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Published on November 13th, 2018 | by William Charles


Capital One Miles To Be Transferable To 12 Airline Loyalty Programs (2:1.5 Rate)

Capital One has made a massive improvement to the Capital One Venture card (along with VentureOne, Spark Miles and Spark Miles Select)  Starting sometime in December cardholders now have the ability to transfer Capital One miles to 12 travel programs at a rate of 2 venture miles to 1.5 airline miles. This card also earns 2 venture miles per $1 spent, making it effectively a 1.5x earning card for these programs. The 12 transfer partners are as follows:

  • Aeromexico
  • Aeroplan (Air Canada)
  • Alitalia
  • Avianca
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Etihad Airways
  • EVA Air, Finnair
  • Flying Blue (Air France and KLM)
  • Hainan Airlines
  • Qantas
  • Qatar Airways

Capital One has also stated that they plan to add more transfer partners on a regular basis. Capital One is also offering an increased sign up bonus of 75,000 points on the Capital One Venture card to celebrate the announcement of this new program. You can read more about that in our dedicated post here.

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Well honestly that shocked me. Capital One actually useful for something. They haven’t been relevant since they had that Uber discount a couple years ago.

It is great to have one more player in the game. Now only if they will approve me with my current #/24 standing…

I hope they’ll run 1:1 promotions from time to time, that would make this truly great.

As it is, the card currently earns 1.5 mpd, which is already more than standard 1x. PGFHGS.

I think he means the redemption rate.

So am I.

Now if only I hadn’t just signed up for the Venture card! Any DP’s on Cap1 matching? I am going to give it a go!

I’m wondering as well. I’m still meeting the min spend on mine.

I called and no dice. “This offer is only available to new applicants.”

Capital One does not match higher sign up bonuses. So make sure you’re applying for the best offer.

So a 75% loss in points. It looks like a great start for the beginning stages of a transfer program. I’m sure it’ll get better.
The 75,000 points is really tempting.

Looks to be 25% loss

Is Cap1 sensitive to new accounts, inquiries, or both? I’m 20/24 and 9/12 on new personal cards…worth a shot?

Definitely go for it ($750)

Wow, that’s an unexpected good news.

Is it possible to churn w/Capital One (is there a specific waiting period to apply for the Venture Card again if bonus was received previously)?

You can get the sign up bonus on Capital One cards more than once. As long as you’re approved, you should get the bonus. There doesn’t seem to be any minimum waiting period.
Capital One has limits when it comes to how many cards you can have with them. Maximum of two personal cards, but only Capital One branded cards (e.g not co-branded cards like the Sony card) count. Cards that have been product changed due to other cards being discontinued do not count either (even if they are Capital One branded cards).

Dang. Not looking forward to the 3 bureau hard pull to get one.

CapOne has been aggressive in getting people back to using the Venture card recently (giving spending bonuses, google pay credit, pre-check/global entry credit), which is great for me, since I somehow lucked into no-annual-fee-“forever” several years ago, which is really the only reason I’m still holding on to the card.

(that said these are just so-so partners)

Curious, …how did you luck into the no-annual-fee-“forever” version?

Where’s the press release for this?

I’m not pulling the trigger until I see something official.

Same here. I don’t see any press release on their site. No direct link…

That is Great news.

The new best way to book an El Al flight is now Cap 1 > Qantas.

Hainan Airlines! This is the first program that can transfer points to HNA if I remember correctly.

This intrigued me as well, I know nothing about their program. Know if any sweet spots?

I believe they use km instead of mile, so 2 to 1.5km is actually less than 2 to 1 mile

Also Hainan airlines can redeem award tickets on Hong Kong airline and Capital airline which I believe have flights to NA. The rate is reasonable considering you accumulate km instead of miles. Also this year They have a huge promotion on all award ticket operated by Hong Kong airline. A one way ticket from Shanghai to Hong Kong is 9k km after.promotion.

A 5-star airliner having many non-stop flights between US and China. For example the only airline offering non-stop service from Boston to Beijing/Shanghai. They also have a non-stop flight connecting China to San Jose – an easier/smaller airport more convenient for a lot of people in the Silicon Valley.

yes, but hainan has been (theoretically) bookable with AS miles for a while now

Not just theoretically. They are wide open most days. But a small YQ charge though. I booked a biz tix easily.

This is great news! Now I can use those rewards miles for something useful.

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