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Published on October 20th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] Cathay Pacific Credit Card Bonus Increased To 50,000 Miles After $2,500 In Spend [Ending 31st]

Deal has expired, view the best credit card bonuses by clicking here.

Reposting because this deal is due to expire on the 31st.

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Synchrony & Cathay Pacific have increased the sign up bonus on their cobranded credit card to 50,000 miles after $2,500 in spend within the first 90 days of account opening.

Card Details

  • Annual fee of $95 is not waived the first year
  • Card earns at the following rates:
    • 2x Asia miles per $1 spent on eligible Cathay Pacific travel and in-flight purchases
    • 1.5x Asia miles per $1 spent on dining in the US or aboard
    • 1.5x Asia miles per $1 spent on purchases outside of the US
    • 1x Asia miles on all other purchases
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Complimentary first year green tier membership in the Marco Polo Club (Cathay Pacific’s loyalty program. Green tier is their base level and as I understand it first year is always free. Second year onwards you need to pay $100 USD or earn 100 Club points).
  • Offer expires October 31st, 2017 according to e-mail sent out to members.

Our Verdict

Standard bonus on this card is 25,000 and that’s the only bonus we’ve ever seen. This is double that and in my opinion makes signing up for the card worth it. Keep in mind that this card is issued by Synchrony, I’d recommend reading this post about them before applying. It seems that they always pull TransUnion for applications. You can read our full review of the card here (just note the higher sign up bonus now available). It is worth remembering that SPG, American Express Membership Rewards & Citi ThankYou points all transfer to Cathay.

In terms of using Cathay Pacific miles below is their award chart (found here):

asia miles

I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on redeeming miles, because I’m not. I’d recommend you read this post over at Travel is Free to get a good idea on the best uses of these miles. Let me know if you’re going to apply for this card in the comments and if so what your plans are for the miles. Also keep in mind that miles expire after a three year period and the only way to extend them is by paying a fee.

94 Responses to [Expired] Cathay Pacific Credit Card Bonus Increased To 50,000 Miles After $2,500 In Spend [Ending 31st]

  1. Abey says:

    JFK to Hong Kong nonstop seems cool.

    By the way in the terms and conditions it says If you do not qualify for a Cathay Pacific Visa Signature card you will automatically be considered for the Cathay Pacific Visa card. The Reward Program Terms are the same for both types of card. However, the Visa Signature card and Visa card have different Visa benefits, APRs and credit limit requirements.

    Also miles expire after 3 years no matter the activity.

    Here are two good links with more about Cathay pacific and asia miles.

    • rich says:

      good luck getting business class seats on JFK to HKG. Nearly impossible even 6 months out IME

    • Kirk says:

      hi Abey. Thanks for the links.

      I don’t have much experience with frequent flyer programs.

      Getting the 50k miles spending $2,500 I could do. & pay $95 for the card.

      I’m near Chicago. Flexible when I travel & fine traveling in economy. I would like to go somewhere international.

      Anyone suggest how I might maximize? If I understand correctly, 25,000 miles each way in zone C for 2,501 – 5,000 miles.

      So maybe something 5,000 miles away from Chicago? Hints travel destination & tips appreciated.

  2. NinjaX says:

    no. MPC green is never free without help. this was changed 2 years ago after too many were “elite”. now it costs money to even join the program. so you must initially pay $100 then it costs either $100 or 100 points annually to maintain it.

    even this CC only gives complimentary FIRST year green tier membership. it should at least waive the annual $100 fee for green.

  3. Marshall says:

    Hmmm, nice sign up bonus. 50,000 points on Cathay Pacific is good. I’m going to definitely consider it and use this card for restaurants and overseas since it’s 1.5x. I’ve flown CX once in Business Class once for free and loved it. I can’t wait to fly their Business Class or First Class again.

  4. Cedar Swamp-Thing says:

    Just FYI, it doesn’t seem that they do automatic approvals via the website. Apparently all approvals are manual and take 1-7 business days. Just applied and am waiting to hear.

