DoorDash Promo Codes: 25% Off Grocery With Promo Code TURKEY

Update 11/24/21: 25% off grocery orders with promo code TURKEY. Minimum order of $20.

Update 11/17/21: $10 off $12+ DashMart orders with promo code SUPER10. Can be done three times.

Update 11/15/21: 40% off gift purchases (must select gift option during checkout) with promo code GIFT. Must be a DashPass member. $10 maximum discount.

Update 11/5/21: Use promo code FALL215 for 20% off. Valid until 11/11/21.

Update 10/28/21: 30NICEAGAIN works for 30% off up to $10 max good through 10/29.

Update 10/18/21: $15/$10 off DashMart with promo codes LVDM15/LVDM10

Update 10/17/21: 25TWICE 25% off orders over $10, up to $25.

Update 10/16/21: OCT35 works for 35% off until 10/31/21. Works for two orders, pick up only.

Update 9/25/21: SEPT35 works for 35% off until 9/30/21

Update 9/22/21: Two new codes:

  • GO25 works for 25% off, $20 maximum discount. Must be used on a group order and $40 minimum order.
  • BEDBATH works for 40% off at Bed Bath & Beyond with a $40 maximum discount. Good until 10/10

Update 9/19/21: 50% off with promo code SEPT50US4. Offer valid until September 23, 2021. Max value $15.

Update 9/10/21: $10 off $30 with promo code GETNICE10. Valid until 9/17. Hat tip to Kris

Update 9/2/21: 15% off pick up orders with promo code SEPT15. Valid until 9/7/21

Update 8/18/21: 15% off with promo code SUNNY15, this works on pickup orders as well.

Update 8/17/21: $10 off with promo code 10UNLIMITED. Can be used an unlimited amount of times (if eligible).

Update 8/14/21: 50% off with promo code ACTUALLYHALF. $10 with maximum discount.

Update 8/13/21: $20 off $20+ with promo code CRAVINGS20, works for convenience store orders.

Update 8/7/21: Three new codes:

  •  FIVEORDERS for 20% off your next five orders. Valid until 8/21
  • 5ORDERS for 20% off your next five orders. Valid until 8/21
  • QUARTERSOFF for 25% off your next two orders.

Update 8/4/21: FRIENDLY $10 off $20+ when you gift an order. You can gift an order to yourself. This is summer of DoorDash deals.  Hat tip to Tobias. 

Update 8/4/21: AUG35OFF, 35% off two pick up orders.Maximum of 2 redemptions. Not valid for the purchase of alcohol. Max value of $10. Offer valid until August 9, 2021 11:59PM PT.

Update 7/31/21: 15% off with promo code DOUBLETIME

Update 7/28/21: 50% off with promo code 50GROCERY on grocery orders until 8/10/21. 30% off regular orders with promo code 30OFF1.

Update 7/22/21: 25% off with promo code FEELINGOOD.

Update 7/21/21: 15/25%/35% off with promo code SAVE35OFF & SAVE25OFF & SAVE15OFF

Update 7/19/21: 50% off with promo code 50OFF2. Hat tip to reader EW

Update 7/13/21: $10 off $15 convenience stores with promo code 10OFFJULY

Update 7/8/21: PICKUP50 works for 50% off and pick up orders.

Update 7/6/21:  DOUBLETIME to take 15% off your next two orders. Valid until 7/13/21.

Update 7/2/21: Code HALFOFF2 works for 50% off next two orders $20 maximum discount. It’s supposed to be for new users, but working for existing users. Valid until 9/30/21. Hat tip to reader p

Update 6/21/21: 40% off your order (up to $40) with promo code: GROCERY, now through June 30th.

*40% off your first Albertsons order, up to $40: Offer valid through 6/30/21 only on the first order placed at one of participating Albertsons brand stores on DoorDash including: Safeway, ACME Markets, Albertsons, Jewel-Osco, Vons Grocery, Shaws, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Star Market, Pavilions, Carrs, United Supermarkets, Andronico’s Community Markets, Pak ‘N’ Save Foods, Market Street. Select promo code GROCERY in wallet to redeem.

Update 6/16/21: NEXT5ORDERS/NEXT3ORDERS. 25% off the next 5/3 orders. Valid until 6/30/21.

Update 6/15/21: ANYBODYTHERE, up to $25 off. ANYONETHERE is 50% off, up to $25. Ends 6/22 at 11:59pm PST. Code 20OFFCONV might also work for 20% off convenience orders.

