbkilluh says:

    Successfully Opened the Easy Checking Account today. Applied online and got through the initial stages but either took too long or answered wrong on the identity verification questions. Called in an spoke to a rep to answer the questions and then received an approval email a few minutes later.

    I funded with a Chase Hyatt card for $500 during the application and its currently showing as a $500 pending purchase in my online account. My cash advance limit was set to $100.

    Opened Discover Checking in Late Oct 2015 & CitiGold in late May 2015. Before that was Wells Fargo in 2012-2013, and Chase way back in 2009 (my main current bank).

    Opened 16 credit cards within the past 1 year, and have 13 HP’s currently on my Experian Report. Should be a Soft Pull for this opening as i haven’t received any alerts from any of my monitoring services.

  19. Jesus Christ says:

    You can only use Bank of West ATMs to avoid a fee. If you Xfer money out of their bank they charge you $3. That’s annoying. Oh well.

    • Ken says:

      @JC – Just pull money from an external bank to avoid the $3 fee. The only time I’ve used an ATM in the past years was overseas to get local currency. ATM access shouldn’t be a problem unless you don’t have any other checking accounts.

      • Jesus Christ says:

        I’m a moron for not thinking of that! Thank you! I generally prefer to push into bank accounts instead of pulling to prevent confusion

  20. Joe says:

    Ken or anybody else,
    Is paypal still working for the direct deposit. The link above only shows back in 2014.

    • Ken says:

      I don’t know about Paypal, but I did Schwab and it says “DIRECTDEP SCHWAB BANK P2P” and type it says “DIRECTDEP” so I don’t know if they count that as a DD or P2P transfer. If you try PP let us know how it posts.

      • Filip says:

        I am also considering opening this account but my only possibility of DD is PayPal (I don’t have any income in the U.S. and my only bank so far is BoA). Would be great if someone can confirm that PP counts as DD.

    • Erin says:

      I’ve used PayPal and CapOne 360, both showed as direct deposit. 🙂

  21. Ken says:

    Tried opening a savings account also to find $500 to each account but they have a total funding of only $500. Other banks that use the same application process allowed $1,000 total. Oh well, it was a good test.

  22. Connor says:

    Hey Will, thanks for this! About to open an account now.

    The wording on this article about the offer “Open an easy, signature checking account…” was confusing on the first read, I didn’t realize that the offer was available for the Easy Checking *or* Signature Checking accounts – each have completely different requirements and fee waiving terms. “Easy signature” sounds like it could be a name in itself or descriptive of the signup process for the Signature 😛

    Seems the Easy Checking is the way to go for the least amount of effort invested.

    Appreciate it!

  23. Connor says:

    Regarding your suggested $1,060 direct deposit – correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t believe this is necessary? The $1,000 average monthly balance is one of the three possible requirements for waiving the monthly fees, and BOTW says any of the three actions waive it.

    With that in mind, couldn’t you simply direct deposit the needed $250 (triggering first month fees waived), then complete 10x $3 transactions the following two months which would trigger the waiving of those month’s fees?

    It seems you could direct deposit $250, withdraw $190 to set aside, then spend the $30/month and avoid all monthly fees for the 90 day period.

  24. idontwantaname123 says:

    Just to make sure: If I do the direct deposit in March, I need to do the debit card spends in April and May, correct?


    • Wyle says:

      You need to the debits in the two months following the month you opened the account. The dd needs to post by 5/31.

  25. Orion says:

    Got a call from a BotW rep stating that my direct deposits do not qualify for keeping the account fee free. Not sure if it’s just my branch or if they are keeping a close eye on things across all branches, but it looks like I may have to actually change my payroll to get the $100…

  26. Sean says:

    When I put in my zip code when starting the application it says “Please enter a valid zip code”. I live in CA and am entering my correct zip code so I don’t see what the issue is. Anyone else know what’s up?

  27. ann says:

    is there a promotion code to use? i don’t see any mention on the website for the $150

  28. ann shi says:

    my capital one world mastercard card coded as a purchase.

  29. Finley says:

    DoC lists the expiration date as March 4, and the website doesn’t make mention of the bonus (that I can see). Anyone know if they extended the promotion?

  30. Shawn says:

    I noticed in the fine print one must ENROLL in DD and also receive a DD. I received a paper statement which shows that I am not enrolled in DD (I vaguely remember not selecting this at signup.) A phone call to CSR said I have met requirements, but she did not sound sure of herself. Any other experience with this? I did not find a link within online banking to enroll, only to print out a pdf form for employer.

  31. Kudy says:

    Any chance there’s a new, similar offer? I don’t want to sign up for this one, if it expired earlier this month.

  32. Jason says:

    Has anyone received their bonus yet? I opened an account and used PayPal for the direct deposits and it’s been 2 months and no bonus yet.

    • Ken says:

      The offer terms stated that the bonus posts 6/30/16, or at least it did for the $150 offer.

    • Wyle says:

      Bonus also requires debit card purchases for two months following the month you opened account. So even if you opened the account in Jan, met the DD requirement, AND completed the debits for Feb and Mar, hoping for the bonus to post 6 days into April is pretty optimistic.

      • Wyle says:

        My bad. Forgot you can get $100 bonus for just the DD without the additional $50 for the debits. Knowing BotW, I suspect they won’t start processing any bonuses until after the 5/31 deposit deadline.