    • Sayeed says:

      Not True. I received one of those pre-screened offers in the mail. Just applied online tonight. Instant approval with a 7500 CL.

  5. BlueEyes_Austin says:

    Asia Miles books 360 days in advance, rather than AA 330. That’s a pretty big deal, especially for J/F to Australia.

  6. Gordon says:

    Is this card churnable?

  7. mike says:

    read post at travel is free and couldn’t find this info:

    Is Cathay able to transfer out to a domestic program of hotels or airlines? I have no ambitions to fly out of country anytime soon – can figure if this is worth trying to get…


  8. MarcoPolo says:

    Can the miles be combined between two accounts?

  9. Tim G says:

    This link explains alot. It is very complicated, but worth it for people who travel internationally.

  10. Rick says:

    Card is churnable every 4 months. Enjoy

  11. Avi says:

    How churnable is this card? Anyone?They don’t have any 24 month/lifetime language anywhere.

  12. Spencer says:

    Cathay can be your golden ticket to book West Coast to HKG to Australia. They release 5 J on every 777 from SFO and LAX and that’s about 7 planes per day. I recently flew on them from SFO to Bali via HKG and had a fantastic trip in J for 3 people RT, using Alaska Miles though, not Asia Miles. As another mentioned above, booking those seats before they are visible to AA and British is huge. Alaska no longer allows the 360 day out CX booking, but they used to allow it via special partner desk.

  13. Steven says:

    I have 4 cards from Synchrony and they’ve always pulled Experian for me, curious about your comment that they almost exclusively pull TransUnion. I have no bureaus frozen. I’d prefer to have them pull from TransUnion since I have no pulls from there but in 4 cards it’s always been Experian for me.

    • NinjaX says:

      where are you located? people who say that dont get how CRA work. its based on region.

      west coast Synchrony pulls EXP for me. its used to be heavy TU, but its YMMV based on location. Synchrony also went thru a lot of bullshit and ownership transitions and etc. things have changed. only real bank that is consistent across all north America is Barclay with TU.

  14. Ben O. says:

    I plan on getting this. I’ve moved through most of the cards from the bigger banks the past 2-1/2 years. I also have a pile of 95,000 Citi TYPs I’ve been sitting on with not much plans for use. With their current transfer bonus of 20%, I can combine this and get 166,500 miles (after spend of $2,500) – which should be enough for RT in business class ATL-ORD-HKG-DPS-HKG-LAX.

  15. SS says:

    Would like to know how they handle remove-authorized-user-requests.

  16. jeffersun says:

    pulled TU (HI). First sync app ever, had to call in to verify ID (like 30 minutes on hold, ouch). Response will be sent in the mail

    • Mark says:

      DP: TransUnion was pulled. Same experience, had to call to validate my application (they sent a text message verification to my phone that was listed on the application) and was told I would know via mail in 10-14 days.

  17. jason says:

    What is the love affair with this Travel is free? Are you two guys a couple? Please stop forcing that poser down our throats.

  18. Chicagoan33 says:

    Hi for Asia miles does anyone know if I can purchase 2 flights one for me and one for wife or do I need to create Asia miles account for wife and move miles to both of our accounts? Thanks!

  19. ihg newbie says:

    the only thing that’s appealing about this card is the sign up bonus. you are better off using CSP or CSR or even citi TY Premier or prestige for international spend on hotel, restaurant, taxi, etc
    unless you can do about $20,000 annually outside these categories, this card is not worth keeping.

  20. JD says:

    I will get one of these, and one for my wife, too. I love flying with CX: two trips from ORD to SE Asia with them so far, and another one coming up in November, in premium economy, which I booked on the phone with Asia Miles, it was easy. I will use these miles, along with some AMEX MR points to go to Indonesia in a couple of years.

    • Chicagoan33 says:

      Hi JD, I’m new to Asia Miles & I’m also in ORD 🙂 Can I use my Asia Miles account to book my ticket & my wife’s or do I need to open Asia Miles account for her? Thanks! I flew first class on CX before & that was amazing. I’ll probably fly business to Indonesia mainly because of their amazing lounges in HKG.

