Posted by William Charles on October 2, 2017
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Published on October 2nd, 2017 | by William Charles


Celebrating Our Three Year Blog Anniversary

Long time readers will know it’s not really our three year blog anniversary, we’ve actually been around for more like four years. But the reason I titled this post as such is because three years ago we made the decision to remove all the credit card affiliate links from the site. If you haven’t read the post detailing our reasons behind that change before, I really recommend you do.

One of the great things to come out of that decision was that we’ve been able to build a community around this site, as readers have been more willing to share information/deals with us and each other. I think part of that comes from the fact that we try to put our readers first and part of it comes from the fact that we’re willing to listen to our readers and adjust the site based on their feedback (whether it be positive feedback or constructive criticism). I never thought we’d have the audience and reach we do when I first started out and I’m committed to try to use that to improve the lives of the readers.

I’m also eternally grateful for finding Chuck. Without him it’s likely that I’d no longer be blogging and it’s a privilege getting to read his content on this site. I’m also thrilled to have Sirtheta & Don L adding their unique takes on a regular basis. The biggest thanks must be left to each and every reader, especially if you’ve ever left a helpful comment or shared a deal or some insider knowledge. Without the regular contributions of readers this site would not be what it is today. If you’re a regular reader and have never commented/shared a deal, please don’t be a stranger!

Thanks for reading and indulging me on this selfish post and here’s to three more years!

87 Responses to Celebrating Our Three Year Blog Anniversary

  1. Paris says:

    Salute! Salute! Salute!

  2. Justin says:

    Happy Anniversary! There is a reason DoC is known as the Gold Standard in this community.

    • jay says:

      On one hand, there’s DoC. And on the other, there’s TPG “2017 Citi Prestige exclusive(!!) destination/champion/king of affiliate links and lord commander of all 75k Prestige referrals for 2 exclusive weeks, the Master-of-SellOuts”. Yea, I think I’ll bend the knee for DoC.

      • Blue says:

        You mean “Citibank ™ Prestige MasterCard ™”

      • D says:

        Exactly. I was just going to mention this. I was looking for the biggest sign-up bonus last week on a card (can’t remember which one) and the TPG article had a bonus at HALF that amount and talked it up like it was the holy grail. Can’t trust them.

  3. Gonzohawk says:

    Congrats, DoC! Thanks for everything you do both here and over in r/churning!!

  4. Kate says:

    Yes Congrats to you and your team! This site’s the best!

  5. Bill F says:

    Hip Hip Hooray! Congrats on three (and four) years!

  6. Drew says:

    No other blog even comes close for me it terms of delivering useful information. Thanks.

  7. Lance says:

    Big congrats! Your site is one of my goto sites for great/informative/unbiased information. You guys rock!

  8. Their says:

    Congratulations. This blog has been a great accomplishment.

  9. Charlie says:

    Keep up the good work. We appreciate you.

  10. Sam says:

    Congrats! Thanks so much for everything you guys do!

  11. Frank says:

    Your insight and research on bank accounts have been invaluable!! Congrats DoC!

  12. Robert says:

    This is always the website I open each morning. Congratulations, and thank you!

  13. Yao says:

    Congrats DOC! You’re the best blogger. Love reading your posts.

  14. Evan says:

    Great site! Appreciate the honest feedback you provide.

  15. Russ says:

    Eschewing cc affiliate links and focusing on original content are probably the smartest moves you made!

    I remember checking out this site in your early days when you first started promoting it (I saw your links on Fatwallet Finance) It came across as just another cc affiliate site that regurgitated others’ content and added no real value.

    About a year later other blogs were linking to you often enough that I checked out the site again and found you’d really improved. Now I check the site almost daily and refer others regularly.

    Congrats and keep up the good work!

  16. Houstonmama says:

    Congrats! Thanks for all you do!

  17. Lantean says:

    Great job guys!

    You are such a welcome change in the blogospehere and and unlike predatory blogs (OMAAT, TPG, VFTG, DD ect) you guys actually help! I guess because you’re not owned by the credit card issuers…

  18. DanV says:

    Congrats! We appreciate all the time you put into sharing such helpful information.

  19. Blue says:

    Thanks for creating a unique space on the web for everything churning related.

  20. Jason says:

    Congrats! This is an awesome blog!! Keep up the good work!!

  21. Peter says:

    Congrats DOC and fellow posters.

  22. David says:

    Many thanks to all of you for being my first and most trusted site of all things points and cred card related!

  23. Avi says:

    In DOC we trust.

  24. Ryan says:

    Love this site. Honest. Direct. No bullshit.

  25. Keith H. says:

    Happy Anniversary and many more.

  26. Wyle says:

    Does this mean there’s a deal on cake somewhere?!
    Happy Birthday, DoC!! Here’s to many more.

  27. Daniel Ryan says:

    Congratulations! Thanks all for the great postings.

  28. Leo says:

    Congrats! Your site is my go to blog, I visit several times a day. Many thanks for all the content. I support the site via links and encoutsge others to do so so well.

  29. Karl.L says:

    A True life-saver site. Cheer your anniversary.