  33. Wyle says:

    Account opened 2/4, ACH pushes from Fidelity of $250+ for Mar, and Apr, May, Jun (for good measure), 10+ debit swipes done in Mar and Apr. $100 account bonus + $50 debit use bonus posted on 6/17.
    No fees for me (55 Plus Checking), so I might just let it simmer with $20 balance for a few months.

    • Paul says:

      I received my $100 bonus on 6/27 but did not receive the $50 bonus for debit transactions. Looking back, I opened the account on 2/27 but the opening deposit posted to the account on 3/3, and I had 10 debits (Amazon) in April and 10 in May. According to DoC’s fine print, I should be good. Anyone else have an issue with missing the $50 bonus?

      • eric says:

        I’m also missing the $50 portion. I did 10x$3.50 Amazon gift cards per month with the pinless debit setting disabled.

        • Wyle says:

          Many of mine were $3-3.50 Amazon reloads as well – default debit card setting and no pin required. They posted as “POS PURCHASE” on my statements. Bonus posted as a single $150 “CREDIT THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS” entry. Double check the timing of your initial deposit and debits and call them if you met the requirements.

          • eric says:

            Thanks — mine seem to have posted as “ATM”, so I’m guessing that’s the problem. I’ll give them a call and see what’s up.

      • Wyle says:

        I’d call and ask. DoC’s fine print is what I captured as well – 10 debits in the two months after initial deposit posts. My opening and initial deposit didn’t span calendar months, so no question there.

  34. Jason says:

    It seems the offer is back with the new expiration date set as Aug 19,2016. It’s shown on their website

  35. Yu says:

    Anyone know which CC I can use to fund the account that still can be treated as purchase?

  36. Logan says:

    I opened it online.

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  38. allmail says:

    Did they ask anyone to send in a copy of stateid/driver’s license and utility bill?

  39. bob says:

    any advice for me? I have tried to open BotW accounts in the past, and always get rejected before i even get to the funding stage. Same thing happened today when i tried.

    I guess i have too many new accounts?

    • Bill says:

      how many did you open in the past 12 months?

    • sam says:

      I’m sure I do. I have the letter somewhere from 2014 when I pressed them on it. They gave me the number of inquiries they used in x months to deny me. I made sure I was under that in 2015. Now, in 2016, I am almost certain I am over that number (maybe not) but appear at least to have been approved. Give them the gift of headache right back.

    • Fred says:

      I too was worried that I’d be rejected because of too many inquiries (over 12) so I opened a savings account at the same time as the checking account and it went through without any problems.

      Don’t know if I’m just lucky and would have been able to open just the checking account anyways or that opening the savings account helped convince them I’m in it for the long term.

  40. milesjjcc says:

    Opened easy checking account with Capital One Venture- $500. Showing as pending purchase “other services’ No balance shown on account though.

  41. sam says:

    Opened Bank of the West easy checking with 500 on bank of america cash rewards MLB. Cash line previously reduced to 200.00 and credit line showing as 500 less due to account funding.

  42. synth426 says:

    paypal is showing up as a credit for me, unfortunately.
    trying Schwab, will report back (someone claimed it WAS coding as direct deposit though, so I’m hopeful).

    • Mark says:

      Yeah, same thing is happening to me when trying to transfer PayPal balance to the bank (withdrawing the funds). Although when PayPal tried to deposit a couple of cents to approve account, those went through as DirectDep

    • Mark says:

      Actually, after a couple of days, the PayPal transfer changed to DIRECTDEP! This is 3 days after it posted. Hope it helps

  43. Skor says:

    Opened account last week and funded $500 via the BoA Cash Rewards. I had missed setting the cash advance line down to $200, and the transaction posted (not temporary) as “ATM Cash Advances or Bank Transaction” with BoA. However, the cash advance line did not reduce?? Only the credit line was reduced by $500. Which makes me believe it will be considered as a purchase and not as cash advance.

    One side effect, perhaps, is that BotW posted this initial transaction type as direct deposit? Is credit card funding considered direct deposit? I will check once the statement closes as well.

    • sam says:

      Don’t worry its a purchase….I had a travelocity purchase show as a cash advance too. I don’t know what BOA’s categorization issue is but its not a cash advance. This is a perfect way to get that line down to 200 if they balk about reducing it. That’s how I made sure they reduced mine.

      • Skor says:

        Good to know, thanks!

        However, on the BotW side, did this initial funding post as direct deposit? Did that satisfy the requirements for the bonus?

  44. Eddy says:

    Funded with USB FP Visa 7/15. Posted as purchase 7/19 🙂

  45. J. says:

    I tried to open an account online earlier in the year, but was denied (inquiries in the double digits). I thought I would try my luck in a branch. The first branch I visited was in Monterey Park, CA, just off I-10. The banker refused to open an account because I do not live nor work anywhere close to Monterey Park.
    Undeterred, I went to another branch on Ninth & Valley in Alhambra, CA. The banker that helped me was Candace L. It was quick and easy. I funded the account with MO, but forgot to ask about CC funding. I would encourage anyone that has been turned down online to try in a branch.

  46. Kev says:

    My checking account was changed from “easy checking” to “choice interest checking” the day before my $250 DD went through. My original funding was only $100, so I am now at $350.

    Does this mean I will not receive the bonus?

    • Kev says:

      I’m actually really disappointed that this was changed without my consent by a banker (the fees require $2500 minimum for “choice interest checking”). I think I am going to withdraw my finds and cancel the account. Is this too much or should I chill out?

