Posted by William Charles on September 27, 2018

Published on September 27th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] Chase Pay: Earn 10% Back Or 1,000 Points At Shoprite + 1,500 Points For Making 5 Purchases Elsewhere

Deal has expired, view more Shoprite deals here.

Update: We’ve confirmed with Chase that this is available to all Chase Freedom, Sapphire, Sapphire Preferred & Sapphire Reserve cardholders. In addition ‘participating retailers’ are any retailer that accepts Chase Pay (or Samsung Pay with Chase Pay connected).

The Offer

Direct links below

The Fine Print

  • Valid from October 1st until October 31st

Our Verdict

The 1,500 bonus that doesn’t require Shoprite purchases should be easy for most people to meet the requirements for. How useful the Shoprite deals are will depend on how close a store is to you and if you need anything from them. We will be keeping an eye out for Shoprite deals (especially gift card deals) to stack this with. In the past these types of deals have been publicly available even if you didn’t receive the e-mail promoting them, I’ll reach out to Chase to confirm this.

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Thanks DOC! I didn’t receive an email about this but hopefully it will still work for me like the last 2 times.

Ugh, no shop rite stores in Hawaiʻi. But what are the “participating retailers this quarter” as stated on the csp website? Does this mean the stores for the freedom 5x bonus?

Starbucks and Best Buy supports Chase Pay in-store, Walmart through Walmart Pay (works in-store), Shell with both Chase Pay and the Shell app.

I don’t think Walmart Pay counts as Chase Pay? Or is there a way to setup Chase Pay as a method when using Walmart Pay?

Look inside the Walmart app. One of the payment methods is Chase Pay, and I did earn 5x on my Freedom when I paid with Walmart Pay in-store in Q1/Q2.

Is used to be only available on Android. If you have an Apple it may not show up for you.

Hi Lrdx thanks for your reply. The word “quarter” was confusing to me as I would use the csp but I was hoping the retailers that you mentioned would qualify. Thanks!

Can this be combined with the Fuel Rewards network discount?

Should be no reason why it won’t. The only thing that goes on the cc is the total amount of purchase

Minor correction: Valid from October 1st until October 31.

Please tell me this works for 3rd party gift cards?

In the t&c for Q4 chase specifically excludes gift card purchases unless you buy using chase pay so it should work.

I only have shell and Starbucks in my area. Starbucks is 17 miles away and I never shop at shell since gas is cheaper at Costco even with their rewards program.

If the 5x promo works at Shell, just get $0.10 worth of gas in 5 transactions.

Unfortunately, it requires “5 purchases of $25 or more”.

Right, realized that moments after I posted. So 5x$25=$125 and you get 1,500 points or $15-$22.50 in value. A minimum 12% discount on Shell seems worthwhile to me.

Minimum $25 per transaction..

You can buy gc from which accept Chasepay.

That’s what I did when they had 10x pts with Chasepay last year. Got $1000+ in Walmart GCs.

Get five $25 cell phone refill card(cricket wireless for me) with ChasePay on Email delivery available

If you are using the Freedom card you could definitely combine this to earn more than Costco at some points. I get Shell codes from T-Mobile Tuesdays for free from people that don’t want it. An extra $.25 off a gallon. Unless shell really is jacking the price in your area you should be able to get a few purchases at a great price. My shell is only $.02 higher than other stores. I’m not saying it definitely will, but double check the bonuses before you give up

For Sapphire cardholders it says
“or any other participating retailer this quarter.”
Does this mean we can use Chase Pay anywhere? If not, they don’t say who is a participating retailer.

For the second part of this promo (1500 points), yes. Pay anywhere with Chase Pay ( ) at least $25.

For the first part (1000 points), no, that’s only ShopRite or
Hmm.. Can I order a GC from to CA? 🙂


$25 minimum spend really killing it for me.

Christopher Smith accepts Chase Pay and has a selection of gift cards.

edit, thought you were referring to walmart in store where you can use chase pay with Walmart pay on android

Well, that’s kinda the same thing.. The account for Walmart Pay is the same as on Add Chase Pay to one, it’s usable from the other.

For the 5x$25 spend, you can buy gcs at Best Buy. As Doc said on an earlier post, they now have Amazon gc at many (all?) locations.

Can you buy gift cards from shoprite?

Yes they have a ton of different brands available

Can we double dip by using the $50 purchase at ShopRite as one of the five $25 purchases? I suspect not, but I didn’t see it ruled out in the T&C.

Thinking about buying visa gift card on my surprise they don’t charge activation fee for vgc?

Let us know how this turns out! Looks like they only have Vanilla VGCs. Still…

Uggh. Went to do this too but not only do you have to have a account, in order to get THAT, you also have to sign up for their membership card. Too much grief.

They charge a deliver or a pickup fee. Lowest is like $10 and change for pickup.

If you have Samsung Pay, you can link your Chase Pay there. Once you link them, you should have the Chase Pay logo above the credit card on the left side. You can then use it anywhere Samsung Pay is accepted.

The 1,500 Ultimate Rewards when you spend $25 (5x), looks like it is until 12/31 as per the T&C #2.

wow great tip Lisa, thank you!

I log into chase pay first, then add the card from there into my samsung pay. and the card inside chase pay would display somthing “added to samsung pay “, but I could not see the chase pay logo when I am inside the samsung pay. please advise, thanks

I didn’t have to do anything, they were linked automatically. I had both Chase Pay and Samsung Pay previously.

So would there be any applicable bonus from this deal on a Chase Freedom Unlimited card?

Open to all chase freedom. What does that mean?
Do you mean this should include freedom too?
“Chase Sapphire/Preferred/Reserve cardholders can also get 1,500 Ultimate Rewards points when you use Chase Pay with those cards to make at least 5 purchases of $25 or more”.

Also there is no reason for shoprite. The first 5% on $1500 is normal cashback categories. The next 5% is for chasepay.

So you could use chasepay anywhere. No need to shop at shoprite.

Now if only Chase Pay worked for me -.-

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