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[Dead] Chase Southwest 50,000 Points Offer Available on both Personal Cards – Perfect for Companion Pass

Update 05/18/18: These links are no longer working.

Update 01/08/17: The referral links are working again so please consider using one of those.

Looks like the referral links are no longer working, but these direct links do:

The Offer

The 50k referral offer on the Chase Southwest cards are back:

  • Signup for a new Chase Southwest Plus personal card and get 50,000 Southwest miles after spending $2,000 within 3 months
  • Signup for a new Chase Southwest Premier personal card and get 50,000 Southwest miles after spending $2,000 within 3 months
  • The referrer also gets a bonus of 5,000 (?) points per referral

There is a trick to get the 50,000 referral link, as outlined by Travelinpoints:

If you use the Twitter option, the generated link will show an offer similar to the public one of 40,000 points. However, if you use another option like Facebook, the 50k offer link will appear. There is an odd popup that shows about the offer not being available, but seconds later it clears up and shows the 50k offer properly.

Card Details

  • Plus version has $69 annual fee, NOT waived the first year; Premier version has $99 annual fee, NOT waived the first year
  • Plus version get 3,000 annual bonus, Premier version gets 6,000 points annual bonus
  • 2x points on Southwest purchases, 1x everywhere else

Our Verdict

The public links are 40,000 for both personal cards and 60,000 for the business card version. Use the public link when signing up for a business card and use a referral when signing up for either of the personal cards to get the 50k bonus. Just remember: 5/24 does apply on the Southwest cards which makes most of us ineligible for approval.

Those who are under 5/24 can easily get the Companion Pass for almost two years using the Southwest cards signup bonus. Either sign up for one personal and one business card to net 110,000 points. Or sign up for both personal cards which gets you 100,000 points + 4,000 points when meeting the minimum spend, then get the final 6,000 necessary points organically.

[READEverything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Southwest Companion Pass]

We have seen 60k offers on Southwest personal cards, so this isn’t the best ever, but probably not a good idea to hold your breath for those offers if you get a strong value out of the Companion Pass since timing the pass correctly is probably more important. [Update: seems there may be public links to the Southwest 50k bonuses as well.]

Please don’t leave Southwest referrals in the comments here, please head over to this dedicated thread instead. If you’re signing up for one of these cards, please use a fellow reader’s link from that thread.

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DoC – when I click my updated link (and the link somebody posted above where they shouldn’t have) it says this:

The offer your are attempting to access is no longer available, you will be redirected to the most current offer. If you are not automatically redirected, click here.

Now the next screen does show 50k – but then when you click apply it says nothing about the 50k points. Are we sure this has updated correctly – I just don’t want people clicking links and not getting 50k points…

Wondering this as well… I SM’d Chase a referral link to see what they say.

I believe it says that because the old offer was 40k, so it’s actually redirecting you from 40k to 50k. Given the next screen says 50k, I don’t think you’ll have any issues but it is a little unclear.

Yep, just applied and confirmed via SM that it worked.


Thanks! This makes me feel comfortable sharing with some family members!

I’m wondering why my referral links aren’t showing up on the referral link page? They sit for a little while saying they are awaiting moderation, and then eventually just disappear. I’ve posted 4 times. The first time I did include a little extra information***, which I understand you didn’t want (even though a few others have gotten away with it). But I’ve since posted (without any extra info) 3 more times over the past 2.5 hours, and they never showed up. I’ve done the retweet, included my twitter id, and my links are all for the 50k offers. I’m not understanding why my posts never got through, as I was one of the first posters (only 4 or 5 comments when I posted), and there have been tons more posts on the page since then, but mine still don’t show up.

*** The information I had originally posted with the link was the suggestion that, if you and your spouse are both going to get both cards so you can get 2 companion passes and take 2 kids for free, you should each get opposite cards through the referral link (one get Plus, the other Premier) and then after you get your your card, refer each other to the other card. Then you each get a 5k referral bonus for yourself, and that counts toward your 110k miles, so you really only need to spend an additional $1k each (instead of $6k each) after completing the bonus spend requirements.

