Credit Card Reconsideration Line Telephone Numbers

This page contains a list of reconsideration line phone numbers. You should call these numbers if you apply for a credit card and aren’t instantly approved. In general they will ask you a few basic questions (e.g “Why did you miss a credit card payment back in 2008?”) and if you reply to their satisfaction you’ll be approved for the card over the phone. All times on this page are in EST (Eastern Standard Time). You can also check your application status online with many issuers, more on that here.




Calling a reconsideration line for the first time can be nerve racking, so get a few tips before you call.

We keep this page regularly up to date.

Main Credit Card Issuers

American Express Credit Card Reconsideration

  • Personal & Business for new accounts: 877-399-3083
  • Personal & Business for existing account holders: 866-314-0237
  • Both open the following hours:
    • 8am-Midnight Monday to Friday
    • 10am-6:30pm Saturday
    • Closed Sundays

Bank of America Credit Card Reconsideration

  • Personal: open 8am-7pm Monday To Friday. A lot of people report having the best success using the Spanish language line (don’t worry, they also speak English) which can be found reached at 866-865-7843 Spanish number is now unfortunately dead. They seem to frequently change the reconsideration number, try one of the below
    • 1-866-224-8555
    • 1-866-224-7803
    • 1-800-354-0401
    • 1-866-505-7481
  • Business: 866-695-6598  should be current
    • 800-481-8277, this number will check your application status. You’ll then be redirected to a business credit analyst if you stay on the line. Alternatively try  888-663-6262. Open 8am – Midnight everyday
    • 1 800 601 3923
  • You can also view a pending applications status online or by calling 877-721-9405 then pressing 3, followed by your social security number

FIA Card Services

Bank of America is a subsidiary of FIA. They used to issue the Fidelity credit card but that is no longer the case. You can use the following numbers:

  • 866-505-7481 English speaking number
  • 866-865-7843 Spanish speaking number (they also speak English and generally people have more success calling this number).

Barclays Credit Card Reconsideration

Capital One Credit Card Reconsideration

Capital One doesn’t really have a reconsideration number. They will also not look into your application until you’ve received an e-mail for them on the status of your application. For your best bet we’d recommend calling the first number.

  • (800) 625-7866 – Application Services Line
  • (800) 951-6951 – General Customer Service, automated
  • (800) 548-4593 – General Customer Service and Application Line, automated
  • (800) 903-9177 – Given to me by chat agent
  • (800) 707-0489 – Senior Escalation Account Mgrs.
  • (800) 933-5182 – option 3: application status
  • (800) 889-9939

HT to flyertalk for this information.

Chase Credit Card Reconsideration

  • Personal: 1-888-270-2127, open:
    • 8am-10pm Monday to Friday
    • 8am-8pm Saturday & Sunday
  • Business: 800-453-9719, open 1pm-10pm Monday to Friday
  • J.P Morgan (for the Ritz-Carlton card): 800-527-7415

Citibank Credit Card Reconsideration

  • Personal: 800-695-5171 8am-Midnight everyday
  • Business: 800-763-9795  (866-541-7657) 7am-midnight, every day

Discover Credit Card Reconsideration

  • 888-676-3695 or 1-800-DISCOVER

U.S Bank Credit Card Reconsideration

  • 800-947-1444 or 800-685-7680
    • 8am – 8 pm Monday to Friday
    • 9 am – 6 pm Saturday
    • Closed Sunday

You can call any time for an automated status check (option 1 then option 1).

[Remember: Freeze Your IDA & ARS Reports Before Applying For A U.S Bank Credit Card]

Wells Fargo Credit Card Reconsideration

  • 1-866-412-5956, open 9am till 9pm Monday till Friday
  • 1-800-967-9521, open 8am – 7PM on Saturday
  • You can also check the status of your application by calling 1-877-514-3717

Smaller Issuers


  • 800-328-1925 (apparently it is 1935 instead of 1925)

Banco Popular

  • 844-343-1010



  • Doesn’t accept reconsideration by phone. You must send an appeal letter to overturn their decision.

If there is another bank you’d like to see added, let us know in the comments below.


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Just tried the BofA recon line and am getting a dead phone number 😐 haven’t been able to find the new one yet


Use the Spanish BofA line, they speak english and it connects right away.


Spanish number doesn’t work anymore either.


I ended up calling 866-811-4108 (found elsewhere online) and was able to reopen the application and get it approved. So that’s a working recon number for BoA as of today.


Just used the FIA Spanish line when I got the 7-10 day message for the Fidelity Amex. They just did an ID check, and approved me!

Thanks Doc. This sure beats waiting for a response by mail.


Just called the Barclays Bank number. Their hours are 8-5pm EST.


Any idea about BBVA?


Thanks for this entire page! A major help.


looking for a mailing address for chase rep gave me one but I misplaced it


[…] calling the Bank of America reconsideration department (phone number found on Doctor of Credit’s website), I was told that Bank of America could not approve my application.  I had “too many” […]


Working BOA Number:866-458-8805

No luck with ReCon for me, unfortunately.


your not alone…:( BOA said no again after reconsideration….grrr

Frequent Miler

The BOA number you have does work to get a person, but then they have to transfer you to card acquisition department. When I asked, they gave me this direct number: 888-221-6262.
Haven’t tried it yet.


The direct number to BoA business recon is 866-695-6598. The 888 number you listed seems to be a general CS number and not recon.

Nick J
Nick J

Both FIA lines said they were disconnected when I called.

Mark Zhang
Mark Zhang

The FIA number got me to a recorded message: “You have reached a non-working number at card services. Goodbye!”


Does anyone have a reconsideration or equivalent credit-department number for a Juniper Barclay’s *Business* credit card (Mastercard)? They point all roads to a single 800 number where none of the reps are empowered to do anything with APR other than tell you the credit department needs to handle it, and when they put you on hold after attempting to raise the credit department, they come back and tell you the credit department said they “don’t handle that” and won’t even take the call transfer. Have had 2 front-line reps and 1 supervisor come back with the same thing, prompting the last rep and the supervisor to separately try to personally attempt to escalate “to corporate” with no guarantee of so much as a return phone call (there hasn’t been one). Dead in the water. Would love another door to knock on.


Apparently 1-877-514-3717 is the reconsideration number for a wells fargo propel card. Not really sure why its different.


[…] reconsideration number to get approved. I’ve done this many times now without any issues. See this post from Doctor of Credit for more information and most phone […]

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