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Business Credit Cards

Published on May 1st, 2014 | by William Charles


Chase Increases The Sign Up Bonus On Their Business Ink Cards To 60,000 Chase UR Points From 50,000

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The Offer

chase business increased sign up bonus

Make sure you enroll your Visa business cards with Visa Savings Edge. This program allows you to earn additional cash back on purchases.

For example you can currently earn an additional 1% back on all Staples purchases.

The Fine Print

  • Limited time offer, the same offer was available last year and it lasted approximately a week
  • These are business credit cards. You can apply using your SSN instead of an EIN, but you’ll be automatically denied. You’ll then need to call reconsideration and plead your case. They will ask you some basic questions about your “business” before either approving you or keeping you denied.

Card Highlights

  • Earn 5X points per $1 on the first $50,000 spent annually at office supply stores and on cellular phone, landline, internet and cable TV services (first $25,000 for the cash card)
  • Earn 2X points per $1 on the first $50,000 spent annually at gas stations and for hotel accommodations when purchased directly with the hotel (first $25,00 for the cash card)
  • Annual fee of $95 is waived for the first year (no annual fee on the cash card)

Our Verdict

If you’re going to do this deal and have never held an Ink card we recommend going for the Ink Bold Charge Card first. That way in a years time you can apply for the Plus credit card and when they ask you why you want that card during your reconsidering phone call (Chase will always automatically deny you for business cards and you’ll need to call the reconsideration line to get approved) you can state you want the flexibility of being able to carry a balance with the Ink Plus credit card.

[Tips: For Your First Reconsideration Phone Call]

My plan is to apply for the Ink Bold & Chase Sapphire Preferred card (which I haven’t held for the last two years, I’m hoping this card is churnable and I am able to get the sign up bonus again) on the same day in the hopes that Chase only does a hard pull once instead of twice. This will leave me with 105,000 Chase UR points (40k for the Sapphire + another 5k for adding an authorized user). I’m likely loosing out on 10,000 points as the Sapphire card often comes with a sign up bonus of 50k+5k points, but this is worth it if I can avoid the second hard pull.

I really want an Ink card to make use of the 5x categories on office supply stores. Which I’ll use primarily on staples online with swagbucks to make approximately $25 per $200 gift card. If I did this for all $5,000 of the required spend I’ll make an additional $625+ profit (this assumes a point value of 1¢ per point. I should be able to get closer to 1.8¢ per point).

To meet the $3,000 minimum spend on the Chase Sapphire Preferred I’ll likely just use Amazon Payments and also try to put as much spend possible on the bonused 2x categories: restaurant & travel. Thankfully I am able to use my personal credit card for work expenses and as such should be able to rack up restaurant credit card spend pretty quickly. If I am able to put all $3,000 of the minimum spend through the bonus categories I’d make an additional $60 (again assuming a value of 1¢ per point).

If you think you’ll struggle to meet the $5,000 spending requirement on the Ink Cards then remember you can easily send $1,000 per month with Amazon Payments fee free. It might also be worth looking at our introduction to manufactured spending and keeping an eye out on the manufactured spending category for new ideas. As always, if you don’t feel confident in meeting the spend requirements then don’t sign up for this offer.

In our opinon this deal is worth signing up for, 60,000 is the highest we’ve seen the sign up bonus on the Ink cards. Chase UR points are extremely flexible and can be transferred to multiple airlines and hotel partners. The Ink cards are also great for racking up extra miles through manufactured spending techniques. According to Frequentmiler this deal will be available through the end of the month.

We’ll update this post if Chase does one or two hard credit pulls. We will also update the post if we were able to get the sign up bonus again for the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

We’ve also updated the master list of business credit card bonuses to reflect this offer.

Applied for an Ink card recently?

Send them a secured message asking for them to match the new offer. Chase has incredibly good customer service and will usually match increased sign up bonus offers if you applied recently (last few weeks).

Hat tip to Travel Summary who seemed to post this deal first

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