      • JD says:

        We each had separate Asia Miles accounts. I would assume you could book tickets for both of you from your account, but I don’t know that for certain.

        I’m actually in MSN, but fly from ORD sometimes. 🙂

  21. JASON says:

    Thank you for applying for the Cathay Pacific Visa® Card. You’re almost done. Please call 855-486-5157 within the next 48 hours to complete your application. For your records your reference is *****. If we do not hear from you within that timeframe you will receive a written communication from us within the next 7-10 business days.

    We are available to assist you Monday – Sunday 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. ET.

    • Jason says:

      Offer expires on 10/31/2017, only Asia Miles or Marco Polo member would be able to apply. If not with an account/membership with them, you might be contacted by Cathay to set up one.

    • JASON says:

      OK, got the mail today from Synchrony Bank’s fraud department. There is this call back phone number 800-480-0186. So called, provided the reference number starting with Cathl and followed by some numbers, full name and last 4 of SSN. CSR said it was actually approved but they just need to speak to the person to make sure it’s “me”. (Well, actually my Dad). I asked CSR whether they could expedite shipping of the Cathy CC, however no. It would be mailed in 7-10 business days.

      DP: In New York, applied on 8/9, before applying, 759 on Trans Union, 6 inquiries, after applying: 5 points dropped (754) and 7 inquiries now (new said Syncb/cathay).

      Wait, but I still have to receive the card to ensure it’s really approved, right? I’ll create an asia miles account for myself too to apply for the same CC. I’m 737 on TU with 12 inquiries, I want to see if I can be approved or not.

      • JASON says:

        Experian reported this morning that a new account has been added, that being said, open successfully at 759 on TU with 6 inquiries

      • TimmyD says:

        I used this phone number and was able to confirm that I was already approved. Thanks Jason for providing

  22. Leana says:

    I’ve been investigating this program and even wrote a post on it recently on my own blog. I won’t link because I don’t want to spam DoC site.
    Anyway, I came across an interesting quirk with the help of one of my readers. The mileage requirement is calculated differently, according to how many partners you include. I found an online brochure that contains Asia Miles redemption rules. You can access it here:

    Interestingly, when you redeem miles on just one Cathay partner (as in ONLY American or Alaska Airlines), you don’t have to add up all the segments individually. The rules, however, are different for multi-carrier award. This is significant, and here is why. Let’s say you want to fly from New York to Rio de Janeiro on AA and have to connect in Miami. When you add up the mileage for individual segments, it bumps you into Zone D, which costs 60k miles roundtrip.

    However, if you check Asia Miles calculator, it shows a price of 45k miles. That’s because the distance between JFK and GIG airports (straight line) is 4,787 miles, which falls into Zone C. And you can even add a stopover in Miami at no cost. This is a great deal for those who have to fly to deep South America and want to tack on a stopover in Miami. There are many other possibilities. Of course, finding sAAver award availability on AA will be problematic. Plus, I’m not sure how this will work in practice. Hope this helps some of your readers!

  23. Andrew Jeschke says:

    I think the Cathay Pacific credit card is a total scam. They won’t provide a number to underwriting. They say, we don’t have an underwriting department. What credit card company doesn’t have an underwriting department. They hung up on me when I called. I think it should be taken off the website.

  24. TimmyD says:

    Pending status, without the call this number message that some of you have received. Is this a bank that it is advisable to call when pending? Or is it better to wait?

  25. Chicagoan33 says:

    Just applied and got this: Thank you for applying for the Cathay Pacific Visa® Card. You’re almost done. Please call 855-486-5157 within the next 48 hours to complete your application. For your records your reference is xxxxx . If we do not hear from you within that timeframe you will receive a written communication from us within the next 7-10 business days.

    We are available to assist you Monday – Sunday 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. ET.

