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Published on March 13th, 2015 | by William Charles


BBVA Compass NBA TripleDouble American Express Card Review: 5x Everywhere & 20,000 Point Bonus

Recently BBVA Compass announced that they were going to offer a NBA co-branded credit card, this called is officially called the BBVA Compass NBA American Express Card Featuring TripleDouble Rewards. This card has finally launched, so I decided to take a look at to see if it was any good. Here are the main features you should keep in mind:

  • No annual fee
  • 20,000 bonus points when you spend $500 or more in qualifying transactions within the first 90 days of account opening
  • 20% off anytime you use your card at
  • Card earns at the following rates:
    • 5x points during the NBA All-Star Weekend and two weeks of the NBA finals
    • 3x points on qualifying NBA tickets, NBA in-stadium transactions and transactions
    • 2x points at supermarkets and gas stations
    • 1x points on all other purchases
  • 0% introductory APR on purchases for first six months
  • 0%-3.99% intro balance transfer APR for 12 months (there is a $10 or 4% fee whichever is greater for balance transfers)

bbva compass nba card with doubletriple rewards

How Much Are Points Worth

Points can be redeemed for the following:

  • Cash back
  • Statement credits
  • Merchandise
  • Tickets
  • Gift cards
  • VIP experiences

Points are worth one penny each when redeeming for cash back or statement credit and you must redeem a minimum of 2,500 points ($25) at a time. At the moment BBVA Compass don’t make the rest of the reward catalog public, but we do know how much some items will cost in points:

  • One year subscription to Hoop magazine: 1,500 points
  • NBA2K15 game: 5,500 points
  • TV (unknown brand/model): 567,750 points
  • Pizza for the family: 2,500 points
  • Home theater sound system: 455,250 points
  • NBA locker room experience for you and three friends: 500,000 points
  • Face to face experience with one of your favorite NBA stars: 1,000,000 points
  • One on one meeting with James Harden or Kevin Durant: 1,300,000 points

Things Of Interest

Given that you can earn at least 2% cash back on all purchases, there are really only a few things of interest with this card:

  • 20% discount on purchases. My first thought was I wonder if you can purchase giftcards and resell them for a profit, but the resell rate is 70% of facevalue so you’d be loosing money. The best discount you can get on purchasing these gift cards is only 11%, so if you did actually shop there often you’d be saving some money but most people find the NBAstore to be overpriced. As with the spending bonus you’d really be getting a 23% discount.
  • 10,000 point sign up bonus. As mentioned before, points are worth about 1¢ each making this sign up bonus worth $100. In the scheme of things this is pretty low for a cash sign up bonus and even worse when you consider the annual fee of $50 is not waived the first year.
  • 5x points during the NBA All-Star Weekend and two weeks of the NBA finals. To begin with I wasn’t sure on whether you’d earn 5x on just NBA purchases or all purchases, but in their F.A.Q they state the following (emphasis mine):

plus earn 5X points on all purchases (not just NBA purchases) during the NBA All-Star Weekend and two weeks of the NBA Finals.

5x Everywhere

Obviously how useful the 5x everywhere is will depend on what credit limit BBVA give you, how tolerant they are to large spend and if you can pay off your card mid cycle without issue. We can answer the credit limit question somewhat as BBVA offer other credit cards. One card they’ve offered in the past is the BBVA Compass ClearPoint credit card, if we have a look at creditboards credit pull application we can see that there are 8 data points for this card.

Highest Limit Lowest Limit Average Limit
$15,000 4,000 $12,328.57

NBA All Star Weekend Dates

Unfortunately All Star Weekend has already passed for 2015, so we won’t be able to get 5x during that time this year.

  • 2016: 14th, February
  • 2015: 15th, February
  • 2014: 16th February
  • 2013: 17th February

Presumably this means you’ll earn 5x points on both the Saturday and Sunday.

NBA Finals

  • 2014-2015: June 4th – 14th
  • 2013-2014: June 5th – 15th
  • 2012-2013: June 6th – 20th


What Credit Bureau Do BBVA Compass Pull?

Another advantage to this card is that they pull TransUnion (which at least where I live is the least used credit bureau). In one case they pulled Equifax, but that person had frozen their Experian & TransUnion credit reports. At least one report of them pulling Experian in the comments.

Is There A Limit To The Amount Of Points You Can Earn?

There are no limits to the amount of points that you can earn. Points also do not expire as long as your account is open and in good standing.

Card Designs

Eastern Conference

eastern confernece

Western Conference

western conference


This card is issued by BBVA Compass, they accept residents that are over the age of 18 from all states except Iowa, Utah & Wisconsin. Those living in Alabama & Nebraska must be 19 and those in Mississippi must be 21.

Final Thoughts

This is a very good card, $200 sign up bonus and 5x everywhere twice a year. In my experience it’s a bit of a hassle with the 5x everywhere during the valid dates, but it’s worth the trouble. I signed up for the following two reasons:

  • It’s a TransUnion credit pull. I barely have any hard pulls on my TransUnion credit report, so having another really won’t affect me that much.
  • It offers 5x everywhere twice a year with a bit of hassle. Nothing really runs smoothly with BBVA, so expect fraud alerts and things not posting as 5x everywhere correctly.

