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Published on March 23rd, 2017 | by William Charles


Can You Turn Chase Hyatt Free Night Certificates Into Points?


A few weeks ago there was a post on /r/churning discussing turning Hyatt free night certificates earned from the Chase Hyatt card into points after the free night certificates expired (for the purposes of this post we are referring to the free night certificates earned from the sign up bonus with no category restriction, not the annual free night certificate). Frequent Miler also had a post on this in 2016, but since then World of Hyatt has been introduced.

I asked Hyatt directly about this and received the following response:

As always, our colleagues work to help our members make the most of their benefits. Colleagues evaluate requests like this on a case by case basis – there is no formal policy. That said, achieving tier status is almost always a consideration when evaluating these kinds of requests.

Reddit user pkchihuahuas spoke to three different reps and the most knowledgable seemed to say that you’ll be able to get 10,000 points per certificate with no status and 20,000 points per night with Discoverist status (from 10 stays, not the status that comes with the card). If anybody has any additional data points then please share them in the comments – although hopefully people don’t as you should be using these before they expire!


Now that this post has gone live, we are getting a lot of different data points in the comments. I thought I’d collate them below.

  • You have 90 days after the expiration of your free nights to call in
  • Free night certificates from sign up bonus:
    • 20,000 points per certificate with earned Discoverist status (e.g 25,000 base points or 10 qualifying nights): 1
  • Anniversary free night certificates (category 1-4):
    • 10,000 points: 1, 2, 3,
    • 10,000 points with Globalist: 1
  • Refusal to award points: 1
  • Extended for 30 days and then given 10,000 points: 1


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I called Hyatt several times and received different answers. One rep told me that I could get 20,000 for each night without any status or stay requirements. So I emailed and DM Hyatt Concierge to get something in writing. But the info received contradicts what the phone rep told me. Oh, I also messaged the Hyatt rep on Flyertalk. Basically, they all told me the same thing: must stay 10 nights or have 25,000 base points.

Here’s the email I received from the Hyatt Service Desk:

Thank you for your email message in regards to your free night awards. I am happy to explain this further.

It is our World of Hyatt policy that you must call in within 90 days of the expiration in order for us to review your account and free night awards.

We are able to give you 20,000 World of Hyatt points per award however, in order receive these points you must meet the requirements for your status. Since your status is Discoverist therefore in order to receive points for your free night awards, you must have 25,000 Base points or 10 qualifying nights.

If these are not met by the time the awards expire, we are unable provide points for your free night awards.

We value your membership and we look forward to your future stays at Hyatt.

Santosh Purohit

I just converted my wife’s 2 nights (That come with Chase credit card) . into 40K points . What i have been told first two nights are 20K each and then anniversary nights there after are of 10K . The rep did wrong (unintentiaonally) and gave me only 20K instead of 40 . Then when escalated to manager , he said he would 20K more on the card , which he did in few minutes . My wife is a Discoverist

Was your wife Discoverist by stays or through just status on the Chase card?

Would love to hear someone with the status from the card got the 20k/night

Here is a data point for the “annual free night certificate”:

My annual free night certificate (from Hyatt Visa Card) expired 2 weeks ago. Ten days before expiry, I called the gew WOH Globalist line and explained that I was not in a position to use it before the certificate expired. I asked if I could use it just the day after, since I had 2 rooms booked at a Hyatt property. I was told that the certificate could not be extended; but my account could be credited 10K points if I would call after the certificate expired. The rep said that it would be noted in my account. I called yesterday; there was (apparently) no note attached; but got the 10K anyway.

Hope this helps!

Please ignore the typos 🙁

Forgot about this option until I saw this post:

Just called World of Hyatt. I had 2 free nights that expired. I have Globalist status based on being Gold Passport Platinum.

Received 40,000 points for my 2 nights. Considering that they otherwise would have been wasted, I’m happy with that return.

I just called to see what option they have for my annual 1-4 night certificate which we get from Hyatt CC. They said once it expires, they can give 10,000 regardless of status if we call them and NO 20,000 with any status.

My experience mirrors Mango’s.