  47. Eddy says:

    I stupidly opened the Signature instead of Easy checking (it was listed first). Was able to PC in branch at a teller. Took 5 min 🙂

    Also, your acct number should only be 9 digits, not 10 as the website say. Leading zeros *should not* be a problem but something to keep in mind.

  48. Fred says:

    Does anyone know what the date when the direct deposit is due by since the new ending date of opening an account has been changed to 8/19/2016?

    Both here and in the terms on the Bank of the West website it says: “Direct deposits must be received by 08/26/16” and that obviously cannot be correct since not many would be able to open an account in the next 19 days and also set up a direct deposit by 8/26/2016.

    • Mikey says:

      Under the 55 Plus Checking account information for the bonus it says the direct deposit must be made by 10/31/16. It also says the bonus will be deposited by 6/30/2016 so they have a number of errors all over their site.

      Guess their webmaster is on vacation for the summer.

  49. Rene says:

    Any experience how long it takes them to ship the debit card? I had some hiccups opening the account and had to call them to verify some information, but eventually got approved. I didn’t get my debit card yet. Support confirmed that i should get one, but it hasn’t been shipped yet. No further info about average processing time.

  50. Fred says:

    Opened an account and funded with Chase AARP card that showed as a purchase. The interesting thing about it to me is the way the credit card purchase showed up in Bank of the West.


    This is the first time I’ve funded with a credit card so wonder if this is the normal way they show up and if so, wonder if this will count as a direct deposit for purposes of the bonus?

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  52. OSUmountaineer says:

    Funded $500 with Chase Freedom Unlimited, coded as a purchase.

  53. Mr. PTM says:

    Funding DP: $500 posted as purchase with Fido 2% Visa.

  54. donna says:

    Does Vemno counted as direct deposit? Any idea….?

  55. Rene says:

    If you recently (07/09 – 08/19) opened the checking account, you can get $25 for 5 bill pays:

    • Fred says:

      Hmmm, wonder if you can get this in addition to the current bonus where you can get $50 for using your debit card 20 times in the two months after opening your account? Will be interesting to see if that is so….

  56. milesjjcc says:

    DP:Funded with Capital One Venture One last month. Posted as purchase. Have done 2 DD of $500. No bonus posted yet

  57. Curmudgeon says:

    Post shows offer expired 8/26. Link to bank site shows no current bonus offer. Why is this on the list for September?

  58. Ethan says:

    My $3 Amazon balance reloads are showing up as ‘ATM’ on my Bank of the West Account Activity. Does anyone know if those will still count for the 10 debit card purchases/month? (I did opt out of pin-less debit, and it still showed up as ATM)

    • Fred says:

      That’s the way mine are showing up at Amazon and even POS purchases at Lowe’s and Petsmart using the pin are also showing up as ATM’s (bill pays are showing up as DirectDebits so they are all over the place).

      A poster up above said he contacted customer service about the ATM entries and he was told they will count towards the bonus. I plan on contacting them also to confirm it.

      • Mikey says:

        Yes, customer service told me:

        “When viewing transactions via Bank of the West Online Banking, items initiated with your MasterCard Debit Card will reflect “ATM” in the “Type” column and “ATM” prior to any transaction description. To determine which items were initiated as point of sale transactions, please review the complete description for the merchant’s name”.

        Looks like the description will determine if the transaction counts or not, if it says something with ATM cash withdrawals in the description then that won’t count but everything else should.

        They also told me that :

        “Review of customer qualification for our Consumer Checking Account Campaign will occur during the month of November. As a result, we are unable to confirm that the requirements have been met, or speculate the final outcome, as additional terms and conditions apply”.

        Guess we have to hope that the purchases we made count based on their review long after it’s too late to make additional purchases.

  59. Joshua H. says:

    Does anyone get their bonus? I opened mine on July 14th. ACH push from Ally completed shows up under DIRECTDEP category but has P2P in the details on July 29th. Bonus still didn’t post yet. BTW, I missed the $50 as I didn’t see the debit card requirement is two CALENDAR months….

    • Master Allan says:

      Opened mine July 22 and started my employer direct deposits in July. No bonus as of 9/27. Waiting on $100, $50 (10 debit card), and $25 targeted offer for using their bill pay. I’m not surprised that nothing has posted yet and points Mikey posted above is valuable for my waiting.

      • Fred says:

        I’m also doing all three promotions and waiting until November since that seems to be when they’ll be deciding on what bonuses we’re entitled to.

        • Mikey says:

          Just completed all of the requirements for the bonuses: direct deposit, 5 bill pays in Sept and 10 debit card uses in both Sept and Oct. Now just have to wait until Nov to see if they come through with the 3 bonuses.

    • Fred says:

      According to the response I got back from their customer support, bonuses should post by Nov 30 so we still have a couple weeks before getting worried.

      I’m going to look for them first on the next statement which is around Nov 16 or 17, then next by the 30th. Now just a waiting game.

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  61. Darv says:

    The direct link here does not take me to a promotion. Advice?

  62. Mser says:

    Buyer beware. I did several promos from BotW and both were complete disasters. Trust me, life is too short to deal with that bank – the most incompetent people I’ve ever encountered – signing up for an account literally took 2 hours – and was screwed up. Both times. Then hours more to try and find out why bonuses never paid. Then hours more effort to get bonus paid after they agreed (in writing) that I should be paid. Never been so disgusted at so many people in the same organization – literally everyone was incompetent and didn’t give a rat’s patootie about making things right. From tellers to branch managers up to regional VPs. Unreal how the bank stays in business.

