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Nathan A Shank
Nathan A Shank (@guest_604411)
June 11, 2018 19:14

I did this offer and had a horrible experience. They nitpicked their own ambiguous language, didn’t have a manager at the branch, hit me up with fees, and took 6 months to make it right. It wasn’t worth the money.

I Love doctor of credit

Ryan S
Ryan S (@guest_469283)
August 31, 2017 11:37

Set my cash advance limit to $0 for Citi Thank You Premier and tried funding the $500 initial account opening for the $150 bonus. Kept getting an error to recheck my account number even though it was correct. Will try ML+ next, but I think TYP is dead for funding here

SF (@guest_449477)
July 30, 2017 16:29

Opened 4/10, funded with Citi Double Cash
4/18 tried to ACH in via Chase as DD (did not work, as a banker called me and said it didn’t look like it’s from my employer)
4/24 received debit card
5/2 did 10x $3 debits via Amazon method
5/31 did one-time payroll DD (banker later called to confirmed it works)
6/1 did 10x $3 debits via Amazon method
7/1 did one more $3 debit via Amazon method (banker informed me I had to do an extra purchase in addition to the 2 10x in May and June for some reason)
7/21 $150 bonus posted

I’m going to ACH pull from Chase (BoTW transfer to external bank costs $3, bleh) and close this account now since it’s been more than 91 days.

mishyq (@guest_448216)
July 27, 2017 23:54

How soon do folks close the account ?

To avoid early termination fee, the account can be closed after 91 days from date of opening. Just to confirm, this is 91 days from date of opening, and not 91 days from date of bonus posting, right? O

Opened this account way back in Feb 2017, but bonus only posted in June. Urghh

Ryan G
Ryan G (@guest_449049)
July 29, 2017 11:39

Yeah you can close the account after 91 days of opening so you are fine

Samuel (@guest_445827)
July 24, 2017 19:40

Opened 3/7. $150 bonus finally posted on 7/21.

Kig (@guest_445038)
July 23, 2017 14:46

Funded 4/13
Employer DD 4/20
10 $3+ amazon reloads in May and June. I made sure to do them both in the relevant months as well as on separate statements, just in case.
$150 posted 7/21

RJ (@guest_444605)
July 22, 2017 12:57

2/25 – Application
2/28 – Trial deposits from PayPal
3/03 – $500 opening deposit from PayPal

I then sent SM, asking specifically which months the Debit card transactions were required. They said April and May, so I then satisfied that.

5/16 – Direct Deposit posted from state tax refund
5/19 – Service Charge of $3.00 – don’t forget to go paperless, darn it!
6/16 – Bonus posted $100 – for direct deposit only

Then a few SMs were exchanged about the $50 bonus. They mistakenly counted the trial deposit as opening deposit, which changed the months I needed to make the debit card transactions. After I directed them to the SM from March 3rd, they realized what they had done, and promised that the $50 would post on 7/21. Checked multiple times on the 21st, even late at night. Finally when I got up this morning, it was there.

7/21 – $50 bonus paid for 2 months of 10 debit card transactions each month

Moral of the story – Send them an SM as soon as you fund the account, asking specifically which months you need to perform the 10 transactions. Also don’t apply near the end of the month.

Another point is that both times, the bonus was paid on the 3rd Friday of the month.

tony1224 (@guest_444555)
July 22, 2017 10:47

Finally got my $150 bonus 7/21.
Opened account 3/20.

I never called them. No SM.

James B.
James B. (@guest_443148)
July 20, 2017 12:29

Did you talk with the CS after doing the Schwab Brockerage ACH?

What did the CS say about the DD?

Ryan Gregory
Ryan Gregory (@guest_442802)
July 19, 2017 23:57

Applied for account on 4/14
opening deposit posted on 4/18
did a Schwab Brokerage ACH 4/18
During a phone call, CS told me the requirements for 10 transactions and DD
Bonus never posted

James B.
James B. (@guest_443150)
July 20, 2017 12:29

Did you talk with the CS after doing the Schwab Brockerage ACH?

What did the CS say about the DD?

Ryan Gregory
Ryan Gregory (@guest_447105)
July 26, 2017 13:38

Bonus finally posted on 7/21! I just logged on to my account today to close it and what do you know the bonus posted. Wow, I really didn’t think I’d get it.