Who Can Access My Credit Report?


I have terrible credit history and I am worried that future employers might not hire me because of it. I’m just wondering who can access my credit report and under what circumstances? Is there a way to check who has pulled my credit report? – John, New York



Thanks for the question, John. Employers are able to access your credit report but only if they have your written permission to view it. Employers are legally able to deny you for a job if permission is not granted though, so it’s best to give them access to this information and explain why your credit history is how it is.

You can look at who has looked at your credit history in the last twelve months (employers stay for a period of twenty four months) on your credit report. It’s generally on the second to last page. If you noticed somebody pulling the report that doesn’t have a permissible purpose for doing so, seek legal advice. It’s illegal to do so and individuals found guilty can receive felony verdicts. We’ve compiled a short list of permissible purposes below.

Permissible Purposes For Pulling A Credit Report

  • There is a court order for this credit report to be pulled
  • The person pulling the report is a lender (or works for a lender) and you are applying for some form of credit with them. Creditors may also pull your report if you are a customer with them or you have a balance that is past due
  • The person pulling the report is an insurance underwriter (or works for an underwriter) and you are applying for insurance with them.
  • The government is considering giving you a license or other public benefit (e.g social services)
  • You’re applying for work and you’ve given that employer your written consent that they are allowed to view your report
  • A person can prove a legitimate business need to view the report. For example, you are applying for a rental home. The landlord would be able to access your credit report in this case.
  • You’ve given clear instructions to the consumer reporting agency that a specific purpose may pull your credit report

As always, if anybody has any further questions we urge you to contact us. If you have a specific question relating to this topic or something isn’t clear then please ask in the comments section found below.

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