  63. Darv says:

    Beware too from above all the people denied for Chex/Experian, I was one. I would like to try in branch like one of the success stories above, after he got denied online, but I can’t get a link to the promotion. The direct link here goes to a generic page for me with no promotion. Anybody have a better link?

  64. mishyq says:

    i was also denied when applying online last time. (dont think a reason is provided, but i figured it’s same reason as most ppl above re: chexsystem)

    my question is – in general, when applying for bank account, do you actually bypass the chexsystem inquiry process if you apply in-branch?

    if that’s the case, then i think i would consider going in-branch to apply for this BotW account

    curious to know, bc after reading abt all those stories of ppl applying for HSBC account online (which take forever to receive decision and many denied), i went in-branch to apply and got the bank account with zero hassles and so quickly. and i dont think i got any hit in terms of chexsystem inquiry or the banker bother to do any other types of ‘background’ check

  65. Fred says:

    I’ll repeat what I said above when I applied for the previous bonus. I too was worried that I’d be rejected online because of too many inquiries (over 12 in the past year) so I opened a savings account at the same time as the checking account and it went through without any problems.

    Don’t know if I’m just lucky and would have been able to open just the checking account anyways or that opening the savings account helped convince them I’m in it for the long term and they overlooked the number of Chexsystem inquiries.

    Still waiting on the bonuses to post in November as the terms stated so will post again when they come through and how much hassle it takes to get them.

  66. Highsky says:

    Applied and was approved instantly.

    However, another email sent to me saying that I couldn’t have online access until further notice

  67. J Doe says:

    I called 1-800-488-2265 today Oct 28,2016. The call center person denied there was any such Nov 18,2016 $300 Premier Checking offer at Bank of West. Supervisor confirmed this. He said if I phoned a branch that the branch would route the call back to him. He said his office is the be all and end all.

  68. milesjjcc says:

    Did anybody get bonus? Still nothing for me

  69. Mikey says:

    Surprise, got my bonuses on 11/18, $150 for the direct deposit and 10 debit card uses in both Sept and Oct and also the $25 for making 5 bill pays by Sept 30.

    Don’t know if it was a coincidence or not but I messaged them to ask about the bonuses when they weren’t on the latest statement on 11/17 and they messaged back on 11/18 the standard reply that they had until Nov 30 to see who qualified or not. I just checked this morning and the bonuses were posted late yesterday.

    Maybe my asking moved me up on checking? Don’t know but if you don’t see your bonuses soon- ask!

  70. Steven says:

    Like Mikey I got my bonus for checking ($150) and billpay ($25) the other day on 11/18/16. I did not contact them however.

  71. Skor says:

    I too got my bonuses today. Received $150 account opening bonus plus $25 bill pay bonus

  72. Master Allan says:

    Update – Partial Success

    Received $100 + $50 bonus 11/18 but no $25 for Blll Pay. I checked my records and terms for the $25, opened account 7/22 (OK), and made 13 payments to credit cards throughout August and September each one > $10 (OK). I’ll give them a few more days and if nothing someone has an inquiry to answer.

    • Master Allan says:

      Today I filed a complaint with the CFPB regarding my account bonus. I’m in no mood to bounce secure e-mails back and forth. Well experienced dealing with Citi I have screenshots and documentation of the bonus, terms, my activity, and correspondence. So, quick response on getting my $25 bill pay would improve my day.

  73. CJ says:

    Success – Bonus posted on 11/18!

  74. Joshua H. says:

    $100 bonus posted on 11/18

  75. Mel says:

    For the $300 bonus requirement, do you see any language that prevents us from downgrading the Premier Checking account after 2 full months to reduce/eliminate the $30 fees?

    Anyone tried that and got the $300 bonus?

    Granted, a bit risky, but we can clarify before opening?

    I received a $400 + $200 offer in the mail, but addressed to a previous tenant. Called the branch manager and she said she will honor it if the promo code is there on the letter.

  76. K F says:

    Happen to be out west at the moment, applied in branch TODAY…very straightforward and friendly process. I screwed up and didn’t check DoC for a page like this…so I didn’t fund with a CC. But I’m thinking of going back for a savings acct by CC.

    A few things the person told me:

    -Bonus won’t post until June.

    -One $250 DD a month will cover the requirement.

    -CC is done as cash advance (but I guess lowering your cash advance limit on your CC takes care of this being an issue, right?)

  77. Doodums8 says:

    “Dear xxxx,

    Thank you for your recent inquiry.

    Our records indicate that your new account was not identified with any recent campaign offer.”

    This bank is full of sshh.
    I signed up through a link posted here and completed the requirements for the $100 + $50.

  78. K F says:

    Both PayPal and Stripe transfer have shown as DirectDep on online banking.

  79. Laura says:

    Will $0.50 Amazon reloads trigger the bonus or is there a reason it has to be in $3 increments?

    • prussiablue says:

      Was wondering the same

      • sam says:

        there is something in their terms and conditions I think about using the debit card 10 times per cycle to avoid the fee and that has to be 3$ each time. i dont think they say it in the offer, but people had issues doing under 3$ with them citing that checking account rule, even though it was not stated in the promotion. if you want to go through the rigamarole of messaging them to get the amount etc and they say there is no minimum, the reneg, and you have to file a complaint, that is up to you. i always ask if theres a minimum amount requirement for debit card usage and always run as credit regardless. (i suggest people do for the regions promo as well(I have yet to, just opened)-considering they took that 400.00 offer down so fast and will do anything to avoid paying it). I think it would be hard for a bank to justify to anyone that they wanted pin transactions when they make less from it unless it was explicitly stated in the offer.