Update 6/10/21: 10NICE for $10 off $25+.

Update 6/7/21: PICKUP10 works for 10% off on pick up orders.

Update 6/5/21: SUMMER10 for $10 off convenience orders of $15+. Hat tip to reader AS

Update 6/2/21: Deal is $5 off $10+ with promo code 5OFFLUNCH 11AM to 2PM.

Update 5/29/21: Enjoy 50% off (up to $15) your next order from a Most Loved Restaurant with code MOSTLOVED at checkout before 6/4/2021 at 11:59pm PST

Update 5/28/21: Take 50% off your grocery order of $50+ with code SUMMER50

Update 5/24/21: Code BACKCOMEBACK might work for 50% off, up to $10. Hat tip to reader Jay

Update 5/23/21: Code DP5 might work for $5, seems highly targeted but works for next 20 orders.

Update 5/19/21: Some of the codes didn’t work yesterday and have been replaced with the following codes (good until 5/26):

  • 50OFFSORRY for 50% off
  • 75OFFSORRY for 75% off

Update 5/18/21: 75OFFALL to get 75% off, maximum discount is $30. Valid between 8 AM PST on 5/18/2021 to 8 AM PST on 5/19/2021. Another code is 20CREDIT for 20% back on a future order, up to $30. 50% off one pickup or delivery order from 8 AM PST on 5/18/2021 to 8 AM PST on 5/19/2021 with code 50OFFALL

Update 5/15/21: Use code MAY25OFF at checkout to get 25% off with Pickup*” *Offer valid until May 19, 2021 11:59PM PT. Limit one per order. Not valid for the purchase of alcohol. Max value of $5.

Update 5/15/21: MAY40 works for 40% off groceries, up to $40 off.

Update 5/14/21: 20OFF12 works for 20% off convenience store orders (up to 3 orders)

Update 5/9/21: 25OFFNOMS works for 25% off pick up orders, up to $5 off.

Update 5/5/21: BURRITODOWN works for $20 off when you order a burrito. The promotion will take place in participating restaurants in select cities across the country: Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, and New York City. Will also include a bottle of Cholula. You can use this filter.

Update 5/4/21: 25OFFYAY works for 25% off and works on pick up orders.

Update 5/2/21: 30% Off $40+ With Code 30OFF40. Remember to try 40OFF first.

Update 5/1/21: $20 off $25 convenience store order with 20OFF25 (today only)

Update 4/29/21: $15 off $15+ When You Purchase snacks through a convenience store with promo code SNACKZ15

Update 4/29/21: $15 off $15+ When You Purchase Icecream through a convenience store with promo code PINT15

Update 4/29/21: 40OFF 40% off 3 orders with a minimum order value of $40 per order

Update 4/28/21: New code is DRINKS1, works for orders at convenience stores and order must include a drink.

Update 4/24/21: New code is NASCAR for $10 off $20, works on pickup orders.

Update 4/22/21: THREEORDERS 15% (up to $10) off your next 3 DashPass orders of $12+. Expires 5/2/21. Hat tip to reader Information Booth.

Update 4/8/21: 25OFFPU2 works for 25% off pick up orders.

Update 3/30/21: 20% off pick up orders with promo code 20OFFPU1. Ends 3/31, $5 max discount WEREBACK (You’ve got 30% off your next order $20+ w/ code WEREBACK), also ends 3/31

Update 3/21/21: 15OFFTASTY1 or 15OFFTASTY2 works for 15% off on pick up orders. Another reader got 25Offtasty for 25% off on pick up orders. Another code 25OFFSAFETY

Update 3/7/21: New code is 50OFF and works for 50% off grocery orders (up to three orders). Valid until 3/20/21, Min Subtotal $40, max discount $50/order.

Update 2/24/21: New code 25OFFTREAT. Hat tip to reader P

Update 2/21/21: Two YMMV codes to try:

  • FREEFOURTHS 25% off next two orders. Expires 2/28.
  • 15OFF2 15% off next two orders. Expires 2/23.

Hat tip to reader Tom

Update 2/14/21: 20DASHPASS is back with 20% max $10 off purchases over $12 and can be combined with the 5% dash pass bounce back

Update 2/13/21: $14 off liquor store order of $30+ code 14VDAY Expires 2/14.

Update 2/12/21: GUESSWHOSBACK gives 25% off.