Some people they will be much better off getting a credit card that has a high cash sign up bonus or a card that earns 5% cash back in select categories year round.


80 Responses to BBVA Compass NBA TripleDouble American Express Card Review: 5x Everywhere & 20,000 Point Bonus

  1. Justin H. says:

    Great post on a relatively unknown card!

    A few thoughts:

    – Since the AF is NOT waived the first year, you can either look at the card as a free 2-year trial or you earn nothing on your first $1k of MS (before fees).
    – Technically All-Star Weekend is several days (Feb 13-15 this year) so the window of blowing through your credit limit is extended slightly for that period. Assuming CL of $15k, max MS = $750
    – Max MS for NBA Finals depends on CL and how fast you can recycle your credit. Realistically, I’d say $30k would be most people’s max MS, for profits of $1.5k for that period.
    – How worthwhile this card is depends (at least for me) on how much time you’d actually need to MS this (e.g. load Redbird, buy GC, etc).

    Of course, all this hinges on the assumption that the 5x does apply to everywhere. If this does pull TU, I’d be interested in giving it a try.

  2. Michael B says:

    Wonder why they exclude us hard-working cheeseheads.

  3. Russ says:

    It’s an AMEX, so sync offers and Small Biz Saturday may help offset the annual fee.

  4. Maria Adams says:

    Do you know if this card comes with benefits like car rental liability waiver and purchase protection? Couldn’t find anything on the card’s website that details other perks of the card if they exist.


  5. David says:

    Thanks. I like this card. With 5% cards shutting down (TD bank and citizens bank seem to both be gone and wells is not churnable- more options are better). My ability to cash out is way above my ability to effectively buy, so this is great. Concerns are how to deal with fraud warnings during that 2 week period… some use of the card prior to then and maybe even a large purchase or two might make sense.

  6. Ryan says:

    How does anyone know what the points are worth and what they can be redeemed for? You can’t enter the rewards area unless you already have a card. I think I want to know how my points can be redeemed before going for this card.

  7. Mohammad M says:

    This card is also interesting depending what those categories might be.

  8. Marshall says:

    The link you gave to pfdigest says the card does NOT give you 5% cash back, UNLESS you redeem large amounts of points. Apparently, the only cash equivalent you can get are visa gift cards, which give you anywhere from .00625 cents per point for $25 card to 1 cent/pt for $1000 card. So, if you are going to get it, GO LARGE, and be sure to season well before you get it so no fraud freezes.!! Also, be aware that Amex does NOT use the Visa supplier classifications, so even though Visa says it is a grocery store, Amex amy not agree. Ex: Target is GS for Visa, but NOT for Amex.

  9. ABC says:

    Got CL 30k.

  10. David says:

    Just got it instantly for 25K… very high for me. This is a great card to have a high limit for.

    Any idea if we can get an authorized user for it?

    Since this card earns 2% at supermarkets, I’m going to make several large purchases there before the finals to try and build a pattern on the card and deal with any fraud issues.

    • Good thinking, not sure about authorized users unfortunately.

      • J T says:

        AU are allowed, but the CSR said additional cards would have the same acct number. Because of the utility of having separate cards/numbers, I plan to call again to confirm this detail; also to try again to reduce my CAL. The off-hours CSR claimed to not have the same access and authorization to make changes as the ‘business hours’ call center personnel. Interesting.

  11. frank R says:

    does anyone know if this card is bk friendly? I had a ch 7 discharge over 2 years ago, going on 3. thank you for your help

  12. elle says:

    any more reports on which CR they are pulling. seeing a lot about exp

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  14. J. Grant says:

    Pulled Experian because no pulls showing for other two. Pending application – I froze my Experian. The customer service agent was quite possibly the most rude CS person I’ve ever talked to on the phone and all I did was inquire about the application. Will call back and ask the to pull other CR.

  15. toknowjoyman says:

    What kind of credit rating is required for this card?

  16. Eric says:


    Thanks for the tip about the no annual fee for life. That and the fact it’s an Amex card made it a no brainer to apply for it. I just got approved. Hopefully I’ll receive the card soon as the NBA Finals start in about a week. Did anyone here have the card during NBA All Star weekend? If so, did you really earn 5% on everything and how much did you actually spend?

  17. Eric says:

    Can someone that has this card check if loading Serve with it counts as a purchase (assuming you can lower your cash advance limit to $0)? If so, that’s an extra $30 in cash back in June.

  18. Superworm says:

    Mine have all posted as purchases to my Serve account. I didn’t mess with my cash advance limit either. I did a small charge to test the waters and have been doing the $200 a day for 5 days.

    • Eric says:

      Thanks, that’s good to know. Does anyone know if it’s okay to change credit cards back and forth on Serve? If so, how often is acceptable?

      • J T says:

        Have changed cards 3x in less than a year, but not back to a previous one (if that’s what you’re asking). 2 required backup documentation to be submitted. Good luck.