  30. Liz says:

    Congrats! Keep up the good work, I don’t think there’s a blog we link to more than you. Constantly outstanding content. Great to see people doing it right being successful.

  31. bunnyburning says:

    Happy Anniversary! This site is my favorite financial website. Thank you so much for what you guys have done in the past three years!

  32. Nancy says:

    Happy Anniversary! I am a new reader who just recently found your website. I like what I see 🙂

  33. MoreSun says:

    I raise a glass to the DoC team! I’m taking my family to Disney World later this year for their first trip & it never would have happened without this site. Thank you all so very much!

  34. Rena says:

    It’s been a few months, love this site and all that you do. Thank you so much and happy anniversary~~~~~

  35. Simon says:


  36. JASON says:

    The oldest post is 12/20/2012, so it’s been almost 5 years right?

  37. Alen says:

    Much love for this blog! Salute from Oklahoma! <3<3<3

  38. Vic Jang says:

    Thank you Will and Chuck for making all the continued effort in collecting and compiling all the information sent to you. It not an easy job to deal with the huge amount of information and definitely requires excellent organization skills.

    Doctor of Credit is like the one and only unicorn in the credit card scene. It’s a blessing to have you around!

  39. Ben says:

    Love your site and all the work you do, appreciate it a lot! Keep it up and looking forward to the next 3 years as well!

  40. Jane says:

    Thanks for everything Doc!

  41. Yaoyu Yang says:

    Can’t believe it’s only three years! Great job guys!

  42. MarcoPolo says:

    Congratulations on a job well done and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  43. Abey says:

    Everytime my gf sees me reading on my phone
    She asks. Are you reading the doctor again?

  44. Redbluefire says:

    Thanks for one of the most genuinely helpful websites I’ve ever used. Cheers to 30 more years!

  45. Dan says:

    Congrats, I think Ive been reading this blog since around January 2015. So ive been with you since almost the beginning. Keep it going

  46. Atul says:

    Congratulation DOC. Love coming here everyday.

  47. Mac says:

    Congratulations!! Your passion is off the charts and the community here is amazing.


  48. Brent says:

    Appreciate all you guys do! Congrats

  49. Rob says:

    Congratulations! I’m grateful you are willing to share so much with your readers.

  50. Kwei says:

    Thank you doc for all you do! Your blog is the best around!

  51. Mser says:

    Only blog I regularly read. The rest are just whoring themselves for credit card income.

  52. Jon says:

    You guys are to travel what MMM is to finance. The two of you have guided me through a lot of good times. I will be drinking a toast tonight to you guys.

  53. Philip says:

    You guys are the best!

  54. MP says:

    Happy Birthday, guys! 🙂

    Thank you for everything you do.

  55. AL says:

    Thank you so much DoC, Chuck, Sirtheta, Don L, and all the readers who give their honest take on everything!

  56. Chris says:

    Cheers to the best financing blog there is!! Keep up the great work!

  57. Your the reason why I live. (if this doesn’t make the best of best comments for 2017, not sure what will )

  58. Skippy says:

    Happy Anniversary! (Sort of.) I appreciate all the hard work that goes into this site. THANK YOU!

  59. Thanks for all the kind words, everybody!

  60. tinytavosa says:

    Appreciate all you guys do. The site has been a fantastic help for the last few years and I am only sad that I didn’t stop lurking earlier! haha.

    DP’s for all! In DP’s we trust…!

  61. JTI says:

    My first comment…Y’all are the best points blog by a wide margin and the only one I make a point of not missing. Congrats on 3 years!

  62. spamman808 says:

    Yeah guys! One of the few blogs i still read. You guus do abgreat job keeping us informed. Thanks!

  63. Mark says:

    Salute your dedication man. This blog is world class. The information presented is top notch and professionally written. I don’t know how you do this and what drives you to do this. It’s not like we are paying you money. Only issue I have is why you guys aren’t moving to a forum style website where it would be so beneficial to everyone including you. I have noticed you never want to talk about it. Be that as it may be.

  64. avi says:

    congrats and thanks for the solid content all the time!

  65. quasimodo says:

    Happy b-day! I’d like to know…who is Chuck?

  66. TheMonkeyTech says:

    Happy Bday!! Love this site!

  67. Trippy says:

    A timely place to thank the doc once more. Discovered this site some 10 months back and it has been profits galore since then.

  68. Louis says:

    I always wondered why other blogs never replied when people referenced your HIGHER offers.


  69. DD says:

    Hey, Congratulations. Thank you both!
    A great site. Invaluable information for our financial health and advancement.
    You are deconstructing the banking culture. For me the only comparable site in value is the fantastic CPFB itself – for as long as it will last. >_<

  70. Reubenfairbird says:

    You are my go to source for reliable info!! Keep up the good work and congrats!

  71. RV3 says:

    Im down with the DoC…yeah u know me! (Cue 90s hip hop music)

    To another year, keep up the good work #TeamDoC

  72. Chris says:

    I honestly hope you guys make enough from your AdSense revenue to at least make it worth having 4 people on staff. You guys are incredible, and have literally made my family $4K richer over the last few years…. and I wish you and your families the best.

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