        • Laura says:

          Thanks for info! I’m already going through the SM rigamarole with My Banking Direct so I don’t want to do that unnecessarily!

    • Loren Kenion says:

      Any update on this? I plan do load $3 amazon with debit card as well for bonus

  80. Darv says:

    For anyone who was rejected on this online, try in branch. I was rejected last year online, opened account today in branch with promotion. Guy who helped me was awesome.

    • Gmoney says:

      Same here for their previous offer. Was rejected online (too many inquiries) and went in branch the next day and was approved. The downside was that instead of opening it in 5 minutes online, I spent an hour in branch…but I got $150 + another $25 bill pay bonus, so I was happy.

  81. Laura says:

    Opened online no problems (6 new accounts in last 5 months). Online application gave me the account number and routing number. Funded via Chase FU, did get a fraud alert from Chase so I had to re-submit the payment page.

  82. Jake says:

    I opened online and funded with a BoA Merrill+ Visa a couple of days ago – the transaction has now posted and it coded as a purchase, “FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS -MERCHANDISE AND SERV” specifically. I didn’t decrease my card’s cash advance limit before doing this.

  83. Stingerzing says:

    Another DP: Was declined as well. Similar application interface as Santander and I’ve been denied by them three times. I believe too many chexsystems inquiries is probably the issue.

    • Darv says:

      Go into the branch. I was denied last year online. Opened in branch last month with this promo printed in hand. No problem.

      • Stingerzing says:

        Can confirm, went in to branch and opened. They also have a nice deal for a credit card that I grabbed, $100 sign up bonus, 3 percent back on grocery, gas, & restaurants. I needed to bring two forms of ID because I’ve had so many accounts open in the last couple months.

  84. Ferris says:

    coded as a purchase on my Wells Fargo Platinum Credit Card

  85. Stingerzing says:

    Maybe a small correction on the bonus terms. The debit card transactions requirements must be met in the two months FOLLOWING the month that the account was open. Also, the transactions must be 3 dollars or more.

    • sam says:

      These days, I’d recommend everyone ask BOW via SM what the actual terms of their debit card transactions are. I’d say they’re “due” to change them in the middle of a bonus cycle. Not saying they have or they will, but getting clarification from the horse’s mouth can only help. Especially when “month” can be defined as calendar or statement cycle, who knows what they’ll decide next?

    • James B. says:

      Example sent from a bank rep:

      “If the customer opens the account in February but the opening deposit does not post until March, they would need to make 10 POS purchases of $3.00 or more in April and 10 POS purchases of $3.00 or more in May.”

      • sam says:

        Everyone, just get BOW to confirm which calendar months you need to make the transactions in and make sure you save the screenshot of the response.

  86. Catapult says:

    DoC, here’s a datapoint on closing the a/c:

    I did the promo last year, got the bonus but never got around closing it then because the bank location was off my usual route.

    I sent an email thru online banking about that this month and was told to reduce the balance below $200 so they can close it online. Did that and they initiated closing of the account and are going to send me a cheque for the < $200 balance.

    Bottomline: Closing of the account is also hassle free

  87. Trippy says:

    What exactly does it mean by month following the account opening? If I open now does it mean March? If I make debit card purchases online does it count?

    Also, is statement cycle fixed for a bank, or does it vary?

    I am new to all these, and in my first month, when I opened a Chase account I applied for the rewards card thrice in quick successions, resulting in 3 hard pulls for no benefit. I have since learned about all these and DoC has been a great help!

    • Jame B. says:

      Example sent from a bank rep:

      “If the customer opens the account in February but the opening deposit does not post until March, they would need to make 10 POS purchases of $3.00 or more in April and 10 POS purchases of $3.00 or more in May.”

  88. John says:

    I applied for the account around Jan 28th and deposited $500 using a chase card.. It took them 4 days to actually post the balance to the checking account.. So it posted only on 2/2.. Per the terms, I need to do 10 debit card transactions in March and April, correct? No need to do any debit transactions in Feb?

    5To receive the $50 bonus, customer must request, receive and use a new Bank of the West Debit Card linked to the new checking account for 10 or more debit card purchases all of which must post to the account by the last business day of the month for each of the first two full calendar months immediately following the month in which the opening deposit posts to the account, for a total of 20 or more transactions. Each purchase must be $3 or more. ATM transactions are excluded. All required purchases must be posted by 05/31/17.

  89. Superchurn says:

    -Opened 11/12/16
    -1 DD on 12/2/16 and 1 DD on 1/13/17
    -10 swipes of debit card (run as credit, no PIN needed apparently) during both December 2016 and January 2017
    -$150 Bonus posted 2/17/17 as “Credit Thank You For Your Business”

  90. DJ says:

    Citi Thank You Premier posted as a purchase for initial funding of $500.

    • Chris says:

      Do you know if it initially coded as a cash advance? I tried to fund with ThankYou Premier and it wouldn’t go through. Wound up using a debit card for one of my checking accounts. Problem isn’t with the card; I made a purchase with it today no problem. I lowered the cash advance limit on the card to $0, so I’m betting that’s why. The error message you get on the application page just says “We were unable to verify your card information.”

  91. Confused says:

    My $500 Hyatt charge coded as a purchase — however, it’s been a few days and my checking account balance is still zero. Anyone experience this?

