Posted by Chuck on November 30, 2018

Published on November 30th, 2018 | by Chuck

15 20 Days of Doorbusters on TVs, Laptops, Apple Watch & More [12/1-12/20] + Free Shipping with No Minimum

The Offer

Find all deals and signup for alerts here | Best Buy announcement (affiliate links)

Best Buy announced today 20 days of deals, from December 1 – December 20th on both and in store. Each doorbuster is guaranteed to be the lowest price of the season, so customers don’t need to worry about missing out on a better deal.

The doorbusters are secret and we don’t know exactly what the deal will be, but they did reveal the categories (image below):

Dec. 1 – MacBook Pro
Dec. 2 – Apple Watch
Dec. 3 – Dyson Event
Dec. 4 – Big-screen smart 4K TV
Dec. 5 – Touch-screen laptop
Dec. 6 – External hard drive
Dec. 7 – Wireless home security
Dec. 8 – Gaming console
Dec. 9 – Samsung cell phones
Dec. 10 – iPad
Dec. 11 – Stand mixer
Dec. 12 – Big-screen smart 4K TV
Dec. 13 – Microsoft Surface
Dec. 14 – Video doorbell
Dec. 15 – Wireless headphones
Dec. 16 – Smart display
Dec. 17 – Wireless headphones
Dec. 18 – Big-screen smart 4K TV
Dec. 19 – MacBook
Dec. 20 – HP laptop

Our Verdict

“Each doorbuster is only available on the day it’s revealed” sounds like it’ll be valid for an entire day and hopefully means there’s a nice amount of inventory so you don’t need to be sitting by your computer when it goes live.

Remember to use your Amex Offer of $30/3k for $300. And use a shopping portal.

Best Buy also announced that now through Dec. 25, shoppers get free shipping on everything, no minimum purchase required.

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Big-screen smart 4K TV on 3 days, every time different brand class of TV?

That’s my guess.

I’m guessing TCL’s gonna be one of them. Currently its best-selling models are out-of-stock on Amazon (sold by BestBuy). I missed the Cyber Monday deal. Haven’t seen as low prices anywhere else.

Was right about TCL. It was the first one. Got it!


Don’t forget to use your Amex $30 off $300 offer if you have it.

Chase Pay also if you haven’t maxed out freedom 5x for q4 yet

Go thru a portal. Swagbucks pays the most, and also they pay in store if you have the code to show on your phone. $100 is the optimal purchase price for the most points/$ spend.

Just bought a dozen 10TB easystore, if there end up a better deal will they PM?

Would using the citi price match work for this, if the price is within $200?


Information Booth

Ibotta has an in-store cash back deal for Best Buy. You get 1% cash back and a $5 bonus. Every little bit helps…John 3:16

Ordered Best Buy Gift cards from Amazon at 20% discount. Next-day pickup became 2-day, so missed the doorbuster. Amazon didn’t even apologize.

Was able to use Gift cards to get the doorbuster price even after 2 days as I had opted for store-pickup. Just need the item for a year, so don’t care about extended warranty.

Missed the $19.99 bluetooth speaker with display & Google Assistant + alarm deal. 🙁

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