Posted by William Charles on May 7, 2018
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Published on May 7th, 2018 | by William Charles


Chase No Longer Offering 3% On The Chase Freedom Unlimited

Chase briefly offered 3% cash back on all purchases for the first year on the Chase Freedom Unlimited. It looks like that offer was too popular/not popular enough or was never meant to go public as the offer has been pulled after two weeks. If anybody finds a working link for this offer, please share it with us as I know many readers were still planning on signing up.

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I’m glad they pulled it, because I can’t get it (stupid 5/24), and i was worried such a generous offer would force them to devalue UR.

I think they planned to launch this promotion as a response to Discover’s first year 3% offer, and figured they would limit the financial impact by ending the point transfers between UR cards. But when they saw the negative reaction to rumor they might end transfers of points between UR cards, I think they backed off that idea and then couldn’t justify this 3% or 3x points offer anymore. My guess is that this offer is gone for good.

I think chase still has plans of stopping the ability to transfer and pool points between cards. All the other chase rumors of devaluations and seems to have came true.

Wow. Very happy to have jumped on this one while available and my account is showing 3% on all purchases.

Where on your account does it show that information?

Go the UR portal and review points activity. It will itemize all spending in the last statement, and show what each transaction earned.

+1 Am more excited about having this card than the original CSR launch knowing its potential!

Thank god I jumped on it. I’m going to murder this card for the next year. Just hope chase doesn’t kill cashback to UR transfers

Oh No! I just cancelled my existing FU card and was waiting for it to clear from the system. DOC please keep looking for this offer to come back….

Very unlikely. My guess is this offer is forever gone.

If the response was very positive, they may look at a 3% cash back for one year card with 2% after that with no UR transfer to compete with Citibank and Discover cash back cards. That would be a good card for people not interested in UR transfers, and no UR transfers will keep their costs in control.

This is a warning sign for those with the 3% card not to abuse

sounds like we have at least one person whos not a n00b here…

What do you think counts as abuse? I was planning on putting a lot on the card in the first year but no MSing.

i dont get it. ur going to put a lot of organic spend and zero MS right? so thats not abuse, but whats ur definition of “a lot”? ur talking about cycling and going way above CL each month and paying it down before statement cutoff? MS is not the only form of abuse. ur typical credit risk issue is still in play.

Bummed about this.

So, no hope of this coming back? I’m pissed at myself for not jumping on this..fudge!!

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