    • Got em says:

      I opened and funded (with United MileagePlus Explorer) my account on February 26th and the funds posted March 2nd.

  92. Joel says:

    Successfully funded $500 in the account with my Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card.

  93. Shane W says:

    Hey all, I opened my account in Oct and met terms in Nov Dec. I am now being told the promo was SF only even when opened online. Does anyone happen to have screenshots of the Oct 2016 promo?

  94. Fiona says:

    According to the offer page, this offer has been extended until 4/14/17.

    (This despite a Google ad from them earlier this week which said to hurry since their offers were expiring on Friday…)

  95. Anony Mouse says:

    DP: successfully funded Bank of the West Easy Checking with Bank of America Cash Rewards Visa (non-MLB) 3/1/2017, posted as purchase 3/3/2017.

  96. Ken says:

    Jeez they have a long memory. Even Keybank’s 12 month stipulation isn’t as bad as BOTW. But nothing is as bad as Capital One’s lifetime rule that spans banks they’ve also bought out in the past.

  97. Sean says:

    Was just able to fund Santander checking account, as well as Bank of the West checking account for $500/ea with Chase Sapphire Reserve.

  98. niiimz says:

    Anybody know if opening the account in-branch can be funded with CC? And if the funding will still go thru as a purchase? I seem to recall reading it’s a bad idea to attempt to fund with CC in-branch.

    • Stingerzing says:

      Yup, it was a no go for me. I got denied online, went in branch and was approved, but using a credit card would code as a cash advance.

      • niiimz says:

        Ahh, okay. Frustrating, I applied online, and was denied. Frustrating too since I got my Chex report the other day and see they pulled twice. I think I’ll pass, too.

      • James B. says:

        Interesting that Bank of the West approved you in-branch and not online. Do you know why you were declined on the online app?

  99. Jim says:

    Just spoke with a rep (assuming that she know what she’s talking about), hope the info clears up some confusions:
    The months following means the calendar month following when the deposit hit your account.
    Which means if your deposit hit on Feb 15 (or anytime during that month), you will need to make the debit transactions during Mar1-Mar31 and Apr1-30. They do NOT go off by statement cycle.
    Also, they said ANY types of debit transaction, pos or online, pinless or not, will count as a debit transaction. EXCEPT automatic payments and purchases.

    • sam says:

      Be careful as some online charges will show up as “recurring”. I think its worth a complaint if they cannot answer if you made the debit card transactions or not. They’ll try to say its “recurring” or something and doesn’t count. In person purchases should avoid this issue altogether. They DO go off statement cycle for fees/balances etc. and have a track record of closing the “first” cycle almost immediately after account opening.

    • Daniel says:

      Thanks for the useful info.. I will add that the monthly maintenance charge considers debit purchases made per cycle, not month, so if your 10 card purchases dont match up with the cycle and you’re under $1k balance… you’ll get the monthly charge. I just had to get my charge reversed so keep that in mind.

  100. Adrian says:

    DP: Can confirm Schwab checking transfer counts as DD. Shows up as DIRECTDEP SCHWAB BANK and DIRECTDEP as type.

    • Did it trigger the bonus? That’s really all that matters, I wish people would focus on that rather than what it shows up as.

    • tony1224 says:

      Did you initiate the transfer from Schwab or BOTW? I mean did you –

      1. login to Schwab and deposit to BOTW, or

      2. login to BOTW and requested a deposit from Schwab?


  101. Div says:

    Can I apply in branch and fund the account with credit card, any idea?

  102. David says:

    It is really annoying that they code almost everything as “ATM”.

  103. RJ says:

    All my purchases initially coded as ‘ATM’. But as they move from ‘pending’ to ‘posted’, they are now all coding as ‘POS’. So yes, they will count towards the 10.

    Also my $250 transfer from PayPal is coded as ‘DIRECTDEP’. I’m not expecting any bonuses to post until sometime in June, so this is all I can report for now.

  104. Will Ryan says:

    I’m getting this:

    “At this time, we can’t qualify you for the account your applied for. However, you’re pre-approved for Fresh Start Checking – an easy-to-use, hassle-free checking account. If you’d like to open a Fresh Start account, select Add and then Continue.”

    The account sounds like a regular checking account with a $12 monthly fee. But it doesn’t say anything about the bonus. Anybody know if I’d still get it?

    • sam says:

      An automated response? What is on your chex report? Do you owe some other bank money or something? If not, something is definitely awry….those types of accounts are meant for people with serious chex issues. If BOW is using them to get people OTHER non-bonus linked “deadbeat” checking accounts because they’ve “opened a lot of accounts” that would be very interesting….A low score due to inquiries does not have anything to do with risk given the number of ways in which inquires can arrive on a report, including bonus chasing. If bonus chasers are being relegated to “deadbeat” checking accounts when applying for promotional offers, that sounds a lot like bait and switch, and an abuse of the purpose of chex as I understand their reporting procedures to currently work.

      • Will Ryan says:

        I got the denial letter. It says it was based on information from Experian.

        I have no issues with banking, I never get declined for bank accounts. It must be related to number of inquiries, high number of recent accounts opened or something like that. I have been pretty active lately.