  19. David says:

    Do we know when this 5% starts? Is it the 4th? I can’t find any info on this. Is there a thread on this going on anywhere to compare notes once the period starts?

  20. mike says:

    How much are the points worth when redeeming for a check/credit statement? 1 cent per point?

    • Eric says:

      Yes, but you need to have 10,000 points to redeem for a $100 statement credit. However, there are many different $25 gift cards available for 2500 points including a BBVA Reward card which is almost as good as cash.

      • mike says:

        Thanks eric! Also, how can I redeem for these rewards? I’ve hit the $500 spend awhile ago, but I’m not seeing the points anywhere on my account.

  21. Tuan says:

    Does this card count as part of the 4 cards limit you can have for AMEX cards?

  22. Michael says:

    Anyone using this card? I have a low credit limit and it’s a stubborn card in that you can’t overpay your credit line. I’m getting excited for the NBA finals for the first time in years and I’m not even a fan!!!!

    I’m trying to billpay from Serve/Gobank, but that might be too little, too late, especially given the timeframe of NBA finals. Their website is very old school too,pain to see things easily.

    • Eric says:

      Why would you want to overpay your credit line? What happened when you tried to do this? The payment was rejected?

      • Michael says:

        I have a piddly small credit line and most other credit companies let you do this or it’s easier. I would like to prime the pump so that I can fully maximize the 5% starting today. Oh well, have to wait until I can up the credit line to something useful.

  23. Eric says:

    While hearing predictions on SportsCenter I just wondered what happens if the Finals end in a sweep. Do we still earn 5X during the full 2 weeks or does the promotion end when the NBA Finals end?

  24. Michael says:

    I heard they wanted finals bumped up too because of the conference sweeps. While I haven’t followed the NBA in years, somehow it’s news is interesting now….

    • Eric says:

      What does “bumped up” mean? BTW only the Eastern Finals ended in a sweep. The Rockets managed to win 1 game in the Western Finals.

      • Phill the Points Around You says:

        Whether it is a sweep or not (which it won’t be; seven games is my prediction) the 5X date is from June 4 – June 18. Hell will be raised if otherwise.

  25. sandi55 says:

    Warning about setting up bill pays for this card:

    If you see that your bill pays may be going to a P.O.Box in Florida,
    do NOT select that address. To avoid potential major problems
    with MISDIRECTED bill pays, it is necessary to direct all payments
    for this card to ALABAMA. This bank does NOT accept electronic
    bill pays. You or your bank must send them a physical check
    to a P.O.Box in Alabama. In the event that you do misdirect
    your bill pay to Florida, and you need to find/retrieve it,
    this can be done using the DE-ENCRYPTED bill pay ID.
    If the billpay originated from Citibank, their backoffice
    might be able to help you with this. They pride themselves
    in helping their customers, big and small, in solving even
    the most difficult of problems… but you have find and
    talk to the right people.

  26. Chucks says:

    [DATAPOINT]: Was approved for BBVA NBA card with 30k limit. 380k income listed. Score in the 770-790 range. No previous BBVA relationship.

  27. Eric says:

    I just logged into my rewards account and see that I am still owed a lot of points. The last time I received 5X points was 6 days ago. I don’t want to complain if there’s still a chance it will post automatically. Is anyone else in the same boat?

    • Phill the Points All Around says:

      Looks like mine just posted today….Numbers jumped dramatically still have to make sure they are giving me 5X on grocery purchases as well since there system recognizes them as 2X.

      • Eric says:

        What happened for me is they gave me the 2X AND the 5X meaning I got 6% cash back on all grocery purchases. Hopefully the rest of my points will post soon.

  28. tang says:

    Anyone knows how to sign up for Amex offers for this card? It seems that BBVA is another bank using different systems..

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  30. ENOTTY says:

    Anyone notice that the travel rewards got removed from the reward website? It’s just NBA experiences and cashback now.

  31. Eric says:

    Did anyone else get an email from BBVA today about an offer for $50 for spending $1K online? Do you think loading Serve would count?

  32. Raymond says:

    Can anyone confirm that the 5% rewards were actually received during the 2015 All Star Weekend and Finals? I haven’t seen many data points on this.

    • Trevor says:

      Yes, I can confirm both my wife and myself received all reward points for all spend. We ended up getting throttled b/c of supposed fraud alerts, but we each got about 100k points.

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  34. Moriah says:

    Hi, a lot of the information you have depicted here is no longer valid. There is no longer an annual fee, for one. And it pulls your Experian credit report, not your Transunion. There are more discrepancies, but those are the main 2 I wanted to point out

  35. Trevor says:

    FYI….also need to update that the card is limited to maximum of $5k/”event” for 5x.

    5x points on all purchases, including non-NBA related items, during the NBA All-Star Weekend and two weeks of the NBA finals, for the first $5,000 per event1,2

    Check the “Benefits” tab.

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  37. David says:

    Could you please confirm the NBA final dates for 2016?

  38. Ben says:

    Does BBVA backdate AUs to primary card open date or not? I would like to add myself to my wife’s card but don’t want to impact 5/24 status.

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