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Published on June 14th, 2017 | by Chuck


Chase Freedom Q3 Categories will Be Restaurants and Movie Theaters

The Chase Freedom Q3 category will be restaurants and movie theaters. It’s not yet showing on the main site, but you can see it when you login to your Chase Freedom account. It’ll be live for signup tomorrow.

The Discover Q3 category will be restaurants as well, as we reported a while back. The Citi Dividend Q3 quarterly category will be airlines and Hilton. The US Bank Cash+ will be the same as previous quarters.

Restaurants isn’t bad, but bummer that no one is doing gas for the summer, and that Discover and Freedom overlap on the restaurant category. For those with CSR, it’s really just 2x extra on top of the ordinary 3x CSR earn.

44 Responses to Chase Freedom Q3 Categories will Be Restaurants and Movie Theaters

  1. Ferris says:

    Any way to MS Restaurants?

  2. Andrey says:

    A bit of a blow isn’t it

  3. Dan says:

    Why do Discover It and Freedom seem to overlap so much? It seems like it would be in Discover’s best interest to differentiate. For me, given the choice, I’m going to use my Freedom.

    • Eduard says:

      Well…. Unless you’re still in year one. Then you’re getting 10% with Discover

    • TanT says:

      Freedom announces the category after Discover, so it’s apparently not Discover who tries to overlap.

    • Mike L says:

      They probably want you to choose. If Chase did restaurants 5% in Q2 and Discover did it in Q3, they would lose more as everyone would just use the Freedom in Q2 and Discover in Q3. Matching it up makes more sense from that perspective, but I’m with you that most people that have both cards will probably Freedom, as the UR points can be much more valuable than Discover cashback.

      • themanwhocan says:

        I prefer Discover cashback to Freedom. I cash the points in for gift cards, so I get a bonus that way. Freedom is only useful if you have one of the Chase cards with annual fees, and use that to transfer points for travel. Not everyone travels.

        • az says:

          Then Discover only pays you 5%*25/20=6.25%, while CF will pay you 5%x1.6=8% or more. And remember, new account bonus is always much more than cash back, CSP’s 50000 UR=$800=cash back of 800/0.0625=12800 spending. 12800/1500=8.53, which means you need to spend 8.53 years to get $800 from Discover’s restaurant cashback.

    • Chase probably doesn’t want to put a weaker category against Discover because they know a lot of people have both and the aim of the 5% categories is to get a card top of wallet for regular (1% spending). They believe they have a better product so they make moves like this.

  4. Stvr says:

    The problem with movie theaters is that there are always better deals on Raise or Costco for movie tickets and gift cards. So that’s a chump category.

  5. Mark O says:

    This is always the worst quarter imo

  6. Evan says:

    Lame but expected. What’s surprising is that they added movies but Discover hasn’t, though they did in the past. We can still hope for a late Wholesale Club addition.

    • T says:

      Has that happen before? I’m late to the game so don’t have much history with this. Do they add new category mid-quarter?

      • Lrdx says:

        Last year when Costco switched to Visa from AmEx Chase tried to steal the show and added 5x at wholesales. This happened in the middle of the quarter. (And they added this for Q3 and Q4 as well)

  7. DD says:

    I had thought Freedom was 5% for everything. That’s the last letter I got from them. Hmm How do you really keep up with their rewards?

  8. Peter says:

    Very disappointing quarter.

  9. MarcoPolo says:

    Well, my Freedom Card goes back to sock drawer till next quarter.

  10. John says:

    Boo that’s it’s not gas. I’m going to stock up on gas cards at Smart & Final this quarter. I do spend a lot on restaurants, so I hopefully will max out this next quarter.

  11. NinjaX says:

    anyone in food/bev, dont say it too loud please…

  12. COLIN W STUART says:

    does Discover or Chase include Fast Food and/or Bars when they say ‘Restaurants’?

    • Travis says:

      Don’t have a Discover, but every bar and Fast Food place that I’ve been to lately has coded as ‘Restaurants’ on my Sapphire Reserve, so imagine it will be the same for the Freedom.

    • ihg newbie says:

      regarding fast foods, freedom along with other chase cards sure do. not sure about bars. and i don’t know about discover because i don’t have one.

      • calwatch says:

        In the past yes. Also the high limit is great for catering. If you have a reunion or wedding, blow the amount on that. For a wedding you might want to check the MCC of the venue and maybe pay more on a deposit in order to maximize the category, if it happens to fall under restaurants. Every bit helps.

  13. Mix says:

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    • Mix says:


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