Have been told that you need the status as a result of stays/base points to get 20k. This is the first time I’ve ever hard of a hotel having different benefits intra-tier, but then again this is technically an unpublished benefit, so I suppose their rationale is that there isn’t any official difference. This is also why I think they used the euphemism “case by case basis” when responding to Doc– sounds better than saying their Discoverist status isn’t worth as much if you got it through a credit card.

Did not hear anything on the 10k option, but that does seems to be a pretty bad deal.

There was some scuttle at the beginning that with their new (and stupidly named) tiers, that some of the CSRs were not informed of the expiration-to-points options, but as of now I still have not heard anyone get anything in writing from anyone at Hyatt that says that if you have the Chase card (and thus a Discoverist) you can convert to the 20k WITHOUT having also achieved Discoverist via stays/base points.

If someone gets anything different, would like to hear, but I would NOT rely on a phone CSR who says “yeah sure, you are a Discoverist, so you should be able to get 20k after they expire” unless you have some documentation to back it up.

In closing I do have to say Hyatt should get an award for Best BS for their ridiculous:

“We are able to give you 20,000 World of Hyatt points per award however, in order receive these points you must meet the requirements for your status.”

This is exactly like an airline saying: “CONGRATULATIONS! you are now Executive Platinum! However, please continue to pay for your check-in luggage until you fly enough miles that you would earn Executive Platinum status, as which time we will provide you with all your new Executive Platinum benefits”

No wonder people are getting confusing answers from this. Big fail on Hyatt the way they twist the truth of having status but not having status.

It’s an unpublished benefit that Hyatt is under absolutely no obligation to provide to anyone. Frankly, it makes sense for Hyatt to do this, since people with low-level status obtained solely from having the CC are more likely to want to trade two nights at a high-end hotel for four (or more) nights at a low-end hotel.

Spoken like a true elitist

If Discoverist get 20,000 points per night, do Explorist or Globalist get more? Per FlyerTalk, it seems like they did during the Gold Passport days, but I’m curious if this is still true under WoH.

You’re ironically sowing the very confusion you missed in the point I was trying to make that you commented on above.

You just said Discoverist get 20k but that is likely a false statement. Apparently Hyatt says you have to be Discoverist WITH a stay requirement.

My point is that Hyatt should never have “tied” this to a specific tier of they’re only going to further require that tier to have been met a specific way. They should just have said “you have to stay x nights or have y points” and left any discussion of tiers out of it.

That’s why there has been so much confusion on who gets this admittedly nice unwritten benefit, because this is the only time I can recall a hotel or airline having hidden benefits within the same tier level.

How am I “sowing confusion”? Hyatt hasn’t had a status match in a long time (late 2015?), so few people, if any, have Explorist or Globalist without having actually met the requirements.

The only people to whom this allegedly “confusing” requirement applies are the people who got their status — like the free nights in question — from the Hyatt credit card.

My free night certificate expired on Jan 9th. I just sent a DM to Hyatt Concierge and said I wasnt able to utilize it last year and they offered me the 10K points as well.

at this point, its fair to say its all YMMV. this is what happens when there is a new program with no written policy and everything is just “go with the flow”.

i have also called in many times and all got different answers. nothing is clear.

Were you recently able to get 20K points per night? Thanks

DP: I’m Explorist status purely from status match with MLife (zero stays at Hyatt this year). Called about my 2 free nights from the sign up bonus and was told I need Discoverist status with 10 nights to get points. Told the CSR that I was told several weeks back that we could still get 10k pts/night even with no status, but then I realized I’m higher than Discoverist anyway. She saw that, but also saw that it was a status match. She gave me the “let me see what can I do” and two minutes later gave me 40k points 🙂

Just contacted the Hyatt Concierge on Twitter as I have a initial signup night from the credit card about to expire; I have Explorist through MLife gold, and was told they aren’t going to give me anything:

“At this time, we currently do not have an offer to exchange an award for points. The award is valid for 1 year and the expiration date is firm.”

I have Discoverist status (from credit card). I just called, and was told that they cannot extend the expiration date, and they cannot convert the cert into points for me.

It appears they are no longer giving points for expired certificates. Called Hyatt twice, and messaged their twitter and no luck.

Is there any DP that the Explorist status (from M Life Gold match) can turn the free nights into points?

I am Explorist and had one free night expiring – called customer service and they gave me 20k points for that.

Anniversary free night or free night from the CC signup bonus?

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