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Published on November 11th, 2014 | by William Charles


How Long Do I Have To Reach My Minimum Spend Requirement?


I’ve noticed that credit card offers almost always have a minimum spend requirement, usually $1,000 or $3,000. I’ve also noticed that this minimum spend requirement needs to be completed within a set period of time, again this is usually one month or three months.

I’m wondering two things:

  1. How is the timeframe calculated? Is this based on a calendar month? E.g, if I apply for a card on January the 2nd and it requires you to spend $1,000 within three months do I have until April the 2nd? If not how long does each card issuer consider a month?

  2. When does the clock start ticking? Is it when I first apply, when I’m approved or when I finally receive the card?

Answer: As always, thanks for your question. My personal advice to try to meet your minimum spends as early as possible, that way you don’t need to worry about the answers to these questions as you’ll always meet them on time. In addition to this I always try to ensure that I spend more than the minimum, that way if something goes wrong with one transaction I don’t miss out on the bonus. In addition to this it also doesn’t look like you’re just chasing bonuses which could be a warning signal to the card issuer to not approve you for future cards. Now that I’ve given that mini lecture

I wasn’t sure what the answer to your question would be, as I always meet my spends early. I decided to reach out to the major card issuers to see what their policy is. Most card issuers said that it’s not based on a calendar month and that they consider each month to have 30 days. Your minimum spend time period will ordinarily begin when you’re approved for your card. Obviously, this varies from card issuer to card issuer. Below we’ve listed what each of the major card issuers does:

Obviously this can be a bit annoying considering that it can take time for a card to arrive after your approved. I always ask to have my card expedited, different card issuers have different rules which you can read about here. Hope this answers your question, if you or anybody else has any other questions feel free to contact us to get an answer or leave a comment below.

8 Responses to How Long Do I Have To Reach My Minimum Spend Requirement?

  1. Sasha says:

    Hi William,
    I was reading your post on due date to meet spending requirement for various bank. My AA Citi Plat MC card gave me 105 days from date of approval. I applied may 11 2015 and was told I have till Aug 25 2015 to meet my spending requirement. When I asked about the advertised 90 days, I was told they take into account the mailing time for the card.

    Hope that helps others.

    🙂 Thanks for your blog.

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  7. Nate says:

    Thought I’d offer a DP on Amex. I went onto Amex live chat and inquired about the final day for the minimum spend on my recently approved PRG. Out of the blue, the rep said he was giving me 18 days as a courtesy and will be making a note on my account. Definitely was not needed since I’m more than halfway through the minimum spend in my first two weeks.

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