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sybloc (@guest_1739051)
November 17, 2023 18:32

This is as good as it gets, percentage-wise, for DoorDash. $400 worth of DD for $295 (with Amex offer). Awesome.

Bruce (@guest_1739388)
November 18, 2023 12:16

The best stack, if you have it, is $300 with the 10% Chase offer on a freedom with PayPal checkout.

Every Sperm is Sacred
Every Sperm is Sacred (@guest_1738967)
November 17, 2023 16:32

I ordered a digital GC and redeemed. Then made another order for a digital GC and was able to redeem again. So it is probably only 1 digital GC per order but you can order multiple times.

I tried for a 3rd digital card but it said I reached the limit.
I then ordered a physical card as well. You can’t choose pickup. Switch to Shipping and should be available.

Felina (@guest_1738980)
November 17, 2023 16:46

3*80 = $240. AMEX offer is $250 or more. What did you use as a filler for the extra $10?

Every Sperm is Sacred
Every Sperm is Sacred (@guest_1738984)
November 17, 2023 16:53

Sadly, I didn’t have the AMEX offer. I made 3 separate orders for $80 each.

David P
David P (@guest_1739036)
November 17, 2023 17:53

made two orders but one has been cancelled 🙁

Every Sperm is Sacred
Every Sperm is Sacred (@guest_1739046)
November 17, 2023 18:26

I guess it is YMMV. I didn’t place the orders back to back. I waited to redeem first (takes about 15-20 min) and then went back to do another order. Might be lucky timing.

Felix (@guest_1738876)
November 17, 2023 14:10

Available again

DD (@guest_1738823)
November 17, 2023 12:52

Coming soon?

ET (@guest_1738793)
November 17, 2023 12:17

does e-gift cards charge from best buy or would I have to purchase physical?

Troy (@guest_1738798)
November 17, 2023 12:20

Non-bestbuy eGCs charge from bestbuy

ET (@guest_1738799)
November 17, 2023 12:20

in terms of qualifying as a purchase for amex offer

Troy (@guest_1738698)
November 17, 2023 10:53

Is this available in store?

Mike (@guest_1738620)
November 17, 2023 09:15

Last time I bought one from Best Buy, they never sent it. Called them and rep emailed it while on the phone. Went to redeem and it was used already. BB did nothing. Had to call cc company.

Frey (@guest_1738568)
November 17, 2023 07:57

good stack with Amex offer of $25 /$250, if it comes back.

Finch (@guest_1738602)
November 17, 2023 08:52

It is back

02nz (@guest_1738630)
November 17, 2023 09:30

Seems like your wish has come true. I’m seeing $25 off $250 Best Buy just popped up in my Amex Offers.

Frey (@guest_1738647)
November 17, 2023 09:50

I was referring to the DD gift cards. They’re “coming soon.”

Thomas J.
Thomas J. (@guest_1738551)
November 17, 2023 07:09

You can buy them at CVS and get $20,00 in Xtrabucks.

Clevermint404 (@guest_1738573)
November 17, 2023 08:07

That’s a lower discount though. Here it’s $80 for $100 worth but at cvs it’s $100 for $120 in value

Bruce (@guest_1738543)
November 17, 2023 06:51

If it comes back, stack with chase 10% offer and PayPal 5% quarter bonus