    I called, got transferred to Cathay card rep, he asked for a cellphone number, sent me a txt & I verified the number, then said it needs further review & they’ll mail or call me with the result in 7-14 days. I am over 5/24.

    • Chicagoan33 says:

      They also hard pulled Transunion

    • SS says:

      I don’t have this message. All I get is a reference number and a “receive your application by mail in the next 15 days”
      Is this how it works when you apply online?

    • Matt says:

      Do you know if you will get the sign up bonus? I’m wondering if it’s like the Alaska card where they don’t give the sign up bonus to the non-Signature version of the card.

      I got an email today with a link to an approval letter and the letter text didn’t mention Signature. So I’m a little hesitant to spend on the card without confirmation.

  26. ElJefe says:

    I don’t recall having to call or anything like that I got an email approval after the fact and the card showed up last night, but I didn’t know the Asia Miles # when I applied so I’ll have to get that sorted out and they’ll resend a new card. I suppose it said somewhere but it’s usually on the card, but I realized I didn’t know what website to use to check credit line ($8k), check rewards, and pay the bill. It’s (which redirects to Synchrony’s website).

  27. ElJefe says:

    Forgot to mention, we’re going to fly from NYC or LAX to Sydney via Hong Kong in business class, so the 50k CX bonus miles 20% points bonus for Citi TY points transfers was really timely. Especially as someone else earlier commented, it’s getting harder to get new bonuses without bumping into Amex, Citi, or Chase rules. So I appreciate it’s Synchrony instead of the big 3.

  28. Jimbo says:

    I was just approved after a week of waiting at lol/24.

  29. Chicagoan33 says:

    Anyone have any luck lowering cash advance to $0? Sending a secure message did not work, calling in the rep said credit limit would have to be lowered but its multiplied by 20% so it’ll never be $0, I’ll try during the weekday to see if I get the same answer.

  30. Pain says:

    When you apply, use a phone number that is not a VOIP number. I called in after the application and they would not verify me with my cell (Google Voice) number and wouldn’t use any other number I provide.

    • Chicagoan33 says:

      The only cc company where when I call in even after being approved, they verify me by sending a sms to my cell (not Google voice) while on the phone with them. I’m still not having luck getting cash advance lowered to $0, $20, or $100. They keep insisting credit limit would have to be lowered and its roughly 20% of your credit limit.

  31. Jimbo says:

    Does anyone know which website they use for online accounts? I can’t register the card with my accounts at

  32. rich says:

    I suspect synchrony bank is discriminating by age. My 70 year old mother who has an 820+ credit score, regular income, no housing payments and under 5/24 applied for the card and was rejected. No letter, bank would not say why she was rejected over the phone. I applied and was approved. CFPB will hear about this

    • Leo says:

      You should file a CFPB complaint and file lawsuit. It must be age discrimination–that’s the first logical assumption to jump to. Couldn’t be any other reason… Approvals for banks are always black & white. For get em! [rolls eyes]

      • Rich says:

        Hi I filed a complaint with cfpb. Synchrony claimed they could not verify my mom’s info. What a load of bs. Then they sent a rejection letter for a Lowe’s card application that my mom never applied for. I dunno if they’re trying to intimidate her or pull a Wells Fargo.

        Gonna apply again and complain if they reject. Gotta use the police state against them

  33. Tony says:

    Got no approval email but new account reported to experian today. Kinda weird.

  34. alex says:

    Pulled trans union in CA

  35. JASON says:

    Reminder to all that this offer expires at the end of the month 10/31/2017

    so far, as long as you hit min. purchase requirement in the first billing circle your bonus miles will be first posted on the statement, and then takes several days to post on your Cathay account after login. Please note when applying for the card, you should already have an account number with Cathay Asian Miles and that your name on CC must match the one on your Asian Miles account.

  36. Matt says:

    DP: Just applied and they pulled TU. NYC resident, 800 TU score, last new card applied for was about 4 months ago. No instant approval, message says “We are in the process of reviewing your application and you will receive a decision on your application by mail in the next 15 business days.”

