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Gift Card Deals

Published on July 20th, 2015 | by Chuck


Be the First to Know About Gift Card Sales on eBay

We often write about sales taking place on eBay which allow us to purchase gift cards at a discount. It’s useful to know about these sales ahead of time. For example, you may want to purchase eBay gift cards at a discount so that you’ll be able to maximize the value of the sale by saving twice – once on the eBay gift card used for the purchase and once from the sale itself.

Is there a way to know that a gift card sale is coming up?

There often is a way to know, although it’s not that easy to find out about. Often times, people find these weird-looking listings on eBay which mention a sale on gift cards, with an added caveat: “This listing is restricted to pre-approved buyers only. Email the seller to be placed on that pre-approved list.”

ebay preapproved buyer staples

Many have tried contacting the seller to ask to get onto this elusive list, and the response they always get is that the sale will soon be up for all; right not it’s unavailable for the public. The “preapproved buyers” is just a system rhetoric; there aren’t any actual preapproved buyers. The sales usually come within a week of when that ‘preapproved’ listing shows up, so if you see that listing you know that the sale will be public soon enough.

So there you have it: it’s oh, so easily know about a future eBay sale by finding these ‘preapproved’ listings. Or is it really easy? How in the world would you ever bump  into a listing like that?

There is probably a way for the technologically advanced, if they would deem it worthy of their effort to find this kind of stuff. Otherwise, you can read about these on Slickdeals and Fatwallet forums. Somehow the members of those forums will often pick up on these and post them. This can give us a heads up about future gift card sales on eBay.

I recently sent out a tweet giving a heads up about a bunch of soon-to-come gift card sales and I thought it was worthwhile to clarify once where these are coming from. We probably won’t post these deals on the site until they go live on eBay, but those interested can now have a better idea of where people get info about future sales on eBay.

(Here are a few of the links to the current upcoming sales: here, here, here, here.)

Personally, the main thing I do when I see such things is to make sure I have enough eBay gift cards to cover the purchases. If I don’t, I’ll pick up some more at a discount so as to maximize the sale when it comes.

Remember though that it’s not necessarily smart to jump on these eBay sales and purchase right away. Since eBay often releases bonus eBay Bucks offers, it may be worth waiting it out and racking up some bonus Bucks along with the purchase. We wrote more about this topic in the post: Ebay Bucks, Gift Card Deals, & Timing Your eBay Purchases.

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I am leery about this upcoming sale because I never received my e codes from my recent Best Buy purchase from paypal digital. I have emailed and filed a claim with Ebay, but nothing yet. Just as a test to see if this was a fluke I ordered a $5 ebay gift card. It also never showed up in my mailbox after the Shipped notice either. I have a comcast email address I use and have purchased plenty of things from paypal digital in the past.

Anyone else having trouble getting your codes at your email address?


I had bought an eBay gc from PPDG about a month ago. I received the code in a timely manner, but it didn’t work. After emailing them for a couple of weeks without receiving a response, I asked eBay to step in. They eventually resolved the case in my favor, although it took them 4 instead of 2 days, and I got a full refund. Since this was resolved I jumped in the BB deal and bought 2 gc from PPDG without an issue. So it’s not the deal itself, but rather the seller who’s sketchy, and that’s a shame since PPDG is a huge seller that is actually immediately related to PayPal/eBay. As it seems there are many people having issues with them, I wish there was a way to take group action and put more pressure to them. If anyone knows something in that direction, please share. Messing up a purchase is understandable, but not replying to emails and taking zero effort to make things right, wth is that?


Same thing. Refunded. Was wondering if this would lead me to being blocked by ppdg, but sounds like it won’t.


Nope. Made two purchases and got the e-gift card in 10 minutes.


Where do you buy discounted eBaygcs?


I periodically check PPDG and GCM on eBay and sort by newest listings – these preapproval required sales (or live sales) always show up first.

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