Posted by William Charles on November 21, 2018

Published on November 21st, 2018 | by William Charles


Sign Up For Desktop Notifications & Never Miss A Deal Again

How to Subscribe

I’ve just added a new feature to the site and that’s the ability to sign up for notifications. Signing up is easy:

  • Click the bell icon in the bottom right corner
  • Follow the prompts


Whenever we post a new article you’ll receive a notification that looks something like this:


As always we try to use titles that reflect the posts content as accurately as possible so you don’t need to click through to an article you have no interest in. I think/hope this will be useful to some readers. If you see any issues with it, please let me know as I am still making changes to the set up and implementation. Notifications are instantaneous after we hit the publish button, whereas notifications via Twitter and other platforms have a delay.

Keep in mind this is only available on the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

How To Unsubscribe


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Notify of

only time I’ve ever wanted to allow these notifications

Amen – only team in the biz I’ll let notify me of posts

+1 (my shortest reply ever)

Same here. First time I would allow it and I actually want to try it now. *sigh* The bar is pretty high now for any other sites I follow.

Oh hell yes

awesome, thank you

Great stuff.

While at it, I get a mixed content warning from Firefox on this site, linking to this:

Apparently there some stuff (images?) that are not downloaded through HTTPS, hence that warning.

I dont aee a bell icon (I use an IPhone).

well if ur readers are really serious about notifications then they will use Twitter + IFTT and SMS and simultaneously notify other systems. of course desktop browser based systems are fine but its only one vector of awareness.

doc, my suggestion for Twitter is to create a tag. like [New Post] or [Quick Deal] or whatever. that way people can fifilter. u respond to people on Twitter and so dont need those triggering anything. just saying.

Is it possible to reserve this for only more substantive features?

Love the site, but don’t give two shits about some regional bank with a $100 checking account bonus.

This just made my day!


I’m still reading your post from 3 years ago. NOW with a notification on my (work) computer. I won’t finish work! THANKS SO MUCH! LOL!!

Very annoying…i hate the popups, will stop coming to DoC

Thanks. My first ever allowing of notifications as well.


Signed up. Thanks!

For those who may have accidentally clicked Allow, or are curious how to disable less useful popups, see:


I can’t find the bell icon! Dang it. I don’t see it anywhere. Is there another way to sign up?

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