Posted by William Charles on March 15, 2015

Published on March 15th, 2015 | by William Charles


BBVA Compass Points, Unlimited Flights For A Fixed Price, Etihad Award Discounts & More On Killing Deals

  • Credit card rewards analysis: how much are BBVA CompassPoints worth? by PFdigest. I’m not entirely sure the new NBA credit card earns these points, it looks like they earn DoubleTriple points which might have a different redemption options but this is still useful information (you’ll see why tomorrow). Points are worth up to 1¢ each, but you need to redeem at least 75,000 ($750) at a time to get this value.
  • Unlimited Flights for $2,000/month in US by Fly And Dine. Seems like an interesting model especially for executives that are flying a lot, but it’s a brand new service so I’ll be waiting for the reviews to flood in before seriously considering it.
  • 25% Off Etihad Redemptions! by View From The Wing. Etihad is probably one of my favorite airlines to fly (actually I think it is my favorite airline to fly, at least in economy) Also keep in mind it’s currently possible to get 1,000 Etihad miles for free when you join.
  • Weekend thoughts on killing deals by Freequent Flyer book. I’m obviously still trying to work this out myself and I appreciate all of the ongoing discussion going on here and all those who have contacted me personally via e-mail as well. I have a few ideas on what I could do but don’t want to make any rash decisions in the mean time and want to consult people I trust/respect. Either way if you haven’t already, join the newsletter as that is where everything will be going for now.

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Nick @ Personal Finance Digest

You’re right about the NBA card earning different points, I missed that part initially and added a correction to the post. Though I’ll be (very pleasantly) surprised if the redemptions are significantly better with the NBA card’s points.

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