        • sam says:

          Pressure them on why you were declined, and more importantly offered a “fresh start” checking account when you have no delinquencies on your records. They likely won’t tell you until you complain to the CFPB. I would bet money you will not be getting a bonus with fresh start checking. The issue here is why your chex score is “low” due to inquiries only which is an identity concern which can be verified just fine during the processing of an application, and 2. why an alternate checking product is being pushed to you during your application for an account that was marketed to you as having a promotional bonus when the fresh start type that is being pushed certainly will not have a bonus (false advertisement)

          • Will Ryan says:

            The shady part to me is the ‘fresh start’ account is basically the same thing. You get checks and a debit card, no restrictions of any kind are listed. Just a $2/month higher fee and no bonus. Does seem like a bait-and-switch. If they didn’t want me as a customer, they would not offer me such an account.

  105. MoreSun says:

    So my Feb Amazon transactions posted as “ATM” but my Mar Amazon transactions posted as “POS”. Weird, maybe they’re trying to update their “ATM” transactions to actually be for ATM transactions?

    • Loren Kenion says:

      Any update on this? I plan do load amazon with debit card as well

      • MoreSun says:

        Won’t know until bonus time comes & mine hasn’t posted yet. Probably won’t until end of June according to previous DP.

    • Darv says:

      This is common and something that happened to people last year who did the promotion (not me, I’m reading from DPs). My transactions posted both ways, some as “ATM” and some as “POS.” I did ten $3.00 debit card purchases from Amazon in each calendar month immediately after my account opening (per terms).

      I too have a feeling this might be a struggle to get out of them. I have kept records of everything and my banker said my promotion was applied, confirmed by email so I will be holding Bank of the West accountable on all aspects, including a $10 bill pay promotion they also offered. They owe me $160. I opened in January 2017.

      • James B. says:

        From my experience Bank of West is slow to post bonuses, but they eventually do pay out the bonuses.

  106. Div says:

    What counts as DD for Bank of the west? Any idea or suggestions?

  107. Kelsea says:

    DP: funded with chase freedom, coded as payment

  108. Philip Shain says:

    Anybody’s bonus credited yet? Mine hasn’t and I met the requirement quite early on, about 2 months ago.

    • eclipsor says:

      no, terms state “Bonus will be credited by 06/30/17 to the open Bank of the West Premier Checking account.”

      According to the DPs form last year it actually took that long

  109. MontyFC says:

    Looks like they charge $3 for outbound ACH. So if someone wants to take out money, you should pull from your external bank and not push from BotW.

  110. SF says:

    Data point:

    I made an account back in April and did two Chase ACH pushes as DD, but got a call from a rep today that she sees them as transfers (even though they showed up as DIRECTDEP in my account, she saw that Chase is not my employer so it didn’t count).
    She informed me that I must do a DD via payroll once more to get the $100 DD bonus

    She also said I need 1 debit transaction in July (after the 2 10x $3+ transactions in May and June) to get the $50 bonus, which is a strange requirement that is not mentioned in any of the terms above.

  111. Liface says:

    Warning: just called about another issue and I asked the CSR if the bonus was on my account. She said it was NOT and didn’t see any bonus attached to my account. I opened online following the link here.

    After talking to her she said I would end up qualifying for the bonus and it would post before 6/30.

    So everyone should call and make sure.

  112. stingerzing says:

    I just e-mailed the banker who set me up. He said I’m qualified for the bonus and it will post on the 30th. This bank takes its sweet time.

  113. Sam says:

    Finally got my $150 “thank you” bonus on 6/16 (opened 3/7). As well as the $10 for three bill pays. Now to clear out the money and close this acccount. I have to stop doing bank deals with swipe requirements. I end up wasting half the bonus on junk I don’t need to rush to get my swipes in.

  114. Jose says:

    My bonus hit yesterday!

  115. eclipsor says:

    DP: My $150 bonus also hit yesterday. Account opened 2/1, DD from local CU hit 2/9

  116. Theory says:

    My bonus posted yesterday as well. (Mine was only $100 because I did not read the fine print about the debit purchases needing to be $3 until the deadline had passed, but luckily that was separate from the DD bonus.)

    Account opened 14 Feb, Employer DD posted 1 March.

  117. bobwinkle says:

    Applied & approved 18-FEB-2017 with $500 Chase Freedom – verified as sale, set up $250 DD and $350 transfer from another bank – 10 debits for March completed – 10 debits for April completeed – bonus posted 16-JUN-2017

  118. Dan says:

    I also finally got the bonus! $150

  119. Adrian says:

    $100 bonus posted today. Still haven’t received the $50 for the debit card purchases however.

    First DD was from Schwab checking on 3/21 and a second from Chase checking on 5/31 just in case.

    My debit card purchases were Venmo transactions so debating if I should even bother calling for the extra $50…

    • MoreSun says:

      I wouldn’t risk losing the $100 by forcing a manual review of the account activity. But that’s just my thinking, I have no idea their actual process. FWIW the $150 bonus for me posted as one chunk so that makes me think their system has already decided you didn’t qualify for the extra $50 or it would have posted as well.

  120. MoreSun says:

    The 150 posted on 6/16 and the $10 for the bill pay posted as a separate transaction.

  121. Peter says:


    2/14/17 – Transferred $250 from Paypal and Discover Savings
    March/April 2017 – Did legitimate debit purchases of $3 10 times each month. Also did one bill pay.

    6/16/17 – $100, $50 and $10 bonus posts!

    Thanks for all your work on this! Love me some bank bonuses!

  122. K F says:

    Opened my acct in branch (Washington State) in late January.

    Did a mix of PayPal and Stripe about once a week for $255, did my $3+ debit card purchases three months in a row.

    6/16/17 – $150 and $10 bonus posts!