  37. Ryan says:

    Can I use this for domestic travel? If so how?

  38. Ryan says:

    How do u book domestic flights?

    • Marshall says:

      For 40,000 miles you can fly between JFK-YVR in First Class. Other than that you will have to use the Cathay Pacific award chart for flights on American Airlines or Alaska airlines. Cathay Pacific has 2 award charts, the cheaper one is when flying on them and the higher one is when flying on partners like American and Alaska.

  39. James33 says:

    DP from CA: Pulled from TU

  40. LC says:

    DP from KS: Pulled from TU – No immediate approval or denial, same standard 15 days processing notification.

  41. Matt says:

    Anyone have issues creating your Asia Miles account? I reset the password like the letter in the mail (from Synchrony Cathay Pacific said to do) but I now get the error message saying “Your membership is in-active” after I click login.

    I called Synchrony Cathay Pacific support and they said they can’t help me, so I emailed Asia Pacific support (no response yet), but I’m wondering if I’ll have to separately create a new Asia Miles account and request that my Synchrony card be reassigned to the new account number. They can do this right? *crosses fingers*

  42. Matt P says:

    Don’t bother calling in even if you can find a number. I found a number and called because I went pending and got to analyst who suggested I was approved but needed to do verification. Makes sense because I moved recently. Then I got bounced around to 6 different people before finally getting to fraud and being told I would get something in the mail.

  43. Paul says:

    I had two negative experiences with Synchrony that has really put me off applying for their cards anymore. The first was back when they launched their 5% rebate Amazon card. I was flatly denied for their card despite having good credit and an existing Amazon Chase card (which at the time gave the 3% back).

    Then just this past summer when they started the increased signup for the Cathay Pacific card I was excited and applied. I was approved and sent the card, but then they put a hold on the card stating that there was a problem with my identity. I tried to call to have this resolved. They said they could not confirm my mobile phone number (which I had listed as the primary contact number. We don’t use a land line). I’ve had no issues with other card sign ups (Chase, Citi, Amex). They said they would send me some paperwork and I would have to scan copies of my DL and show proof of address, and send it all back. They sent me a notice of the hold on the card, but no other paperwork arrived. By this time a month was up and I’d missed the window for making the first set purchases I’d planned (to meet the three month spend for the award). But beyond this, I’d received a statement billing me for the annual fee. I was beyond ticked. So I called and after considerable time with customer service, got the card cancelled and the annual fee rescinded. I had to get transferred to two departments because of the hold on the card. But that wasn’t the end of it. The next month, I get another bill for interest on the annual fee (which was rescinded). So back on with customer service again.

    So despite having a hold on the card (from inception), because they couldn’t confirm my identity, they were still able to bill me and send me statements. >_<

    Thankfully, I was able to get back on track and take advantage of the increased Hilton Surpass signup bonus instead.

    I realize that my experiences are limited to my own circumstances and not indicative of other users, but I've never encounter such difficulty when applying for other cards (with the exception of having bumped against the 5/24 rule).

    • damnSynchrony says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I had an issue with the mobile number and didn’t get approved and that was a super frustrating experience but it pales in comparison to what you had to go through. If I apply for a Synchrony card again, I’m going to use my work phone number.

  44. James says:

    Nice, auto approved! Pulled from TU in VA.

  45. Mark says:

    Pulled TU in DC

  46. Bemywife says:

    TU in NJ. Recived new account alert after a week.

  47. Anthony says:

    Interesting that both my wife and I applied and received a 15 days notification, rather than the 7-10 days and a message to call in. I waited a week (TU credit pull) to call in and spoke with a rep who verified I was approved for $9,500 ($8,600 for my wife). Nothing yet in Credit Karma and no email indicating my approval. I was actually surprised it went pending, considering how many pre-approved letters they’ve sent me over the past few months.

  48. Peng says:

    I was auto approved on 31st and just received the card today. Call the CSR and was told that the account was set up on 3rd so I am not eligible for this offer???

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