Maybe don’t post your link multiple times? Comments require manual moderation. Posting your comment multiple times just makes our job that much difficult. Keep in mind posting your referral links is a privilege not a right.

My guess is your first comment was removed because it didn’t follow the rules. I now see your second set of links is live.


Wife is at 4/24, been waiting for the higher offers. If I understand this correctly, I can double dip the personal and premier on the same day?

Yes, better to do a business app if you can as that offer is 60k


Considering I don’t have a business, only a “business” , would it be safer to do the two personal hoping for instant approvals? As far as I’ve read on your 5/24 post, SW business cards count for 5/24 if approved, and I’d need both to be approved same day to double dip?

Did anyone go through a referral link for this offer?

I did. Chase confirmed the offer worked.

Generated a new referral from family member which stated it would be 40,000 miles. Referral link re-directed to a 50,000 offer just as described above. Applied/Approved. Confirmed with chase that I have the 50,000 offer attached to my account


Thanks for this confirmation – makes me feel much more comfortable sharing this with family members!

Okay, willing to take a gamble here. Wife is at 4/24 (stupid Amex AU mistake – trying to get it cleared). If I get the SW business card first and it’s not counted on her credit report, then apply for the plus card, would that potentially sneak her in under the wire?

Just saw drive a brown trucks Q above

Applied via referral link for 50k premier card and 60k business card. Made business application first, and then personal application.

Went pending on both. Is it generally instant approval? I am under 5/24 and a Chase Private Client.


You might just have to reallocate credit. I didn’t go the business route as I was looking for instant approvals same day due to 4/24 status double dipping.

If you’re 3/24 or lower I’d say you have nothing to worry about.

Same here I applied yesterday business first and then personal both went to pending, however experian shows 2 credit pulls from chase, in my online account application status it does not show anything , but on automated application status it says 2 weeks for both,I am at 4/24 .
Does anyone know how long does it take for them to approve?

Any update on your applications?
Mine personal got approved, business is still under review.


Update on 4/24 double dip. Had the wife on two separate PCs, each in a different browser, with each offer (used referal links here) pre filled out. Hit the accept terms button, instant approval on Premier Card, $5k limit, hit terms on the plus, $2k limit instant approval. She currently has $25k limit on her United Card alone we don’t use so we will reallocate credit to make hitting he mins and the extra miles to reach the 110k easier.

I’m missing something. How can I generate my referral link?

Been trying but not finding any way. Can you please help me out in generating one?


I think I’m missing something, too. I don’t understand how to generate my own referral link? When using the link above it does take me to the 50k offer, but I don’t understand how to link it to my account to send to someone? Help please. Thanks.

I figured it out.

go to and provide your last name, zip code and last 4 of your SW card.
Then it would show you a referral link along with twitter, FB link. I selected FB and shared it on FB.
Go to your FB and click on the post and it would show you the referral link for 50K points.

When I try to generate a link for Southwest, I’m only give the email and Twitter option now and both state 40k points bonus. Have they closed this loophole already?

@Steve, you can use either my referral or one of the many who posted if you’re looking for 50k SW points. But if youre looking to create your own then sorry no idea whether they have closed the loophole or not

So is anyone still able to generate 50k referral links? When I try, the only options that appear are twitter and email at 40k. There is no option to generate a Facebook link anymore.

I’m not able to – I can only get 40k links out. Maybe they took it down while they fix the error message that pops up?

I think the 50k link generation is dead. You can still use existing links to apply though. Speaking of that, I need one. Anyone want to trade referrals?

Unfortunately the existing links don’t work either. There is a way to apply through a public link at:

Wish we could find a way to link a referral in on this. Wonder if it’s possible to apply through a link then SM for referral?

BW: I can get you a 50k Referral link for Plus in exchange for 50K referral on premier. Are you still interested in trading?

i just applied both cards using direct links provided in a different browsers though, but after confirmation both shows up as applied plus card and even after trying multiple times in a different devices premier confirmation doesn’t show up.
How to fix this?

Normal Twitter generated links are showing 50k now on both cards, FYI.

Thanks, will update post.

Let me know when there is a referral link posting, because the referrals are now directing to 50K sign up offers.

And please, keep doing awesome work. It has saved me and my family thousands.

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