Update 2/7/21: GAMEDAY10 gives $10 off snacks, drinks at convenience store when spending +$25. Hat tip to tom

Update 2/6/21: Get $10 off $25 on alcohol orders with promo code 10ALC. Valid until 2/7/21.

Update 1/30/21: New code is FREEFOURTHS and works for 25% off until 2/5/21. Hat tip to reader Ben

Update 12/23/20: Dashpass members get 20% off, up to $10 discount, at local restaurant orders of $15+ each Wednesday in December 2020 with promo code: WINTER20DP. Valid on the following Wednesdays – 12/2, 12/9, 12/16, 12/23, 12/29. Limit 15 redemptions per account. (ht SD)

Update 12/13/20: New code DD20OFF3MEALS works for 20% off your next three orders. Valid until 12/15. Hat tip to reader Brent C

Update  12/6/20: New code GUESSWHOSBACK works for 25% off. $5 Maximum discount.

Update 11/16/20: Worth logging into your account as some people are seeing 25% off pick up orders or $10 off $20 on pick up orders, no promo code required.

Update 11/3/20: Get 10% off orders of $12+ with promo code: DPVOTE (ht Dansdeals)

Update 10/18/20: 15% off your next two orders with promo code LUCKYYOU or LEANMEAN15. YMMV as always. Hat tip to reader Information Booth & @stepshep

Update 10/15/20: 50% off is available with promo code LITERALLYHALF. $10 maximum discount, not all accounts are eligible you might get the ‘the user is not in the target audience for this promotion’ error.

DEAD Update 10/2/20: DashPass members get $20 off with promo code DP4WKRETRY. (ht to reader @pratikj257)

Update 9/21/20: DDSAVE50X2 might also work for 50% off. Same as below. PICK30SEPT30C might work for 30% off pick up orders as well

Update 9/18/20: 50% off your next two orders with promo code DDSAVE50. Valid until 9/27. $25 maximum discount per order. It’s YMMV. DDSAVE75 might also work for 75% off.

Update 8/30/20: 25% off with promo code CHACHINGX2. $10 maximum discount, valid until 9/5/20.

Update 8/2/20: Today is the last day for the $15 off $15+, read the comments if you can’t get it to work.

Update 7/26/20: Check your app for $15 off $15+ on delivery order for DashPass members at dass pass eligible restaurants, valid through 8/2/20. It just shows up at checkout, no promo code to add. Direct Link. Works on pick up orders also Hat tip to Esther

Upcoming deals for DashPass members:

  • 8/3 – 8/9: Get a free slice of cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory when you order $12 or more. Promo code CHEESECAKE20.
  • 8/10 – 8/16: Get B-O-G-O free when you order entrees from Chipotle. Promo code CHIPOTLE20.
  • 8/17 – 8/23: Get $20 off your next Pickup order. Promo code DDPICKUP20.
  • 8/24 – 8/30: Get $15 off your convenience order. Promo code ESSENTIALS20.
  • Week 6—8/31 – 9/6: Celebrate National Pizza Week with up to $15 on pizza orders. Promo code PIZZA20.

Update 7/20/20: Offer is back again: Get 50% off with promo code DP50OFF for DashPass members. Valid through 7/24/20. Same $20 maximum as last time. Hat tip MyDearPanda

Update 7/13/20: Get 50% off with promo code DP50OFF for DashPass members. Valid until 7/13, $13/$20 maximum discount.

Update 7/11/20: Get 25% off your next two orders with promo code 25OFFNEXT2. Valid until 7/15, unfortunately not everybody is eligible. Hat tip to DDG

Update 7/5/20: DoorDash is offering some customers 50% off their first pick up order with promo code 50JULYUS. Valid until July 31st, 2020.

Update 6/29/20: DoorDash is offering some customers 50% off their first pick up order with promo code PICK50US or 50JUNUS. Valid until June 30th, 2020

Update 6/28/20: DoorDash is offering 10% off all pick up orders in July, no promo code needed you should see the offer in your account. Can be used 10 times, limit of $50 in spend per use. Valid through July 31, 2020, 11:59pm PT

Update 4/23/20: $5 off $15 panera + free shipping with promo code GETPANERA.

Update 4/21/20: $5 off and free shipping with promo code 5OFFAPRILW2. This offer is YMMV. Valid until April 23rd, 2020.