  123. plungerjoke says:

    Got this message this AM from the bank. I fulfilled DD requirements with employer DD’s. Seems like they are moving the dates. Stinky.
    “Thank you for your recent inquiry.

    Review of customer qualification for our Consumer Checking Account Campaign will occur during the month of July. As a result, we are unable to confirm that the requirements have been met, or speculate the final outcome, as additional terms and conditions apply.

    Please review the campaign criteria, and evaluate your account activity to ensure you have met all the requirements. Statement credits will be issued by July 31, 2017.

    Thank you for using Bank of the West Online Banking. We appreciate your business and the opportunity to serve you.”

  124. Sully says:

    RE: Bank of the West $150 Easy Checking promotion.

    Opened 3/1, and received the $100 for DD requirements on 6/16. Did not receive the $50 for 10 debit POS transactions for two months after opening account because they said it is for the two months AFTER your account opens, which in my case was April and May. I did 10 transactions for March and April instead. I SM’d to see if they will grant the bonus, but so far no luck. Safest bet would’ve been to do 10 transactions for 3 months. Lesson learned for me!

    • M. Smith says:

      Yeah, I nearly got caught the same way. I did ten in my opening month before I realized I needed to do the following months. So, I ended up doing three months total. Probably wasted $50 on junk I didn’t need in the process. I hate swipe requirements!

  125. plungerjoke says:

    Today is the stated awarded by date, and still nothing. Didn’t fall into the “next months” trap. Annoying.

  126. Jake says:


    * Opened on Feb. 2
    * Received employer DD on Feb. 9
    * Made 10 debit card transactions for about $3 each in March and 10 more in April (these show up as ‘POS’, not ‘ATM’ – not sure if it actually matters)
    * Received $150 on June 16

  127. plungerjoke says:

    Does anyone have a screenshot of the landing page with extended offer? These ass hats are now saying the promo wasn’t extended. ugh.

  128. loren says:

    When does this post….I got this 4/14 and have not seen either part of the bonus post even though I’ve fulfilled the requirements…

  129. Trippy says:

    Saw this one pop up on my facebook. $150 for checking

    I guess this is a new one? Will look into it later and see if its worth doing.

  130. Rocky says:

    Opened account on March 19th. did all the requirement for bonus qualification. Till now not received the bonus.

  131. Ryan Gregory says:

    Applied for account on 4/14
    opening deposit posted on 4/18
    did a Schwab Brokerage ACH 4/18
    During a phone call, CS told me the requirements for 10 transactions and DD
    Bonus never posted

    • James B. says:

      Did you talk with the CS after doing the Schwab Brockerage ACH?

      What did the CS say about the DD?

      • Ryan Gregory says:

        Bonus finally posted on 7/21! I just logged on to my account today to close it and what do you know the bonus posted. Wow, I really didn’t think I’d get it.

  132. James B. says:

    Did you talk with the CS after doing the Schwab Brockerage ACH?

    What did the CS say about the DD?

  133. tony1224 says:

    Finally got my $150 bonus 7/21.
    Opened account 3/20.

    I never called them. No SM.

  134. RJ says:

    2/25 – Application
    2/28 – Trial deposits from PayPal
    3/03 – $500 opening deposit from PayPal

    I then sent SM, asking specifically which months the Debit card transactions were required. They said April and May, so I then satisfied that.

    5/16 – Direct Deposit posted from state tax refund
    5/19 – Service Charge of $3.00 – don’t forget to go paperless, darn it!
    6/16 – Bonus posted $100 – for direct deposit only

    Then a few SMs were exchanged about the $50 bonus. They mistakenly counted the trial deposit as opening deposit, which changed the months I needed to make the debit card transactions. After I directed them to the SM from March 3rd, they realized what they had done, and promised that the $50 would post on 7/21. Checked multiple times on the 21st, even late at night. Finally when I got up this morning, it was there.

    7/21 – $50 bonus paid for 2 months of 10 debit card transactions each month

    Moral of the story – Send them an SM as soon as you fund the account, asking specifically which months you need to perform the 10 transactions. Also don’t apply near the end of the month.

    Another point is that both times, the bonus was paid on the 3rd Friday of the month.

  135. Kig says:

    Funded 4/13
    Employer DD 4/20
    10 $3+ amazon reloads in May and June. I made sure to do them both in the relevant months as well as on separate statements, just in case.
    $150 posted 7/21

  136. Samuel says:

    Opened 3/7. $150 bonus finally posted on 7/21.

  137. mishyq says:

    How soon do folks close the account ?

    To avoid early termination fee, the account can be closed after 91 days from date of opening. Just to confirm, this is 91 days from date of opening, and not 91 days from date of bonus posting, right? O

    Opened this account way back in Feb 2017, but bonus only posted in June. Urghh

  138. SF says:

    Opened 4/10, funded with Citi Double Cash
    4/18 tried to ACH in via Chase as DD (did not work, as a banker called me and said it didn’t look like it’s from my employer)
    4/24 received debit card
    5/2 did 10x $3 debits via Amazon method
    5/31 did one-time payroll DD (banker later called to confirmed it works)
    6/1 did 10x $3 debits via Amazon method
    7/1 did one more $3 debit via Amazon method (banker informed me I had to do an extra purchase in addition to the 2 10x in May and June for some reason)
    7/21 $150 bonus posted

    I’m going to ACH pull from Chase (BoTW transfer to external bank costs $3, bleh) and close this account now since it’s been more than 91 days.

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