Update 4/11/20: DoorDash is offering 25% off your first convenience order. No promo code needed, $5 maximum.

Update 4/4/20: 25BONAPPETIT works for 25% off.

Update 4/4/20: 50BONAPPETIT works for 50% off. $10 maximum discount. Valid through April 10th.

Update 4/4/20; 5OFFPICKUP works for $5 off a pick up order of $10+.

Update 4/3/20: PICKUP15OFF works for 15% off pickup orders. Offer valid through April 6, 2020. Maximum discount of $15. Samsung Pay/SoFi Money for another 20% back.

Update 2/16/20: New code 20OFFPICKUP works for 20% off. Works on pick up orders only, valid through 2/16

Update 2/7/20: New code 25OFFFOOD works for 25% off up to a maximum of $20 off until 2/13. Seems to be YMMV. Hat tip to Dans Deals

Update 2/7/20: Enjoy a free* Buddy’s Original Four Square Pizza delivered on orders of $5 or more to celebrate National Pizza Day. Use code PIZZABUDDYS. Expires 2/7

Update 1/31/20: New code TOUCHDOWN works for $5 off $15, I believe it’s only good for McDonald’s.

The Offer

  • DoorDash is offering 25% off when you use the promo code 25OFF4U

The Fine Print

  • $20 maximum savings
  • Valid until 1/30

Our Verdict

Very useful for Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholders who get a $60 annual credit. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come and we see these DoorDash promo codes as often as the UberEats promo codes.

Hat tip to Dans Deals

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Take 25% off grocery and convenience orders of $20+ with code: TURKEY*

*25% off orders with a minimum subtotal of $20 per order. Maximum discount value of $20. This offer may be amended or canceled at any time without notice and is only available for customers that receive the program invitation directly from DoorDash. Offer valid until 11/28/21, 11:59pm PT.


cannot find DashMart around Boston either


where the hell does DashMart exist? says nothing in new york city


How does the GIFT code work? I can’t find how to gift a delivery, does it have to be another address? Where is the checkbox for gifting on the app? Thanks for your assistance.


On the very last page of the checkout, there’s “Send as a gift”. I had first tried entering GIFT before going to the last page, and it gave an error. So I went to the last page, did “Send as a gift”, then went back a page to enter the promo code, then continued to check out.

Harcourt Fenton Mudd
Harcourt Fenton Mudd

Just followed your instructions and GIFT worked like you said, THANKS! (and it said up to 2x so I will try it again this weekend).


FYI, GIFT has a minimum $15 purchase requirement for me.


I weirdly have both GIFT and the 35% off 2 pickup orders from last month which didn’t work then but does now.

Jay - ⒿⒶⓨ 🙈 🙉 🙊
Jay - ⒿⒶⓨ 🙈 🙉 🙊

Vaiva funny story:
saw that I also still had the 35% off code available and another named 25TWICE which gets back 25% off but expires tomorrow (as per email I received for that one).
So contacted chat to try to find out how long the 35% off is valid for. Got transferred to some “specialist” who boldly told me that both codes are valid till Dec 31st.
Showed him a screenshot of my email, and next thing I know I get a $25 credit for “having problems in redeeming my code”.
Happily take it, but am still wondering how long that 35% off is actually valid for, lol…
Any idea?

P.S.: And just noticed you’re also in the elite club of being a ‘2-thumbs-down’ member on DoC (but going by overall comment count, I’m still a way worse poster 😉 ) Outrageous!


My 35% off expired last week. I only got to use it once. FML.

P.S. Getting downvoted by both Chuck and Will is a badge of honor. Thank you for your outrage.


Let’s make it happen—with 50% off (up to $15) your next order!
Use code: HALFOFF

Promo is valid only for users who received this email directly from DoorDash. Offer valid for 30 days ending on 12/28/2021 at 11:59pm PT. Up to $15 max value. Promo Limit three per person. Other fees (including service fee), taxes, and gratuity still apply.


Enjoy 20% (max $5) off all orders of $10+ this week.
Promo code: FALL215

Promo is valid only for users who received this email directly from DoorDash. Offer expires 11/11/21. Maximum redemption value of $5. Other fees (including service fee), taxes, and gratuity still apply. All deliveries are subject to availability.


I have a stellar pickup promo right now: “Get $0 off any order of $30 or more from this store.” Thanks DoorDash.

Blah Blah
Blah Blah

NONE of these codes EVER worked for me